Cut&Paste: Chapter 231 – Beginner’s Bow(2) Dungeon of Power

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「Dungeon of Power huh. It has been awhile, I’m sure even Cashew-san isn’t there right?」

「He has already completed his objective, so I’m pretty sure he’s not there anymore. And it’s not like he’ll always be there when we enter the dungeon.」


That is true. Since his motive of getting the speed shoes have been completed because I handed it to him, there’s no reason to stay there anymore …Right?

Well then, if I use 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, I could immediately move to the basement 2nd floor.

If I want to cut time, that is the best option….

However, I would like to secure some skills from the earlier floors for my skill smelting.

If that’s the case, I have to start from the entrance.

If I’m not mistaken, the basement first floor has only Slimes with permanent skills. So it’s best to just head to the basement floor?


……Hopefully I can encounter the Troll Gazer as well. Worst comes to worst, I might have to fight many times just to encounter one.


#Dungeon of Power basement


The only monsters on this floor are the power orcs and the power goblins. Both are enemies to woman.


「Sylphy, Aisha…..Please be careful, especially on this floor.」


Before that, I used 【Cut】 on all of the Power Orcs and Power Goblins, resulting in skills of 【Strong Arms】, 【Strength Slice】, 【Body Strengthening・Small】 and 【Swift】. I will gladly use them for skill smithing after returning home.


Before we know it, we finished the basement floor and arrived at the boss room.


As expected, Cashew-san wasn’t there. Well, that’s a given.

I  wonder if we’ll get the speed shoes again…I want to give one to Sasha. Giving it Pillows would be fine as well.


Thinking as such, we stepped foot into the boss room……and that’s unfortunate. It isn’t the Cockatrice.

Normally it would be this monster that people will face.



Name:Strong Ogre






Martial Arts:Mach Punch


Physical Strength Enhancement・Big






Wow, surprisingly it has some good skills on him. Is it a brawler type monster? Should I fight with it imagining it as a higher version of Lyle?

First things first, 【Cut】 them skills.


With my new Dagger, Tempest Edge on my right, and Lightning Edge on my left….

Oops, almost forgot. Since it’s fast, I should 【Paste】 its legs on the ground.


「Aisha, you can snipe at it now.」


Aisha who heard my call, has been eagerly waiting to fire her arrow.

The arrow which was shot out strike at exactly its head…..but it wasn’t effective as the Ogre doesn’t feel like it has any effect.


This is preposterous! Aisha who is an Archery・Holy user didn’t do any effect at all!….Then it’s my turn next.


I continuously fired 【Demon Eyes of Impact】 towards the Strong Ogre.


Though the power is weak, but what happens if I fire them continuously.

In about 10 dozen blows, the Strong Ogre withered.


Now’s the time, as I ran towards the Strong Ogre and used my new Martial arts skill, Tempest Storm.

The dagger flashed blue for a moment before changing into a huge claw, and blew the head off of the Strong Ogre in an instant.


….Now then, what nice items would it drop~?



Name:Strong Claw

Attack power:+40


Attribute:Brawler weapon

Special Attack:None



Oh, it seems to be a brawler type weapon. This is a good find.

Instead of using just my dagger, I could use this if I ever find myself losing my dagger. But I wish I have the 【Brawler】 skill.


「I think I’ll keep this for use.」


Saying that, Aisha and Sylphy both nodded in approval.


Well then, onwards to the next floor.

If I’m not mistaken, the next floor are trolls. And they carry a lot of 【Regeneration】 skills.

Let’s take our time for the next floor.


The Trolls themselves aren’t that difficult to fight, the only issue is that they have 【Regeneration】.

But then again, the moment I remove that with 【Cut】, they’re basically an easy foe. I wonder if I use skill smithing, will they become 【Super Regeneration】?

I’m looking forward to it.


Since it the demon king might have some shadow demons, it’s better to have countermeasures for that with recovery.


By the time I secured around 20 【Regenerations】, we arrived at the boss room without any difficulty.


…..Alright, time for the boss battle!!! Let’s hope the Troll Gazer appears…..(Which it will ;))

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