Cut&Paste: Chapter 226 – Consulting with Myne

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Since I’ve met with Maiya-san, and also said hi to Garnet-sama, it was about time for us to head back home.

We also had to talk about Luka-sama and her getting married as well….


「Welcome back Myne-kun, Hime-sama. How was Maiya-sama doing?」


After Aisha greeted us home, she asked.


「I’m back Aisha. Well, Maiya-san is doing well, for now that is. Ah and sorry for interrupting but I have something to discuss with all of you, so can you come over to my room?」

「Eh? Eeeh? Maiya-sama is well, a discussion? I’m fine with it, let’s go now.」

「No, Sasha can stay.」

「…..I understand.」

「Danna-sama, why the sudden family meeting? Is it about Maiya?」

「….No, that’s not it.」


While speaking with Sylphy, Aisha brought Kuu along as well.


「Myne-kun, I’m here.」


After they’ve gathered, I sat at where I stood.


「Thanks the two of you….And about the discussion….it’s actually about Luka-sama.」


「 「 「Luka-sama?」 」 」

「Yeah, after rescuing her and using 【Appraisal】 on her….I could see that she was bearing the child of Xanadu. So what I did after having the consent from her, I 【Cut】 the pregnant state and pasted it on a pebble.

So what I would like to discuss between the two of you is what do I do with this pregnancy condition.」


「W-wait just a second Danna-sama, so you’ve already 【Cut】 it?」


Sylphy asked in a panic tone.

I wonder why?


「Yeah, I’ve already 【Cut】 it though.」

「…..I-I see.」


「No nothing really, so Danna-sama just wants to discuss about this pregnancy state?」

「Yeap, that’s right. I wanted to listen to the opinions of both of you, on whether to paste it on Xanadu or erasing it with a double cut.」

「Wait a minute Danna-sama, I just had a thought, but is the baby still alive?」

「Eh? I’m pretty sure it has passed away.」

「I knew it….so hence why you want to consult it with us?」


「Myne-kun, wouldn’t it be better to talk this out with Luka-sama as well?」


Aisha then answered, where Sylphy also agreed.


「Ah, that’s true. Instead of having a discussion here, we should ask her as well, as expected of my wife.」

「Then let’s go to the palace again. The people who would be there are me, Sylphy, Aisha, and Luka-sama.」


After everyone nodded in agreement, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 without further ado.


「Since we’re going out, should we tell Sasha about it?」


As everyone has head inside the black vortex, I suddenly remembered and went to Sasha’s room.

Knocking on her door, I called out to her again.


「Sasha, I’m sorry but we’re going to the royal palace now, so can you keep watch with Waffle?」

「….Yes, I understand.」

『Waffle, I’ll leave the house to you, and if anything happens just contact me okay?』

『Wafu! Leave it to me! After you come back, let’s go for a bath.』

『I got it, after I’m back okay.』


「Well then, we’ll be heading off.」

「Yes, have a safe trip Myne-sama.」


Sasha waving us goodbye, we once again head off to the royal palace.


After coming to the familiar room, the two of them weren’t here, I guess they went to find Luka-sama.


『Sylphy, Aisha where are you?』

『Myne-kun, Hime-sama is asking King-sama to lend us a room, so please wait there for awhile.』


After waiting, I could hear them from outside.


「Phew, you came.」


After knocking the door, Sylphy opened the door and came in.


「Sorry for the wait Danna-sama. After asking Dear Father to lend me a room, he asked me to just use this room instead.」


Then looking closely, I could see Luka-sama looking around the surrounding of the room.


「…..Uh-uhmm, do you need something from me?」

「Yeah, actually I wanted to talk to you about the children that you had, and have your opinion about it….」

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