Level 1 Guy: Chapter 250 – Taking back the spot this time…..

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Monster village, Ryouta.


Outside of it is Phosphorus dungeon.

A bonus dungeon floating in the middle of the falling cherry blossoms.


There, 2 unique monsters who are resident of the village are standing post at the entrance.

And there standing in line was Cell, clayman and me.


[With that, I’ll leave it to everyone here.] (Ryouta)

[Please leave it to us. For Ryouta-sama, everyone in the village will do our best.] (Clayman)

[You don’t have to go that far…..Is that alright?] (Ryouta)


While bitterly smiling at Clayman’s words, I listened to what Cell has to say.


[I can’t complain. Since the owner is gone, and there’s no more drop as well. And the dungeon is managed by this village where nobody can enter as well. A perfect solution] (Cell)

[It’s alright if we left it at Shikuro, but adventurers would just go in to test it out again.] (Ryouta)

[Yes, having to put it here is for the best.] (Cell)


Cell said, and he turned to Clayman.


[You are not to let anyone other than Satou-sama to enter.] (Cell)

[Leave that to me.] (Clayman)

[I shall pay your expenses every month.] (Cell)

[Eh? No that’s not….] (Clayman)


I quickly answered to the confused clayman.


[Just take it, think of it as a job. And it’s from Cell as well, so you’ll have to do your best to manage Phosphorus.] (Ryouta)

[Hah…..] (Clayman)


Clayman looked at Cell with a puzzled face.

Cell then quietly nodded.


[….I understand, I shall accept it. Then I shall hand it to Ryouta-sama later.] (Cell)


I silently nodded, but I had a bitter laugh.

If that’s all I need to worry about, then it’s alright because I know Clayman will not hear what I say.


Since everyone became a unique monster because of Bodley Royuta, the monsters began to respect me even more.

Instead of respecting me, it’s more of the level of [worshipping].


[By the way Cell-san, there’s something I would like to consult with you…please come over here.] (Clayman)

[Hmmm? What seems to be the matter?] (Cell)


Clayman took Cell slightly away from me.


[…..So hence why….to…..do with everyone.] (Clayman)

[I see….then….I’ll be glad….] (Cell)


Although the distance was slightly far, I could hear bits and pieces, and Cell was interested in clayman’s proposal.


I don’t know what the story is but the village shall be save with Cell backing it up.

Whatever story they’re saying would be welcomed—-




A miniature statue fell out from Cell’s pocket.



What did you guys…..just talk about.



I went back to Shikuro.


I was strolling around the city for a change of pace.

Even in Shikuro, I could see the appearance of adventurers slowly returning after the disappearance of the bonus stage.


[Aah, it’s Ryouta.]


[You’re right.]


My name was suddenly called out by children who was in the group.

All of them were boys at the age of primary students, and they were all pretty energetic.


Half of them were saying [it’s the real deal], and the other was [how can he be so strong].

I was surrounded by boys who were enthusiastically praising me.


Though I was slightly troubled, I still went towards their direction.

They asked for my signature, and I signed for them.


[What are you doing Ryouta?]

[Who is it this time—-Ah Alice?] (Ryouta)


Alice who looked at what I was doing and had a strange look on her face.


[This is—-] (Alice)

[Amazing! It’s Alice!]

[Alice, you mean that new spirit holder?]

[Are you for real!? Which spirit was it?]


The boys all went to Alice at once.


[Ooh, Alice is a celebrity now.] (Ryouta)


After that crisis, I looked at Alice and the boys with cool eyes.


Alice was also attack with questions, and even wanted handshakes and signature.

After doing that, the boys left in a state of satisfaction.


[Fuh….] (Alice)

[Good work, you alright?] (Ryouta)

[Aah, Ryouta, I’m fine. But I was surprised, were you bombarded like that as well?] (Alice)

[Wlel yeah.] (Ryouta)


While making a bitter smile, I shrug my shoulder.


[I see….Ufufu.] (Alice)

[What’s wrong, why do you seem happy?] (Ryouta)

[Well, because.] (Alice)

[No no no, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.] (Ryouta)


Though I don’t understand, Alice looked happy.

I guess it’s fine.


Then the wind blow.

A warm like wind which reminded me of spring. The end of the season is approaching with the sakura flower blowing around.


[Such beautiful sakuras.] (Alice)

[Yeah, it’s almost over….Now it may be the most beautiful.] (Ryouta)

[….Hey Ryouta,  I want to see the flowers once more.] (Alice)

[Eh? But haven’t we done that———] (Ryouta)

[Let’s do it, I’ll take a spot. This time I can properly take a spot.] (Alice)

[I remember you doing it last time but—-] (Ryouta)

[Please!] (Alice)


Alice stared at me with sparkling eyes.

Suddenly my eyes were caught by Mera-mera who was on her shoulder.


[I guess we can do it again as another welcome party for Mera-mera!] (Ryouta)

[Yay! Then I shall take a spot then!] (Alice)


Alice who was upbeat rushed out like a wind.


[Alright, let’s do our best Mera-mera!] (Alice)


On the sakura flowers blowing around, Alice was joyful as she moved away.

I don’t know what is there to do her best, but looking at them, I somehow thought that it was alright.

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