Cut&Paste: Chapter 228 – Lewis’ engagement

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「…..Yes, I should be the one being thankful for Lewis-sama to accept an improper woman like me….」


「W-why would you say that! It’s hard to find someone as amazing as Luka-sama.」

「…..T-To be honest…..while I was being captured by Xanadu, I was made as a slave.

I was able to deal with it because Myne-sama saved me, and even took out the child that was inside me….」


「What did you say! ! ! Are you sure? Those darn demons.」

「Hence why I asked whether Lewis-sama would want to marry someone like me.」

「Luka-sama, I would still not change my mind. Rather, I could feel the pain that you’re going through, so it gives me the opportunity to make you happy. No! I will do it!」

「….Lewis-sama, then my hand shall be yours. I will accept your marriage proposal, and I want to live with you all my life.」


Lewis-sama….he shall be my life mate….To love a person like me even after knowing my circumstances. Such a kind person.


「Ah, Luka-sama, does anyone know about this?」

「Only Myne-sama, Pillows, Sylphid-sama, and Aisha-sama.」

「Then I’ll inform this to my father and my brothers.」

「Lewis-sama…..I’m sorry but if you would.」


「Since we’re going to be married, let’s drop the honorifics. Instead of calling me with sama, you can just call me Lewis by all means.」

「….Yes, then Lewis….Can you also call me Luka as well?」


「Yes!, Luka. We will absolutely be happy together!

Now that I think about it, Brother-In-Law came just awhile ago right, and I have something I would like to discuss with him. Then Luka, after this we can report our marriage to our fathers.」

「I understand, after speaking with Myne-sama, I shall meet with you again.」


(He’s probably in the same room)


I decided to head to the room where I though brother-in-law would naturally be in.


…..Knock knock.


「Excuse me, it’s me Lewis. Myne-san, sister, are you inside?」

「Oh, it’s just Lewis….yeah we’re both inside.」

「Aah, sister, I would like to talk with you about Luka for awhile, is that alright with you?」

「…..Luka? Aah, come inside for the time being.」

「I’m sorry sister.」

「Well, just sit.」

「Prince Lewis, what seems to be the matter?」

「Aah, Myne, it’s about Luka, is it true that she has a demon child inside of her?!」



「….Yeah, that’s right. Where did you hear that from?」

「From the person herself.」

「….I…see. From Luka-sama….」

「I’ve already 【Cut】 the pregnant status from her, but it’s no doubt that she was once pregnant.」


「I see…..I wanted it to be wrong if possible.」

「Yeah, I would think so as well.」

「By the way, is there any progress with Luka-sama?」

「Yeah, so you know that Father wants Luka to marry me?」

「Yeah, I know.」

「Just now, I’ve proposed to her.」

「Aah, you did well Lewis! And what was her response?」

「Yes, she accepted.」

「Ooh, congratulations. Please make Luka-sama happy.」

「Oh but of course I will make her the happiest woman in the world. S-so, I do not need to bother with the child anymore?」

「Yeah, it’s without a doubt that I’ve cut it. So the next time she gets pregnant, it’s definitely from Prince Lewis, so please rest assured.」

「And so, I have a request from you Myne…if possible could you come with me to report to my Father and Jack-sama?」


「Ah yeah I don’t mind….but did you get Luka-sama’s consent?」


「…..Of course I wouldn’t do that if it would make her sad.」

「…That is true, well I shall follow.」


After saying that, I opened 【Map】 and started to look for where the two of them were.

Looking at the office was a start, and yeap they’re there.


Lewis-sama who looked at me walk out of the room hurriedly chased up and asked.


「W-wait a minute, where are you going?」

「The office? It seems that they’re there.」

「I see, and how did you know?」

「I have a skill that tells me.」

「Myne really can do anything huh…」

「Well, let’s go.」


Knock knock.


Prince Lewis knocked on the office door, and we could hear Fahren-sama’s voice.


「It’s Lewis. Father, I have something to tell you.」

「Oh, is it something that you need to tell me now? I’m talking to King Oose now though.」

「If Jack-sama is there, it’ll be even better. Father! Please give me some time, it’s an important news.」

「I got it, I got it. It’s rare for you to speak up.」


Understanding that it was an important story, Fahren-sama was the one who opened the door.


「Ooh, I didn’t know Myne is here as well, come in both of you.」


「M-Myne-dono! I’m indebted to you.」


As soon as I got inside, Jack-sama gave me a very polite word of gratitude, and while he was speaking to me, I sat down and started talking to him as well.


「Myne-dono, it’s about Luka….as I told you before, couldn’t you consider and marry my daughter? I remember she likes you as well.」


W-What!? I thought this story was done!!


「Jack-sama, as I’ve said before, I already have my wives, so I’m very sorry…」


After saying that much, I looked towards Prince Lewis.

It seems that he’s tighten his lips and shook his shoulder. Well, I guess that’s about it.


「And so! Myne-dono.

Right now, you are married to the Princess’ of Augusta and Ritz. If the Princess of Oose is married to you, the cooperation of all three country will increase in the name of Myne-dono.

Then, we can finally make a huge comeback towards the demon army. There’s nothing else I could say if Laurasia can come back after that….」


Jack-sama said everything he wanted to say, and in response to that Fahren-sama answered.


「Laurasia huh….You mean the Princess Maiden Sheila?」


I can understand what they’re thinking, and it is a good idea.

However, it’s difficult if the intention of said person isn’t involved at all.


「I’m very sorry Jack-sama, but I have no desire to have anymore wives.」


After refusing once more, Fahren-sama opened his mouth.


「So Lewis, what is it that you wanted to talk about?」


「After hearing that story, it is hard to talk to you about this….but it’s about the marriage with Luka, I’m thinking of accepting it.

Also, since Luka herself has officially accepted the proposal, I came here the report….and uh.」


「I see, that is good news.」

「Uhmm, about Luka-sama….after helping her, I’ve checked her status but….she was holding the son of the demon.

However, I’ve already taken out the child using my skill, so it won’t be born anymore.

Since it is an important matter, I thought that I should tell it to everyone here….」


After saying that, Jack-sama got onto his knees, and cried in a loud voice with huge tears forming from his eyes.


「Lewis, even after knowing that fact, you still accepted Luka?」


Fahren-sama squeezes Prince Lewis.

Then, Prince Lewis stood up and looked straight at the eyes of Fahren-sama and answered.


「Yes, precisely.

And also, please raise your face Father-in-law. No….can you give Luka to me?」

「Lewis, are you sure? Are you really sure that you will take Luka? She’s a really kind child, so she’ll definitely be a wonderful bride. She can be foolish at times, but please make that child happy.」

「…..Yes, I will definitely do that.

Father, I want to build a new house in Lukas, is that alright with you?」

Since dear sister is there, and Sasha-sama as well, I wonder if it’s best to have Luka hang out with the same sex.」


….Huh?? This is a first for me as well.


「Then our story is done. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me father.」


After Prince Lewis said so, he left and I frantically bowed and thanked them before leaving.


「Yeah, it’s natural for both of them to understand Luka-sama’s situation, and I was sure that no one else would know it, only Pillows, Sylphy, and Aisha.」

「Hmm, alright, thank you for being here with me Myne.」


Phew, I’m glad that everything went well.


「Prince Lewis, congratulations on your engagement.」

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