Cut&Paste: Chapter 229 – Improving my weapon

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「Lewis-sama, our conversation has diverted a little, but there is something I would like to ask from you….」

「A request? Sure, what is it about Myne?」

「Oh no no, it’s not something important but….I was wondering if you can help skin some monster skins?」

「Haha, is that so? Of course I can.」


「Since you have them now, we can do it immediately. Come with me.」


Having the good natured Lewis-sama willingly give his materials to me, he asked me to follow me.

After awhile, we arrived at his clan house.

His clan house it totally different from ours, where it looks like a huge Alchemist shop instead of a house.


「By the way Myne, don’t you want to take out your materials?」


While thinking about it, Lewis-sama has already prepared everything in front of me.

Hurriedly, I took out 10 troll skins.


「I-Is this from trolls? Asking me is the right call, those are really hard to skin.」


While being impressed, Lewis-sama slowly performed his alchemy work.

Then, he removed the excess parts which were unnecessary for the skin from the trolls, and not even 30 minutes have passed and he has completed his work.


「Alright, it’s completed. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you gonna do with these?」


After placing the leathers back into my storage bag, I answered.


「Thank you so much. For these, it’s something that I saw when I used 【Appraisal】 skill on the weaponsmith, and what these materials are for….」


I took the beginner’s dagger and placed it on top of the table.


「It’s to improve this dagger.」

「…….Improve? Don’t you mean upgrade? But how?」

「I would need to gather specific materials and use alchemy to improve the dagger. Probably to transform the dagger into an even more powerful weapon….」

「I see. So one of those material is that skin…..Could you let me see for a second?」

「Ah yeah sure, go ahead.」

「You’re bringing these back right?」

「Yeah, that’s what I’m planning to do.」


Lewis-sama began examining the dagger.


「From the looks of it, it seems to be an ordinary weapon. The black part is indeed rare. If possible, could you show me once you’re done improving it?」


For some reason Lewis-sama took a big interest in the dagger.

Well then, since I’m done with things here, I should return. I do want to get the iron ingot from Aisha as well.


「Then, please excuse me.」


Departing from the clan house, I went and meet with Sylphy.


「Danna-sama, are you finally done?」

「Yeah, let’s finally head back.」


Then, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to head home.


「Myne-kun! Welcome home. I’ve bought the materials that you asked.」


Aisha smiled as she welcome us home.


With that, I went to the assembly room and started putting all the materials for the beginner’s dagger.


Afterwards, I used 【Smithing】.


…..I’m kinda nervous for my first smithing.

I should choose which weapon first, then the materials…

Then my skill prompted me…and the beginner’s dagger shine. Afterwards, the iron ingot began fusing with the dagger.

It was strange that the dagger itself did not change in size. However, after the troll leather and the magic stone was fused with the dagger, the shape and size changed in considerable size.


「Is that it?」







Grade:Holy class


Special attack:Demon


Materials needed:Manticore’s leather ×30、mithril Ingot ×20、Special class magic stone

Martial Arts:Tempest・Fang


Alright, that’s a success.


But….what is this? I can improve it some more.

But it’s as I thought, it became even stronger.


This gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s improve it once more…..But I do not have any of the materials.

I mean I know where the manticores are, but the problem is this mithril ingot.

Not only is it scarce, but it’s incredibly rare because you can’t mine it.

Right, if I’m having trouble I can just ask Aisha.

No wait a minute? I should first make a bow for Aisha, since both Sylphy and I have quite a good weapon.

If possible, I would want to upgrade for her, and while thinking that I left the assembly room.

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「Danna-sama, are you finally done?」

「Yeah, let’s finally head back.」

Then, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to head home.

「Myne-kun! Welcome home. I’ve bought the materials that you asked.」

Aisha smiled as she welcome us home.

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