Cut&Paste: Chapter 227 – Lewis’ resolution

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「Danna-sama, sorry for the wait. After asking Dear Father to lend me a room, I was told that I could use this room, so let’s discuss it here.」


Originally, this room is located away from the royal palace and not many people usually comes here. So it’s a good place to use for this scenario.


If you look closely, Luka-sama has been eyeing around the room.


「…..Uh-uhmm, do you need anything from me?」


「….If possible, I would like to leave soon as I was promised to have tea with Lewis after this…..」


This is a bad timing. Even more so when we are the reason why we wanted Luka-sama and Prince Lewis to be together.


「Oh, if that’s the case, we can do this after your arrangements with Lewis-sama.」


When I said so with a smile, Luka-sama smiled brightly and asked again.


「Yes, thank you very much….then I shall excuse myself.」


Luka-sama left after bowing like a princess.

Looking at the back view of her walking away reminded me of how much hatred I have for Xanadu.




(…..Myne-sama really is a kind and gentle person♪)


I’m so envious of Syphid-sama, to have such an amazing husband all to herself….

In return, I have….


「Hello Luka-sama! You don’t look too good?」


「Le-lewis-sama! What is it?」


「Ah no, since you weren’t at the room that we were suppose to meet, I went around finding for you.」

「Oh, I-I’m terribly sorry….for wasting your time!」

「No no no, it’s all good if you’re fine.」


(Lewis-sama is also a gentle and kind person. I wonder if everyone in Augusta is like that….)


「…..If you’re fine,  would you like to have tea with me?」


Nodding in approval to Lewis-sama’s proposal, I followed behind him to the room.


As soon as we arrived the room, Lewis-sama pulled out a chair and sat there.

Lewis-sama was satisfied when I sat down on the chair opposite of him.

After being seated, a maid came and served us some beautiful looking cup.

The drink was scarlet in colour….A colour which I have never seen before back in Oose.


「Lewis-sama, may I ask, what kind of drink this is?」

「This is a drink called black tea which is something served back at my dear mother’s hometown.

It is something that Dear Mother and her friend, Maiya-dono loves to drink. Please add as much sugar cubes as you like as well.」


Following Lewis-sama’s instruction, I first put a few sugar cubes into the black tea.


「…..Aah, delicious….」

「Does it suit your taste bud? You could also add in some milk to make it even more delicious.」


Hearing compliments from me, Lewis-sama had a face full of joy as he showed me more ways to drink this black tea.

Thus, I added quite a bit of milk and stirred it, then placed it near my lips and took a sip off of it. The taste was slightly different from before, but it was delicious nonetheless.

…..Phew, Augusta Kingdom is unfair. To have such a wonderful drink….


「I can see that you’re enjoying it, I’m glad.」


Lewis-sama said as he smiled sweetly.


「Yes, it is truly delicious. It is certainly unfair of Augusta to have these many wonderful drinks.」


After answering him with a joke…

Lewis-sama looked slightly frantic.


「N-no, this drink can only be made by me and Maiya-dono, so not many people in Augusta could drink this.」

「I-Is that so. Lewis-sama is incredible for being able to do that.」

「N-no, th-that’s giving me too much credit….Since I do not have what my brother or my sister has when it comes to martial arts, I focused more on alchemy….


If this doesn’t bother you, could I perhaps enlighten you with a present?」

「…..Well! What could it be.」

「It’s this, it’s a bracelet that I and Maiya-dono made together….it even has the storage function.」


「So it’s similar to the storage bag?」

「That’s right. What’s more, the capacity is limitless, and time doesn’t travel when you put items inside of it.」


「Wow, I’m happy to receive such a gift from you, thank you very much. May I wear this bracelet now?」


After saying that, I laid my right hand in front of him.

Then, with a bright red face, he gently put the bracelet onto my hands.


「T-thank you….so much.」


「No, I’m glad that you’re happy with this.

By the way….. I heard about this from your father, but apparently I’m going to marry you? Do you know about this?」


「….Y-yes, I was informed about this.」


「Is that so…..can I be your partner then? Luka-sama, can you marry me, not because of our parents? I’m not as good as my siblings, and even though I’m not worthy of a person like you….but I can guarantee your happiness if you give me your hands.」

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