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After exiting the assembly room, I gathered my wives.


「Hey Myne-kun…what was that incredibly bright light? What did you do again?」


I see, since there were windows at the assembly room, the bright light escaped the windows which attracted their attention.


「That light was from 【Smithing】.」 I answered and Sylphy replied.


「I see, Danna-sama, was everything alright? Did you complete it?」



Aisha and Sylphy had smiles on their face but Sasha who doesn’t know what’s going on tilted her head with a confused look.


「So Myne-kun, which dagger did you complete?」


Aisha who was excited about the completion pestered me to show her the dagger.


「It’s this.」


I took out the Cyclone・Edge which was on my right hand and showed it to them.

Taking a glance, it looks just like an ordinary dagger. However, the bladed part is slightly longer, and it feels stronger than before.


「By the way Aisha, this can still be improved.

However, the materials required are quite troublesome, so would you mind telling me the places where I can get them?」

「Sure, what do you need?」

「A manticore leather, and a mithril ingot.」


「Uhmm, for the manticore, it should be at the lowest floor of the Dungeon of Power.

As for the mithril ingot, unfortunately it’s popular so they’re always sold off, so you might need to defeat some mithril golems.」

「Mithril golem? Where can I find that?」

「I’ve heard of an old story, but the last boss of the dungeon of power is a mithril golem.

However, I can’t guarantee that because that was a different time, so I might have to ask the guild for more information.

「Hmm, I wonder if Fenrir-sama might know about it?」

「If it’s Divine Beast-sama, they might know a thing or two as they control the monsters.」

『Fenrir-sama, can you hear me? It’s me, Myne.』

『Hm? Myne, what’s the matter? It’s rare for you to just contact me.』

『There’s something I would like to know about.』

『What would that be? I’ll help with what I can.』

『I would like to know the places where mithril golem and elder treant reside.』

『Those two? For Mithril golem, it’s the last boss of the dungeon of power. For elder treant, it should be at the second floor of the Dungeon of the World Tree.』

『But there are times when it’s not inside the dungeon of power….』

『Well that is of course. If you don’t defeat a troll gazer before going there, it would not appear.』


I see, but the troll gazer is a rare monster.

I might need to stay inside the dungeon for a few days just to find one…


『I understand. Thank you very much for the information.』


「It seems that it’s in the dungeon of power. But we need to defeat a troll gazer for the mithril golem to appear.」

「Wait, a troll gazer!? You mean that monster that dropped my Linus Sword? If we can get another one, brother would be happy…」

「Brother-san? Sure, if it would help him.」


「Then, will we be going there then?」

「No, for now I would like to improve Aisha’s bow. And we need to gather some elder treant materials first. So we need to go to the Dungeon of the World Tree first.」




Name:Beginner’s Bow

Attack power:+10



Special Attack:None

Required Material:Manticore’s material×3、Elder’s treant wood×10、Advanced Magic Stone×2




「Either way, I still have to defeat those manticores.」


『Waffle, Kuu come here. It’s time for us to go to the dungeon.』


Using 【Telepathy】 with the two of them, they came to me.


『Wafu, a dungeon? Which one?』

『The 2nd floor of dungeon of the world tree, so are you alright with it?』

『Kyuu~Kyuu~, I can meet with Dear Mother again.』


「Well then, shall we go? We should bring Sasha as well, so she can receive Cetus-sama’s blessing.」


Using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, we went straight into the dungeon, and Cetus-sama should be there.


「Alright, we’re here.」


First, I should say hi to Cetus-sama.


『Cetus-sama hello, it’s been awhile hasn’t it. I brought a new member, which is my new wife, and I was wondering if you could give her your divine protection as well.』


『Since you’ve been helping me by taking care of my daughter, something as small as this is nothing to me.』


With that, everybody has the divine protection.


『Then Waffle, could you go and pull as many Elder Treant to us as you can?』

『Kyuu, Kuu wants to go as well~』

『Wafu, leave it to me.』

『I know you would be fine, but still be careful out there.』


Since the Elder Treants are tree like creatures, using fire magic is forbidden as it would destroy the materials.

So I can only use 【Unique Magic・Aurora】, 【Range Magic・Extreme Wind】, 【Range Magic・Extreme Water】 and 【Range Magic・Extreme Earth】.

First, I used 【Height of Magic】 to boost my magic power, and waited for Waffle to come back.

After about 5 minutes, I could see Waffle and Kuu appearing from the shadows, and many huge footsteps shaking the ground.

Many Elder Treants were following behind them.


『Listen Waffle and Kuu, there’s a 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 just in front, so just jump right in there.』

『Wafu, got it.』 『Kyu, I understand Onii-sama.』


After they jumped into the black vortex, I immediately cast all of my extreme magics.

A fierce detonation rang across the area, which went on for awhile.

Then after everything went quiet, I went in front and there were a stack of elder treants piling like mountains.

Thus, I 【Cut】 the wood from the Elder Treants and stored them into my storage bags.

Alright, 30 should be enough, let’s go back home now.


『Waffle, Kuu, thank you for the hard work.』


….Then, the next stop would be Dungeon of Power.

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First, I should say hi to Cetus-sama.

『Cetus-sama hello, it’s been awhile hasn’t it. I brought a new member, which is my new wife, and I was wondering if you could give her your divine protection as well.』

『Since you’ve been helping me by taking care of my daughter, something as small as this is nothing to me.』
With that, everybody has the divine protection.


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