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Against Captain Cecil with her face full of confidence, handed me a mock battle sword.


「Uhm, I only use daggers….」

「Ah my bad, well you can use this instead.」


Captain Cecil then threw a wooden dagger while laughing.

I lightly jumped and caught the dagger thrown slightly off target, then simultaneously used 【Magic Cloak】.

At first I intended to use magic to weaken his strength, but I changed my mind after looking at her attitude and decided to cast Maximum Magic.

However, it’s the lowest killing effect out of all the maximum magic, the 【Wide Range Magic・Maximum Water】.

It should be fine right? Since nothing has changed even after activating the skill….


Welp, I’ll find out after she touches it.


「Hey, can you hear about it? Apparently Captain Cecil is having a mock battle with Myne-dono.」

「Aah, recently Captain Cecil has been running around for errands these days, so I’m sure she’s enthusiastic about this fight.」

「Is she trying to appeal to Fahren-sama while fighting against the famous hero, Myne-dono?」


Eh? What did this Cecil do after I returned!


「I’m sorry Metier, have you seen Danna-sama?」

「….If it isn’t Syphid-sama.

I’m apologize but I haven’t seen them, however I have heard that he is having a mock battle with Captain Cecil.」


「What? Now that is interesting, Metier, can you lead the way, I wanna watch.」




「Eh? Sylphy, what’s the matter?」


Calmly looking around my surroundings, I realized that there were a lot of spectators, including Sylphy.

Then, Captain Cecil held out her long spear while listening to the situation.


「If there’s so many spectator, I can’t use my skill then….」


Since I don’t want to show 【Magic Cloak】, but it can’t be helped because the battle has already begun. Let’s not think about any unnecessary thoughts, as I rushed towards her.

Previously I would charge more carefully, but with 【Magic Cloak】, I’m much reliant on it.


『…..Myne….can you hear me Myne?』

『This voice….Maiya-san?』

『Yeap it’s Maiya. Listen here Myne, the 【Magic Cloak】 doesn’t just limit to your own body. You can specify it at anything (object).』

『For example a doorknob. If someone opens the door, then they will be hit by the magic.』


…..Ohh, I didn’t know you could do that. Which means if I put it on my dagger….

Captain Cecil has been rushing with a fierce momentum while holding her spear as I was thinking up of new ideas.


「Eat this~~, Martial Arts: Twin Blast!」


Captain Cecil cried while charging her skill, but I used 【Magic Cloak】 on my dagger with wind magic, and used it to make contact with her spear.


「Martial Arts: Dancing Bite!」


Dancing Bite isn’t a one shot kill martial art unlike the Shark Glow, but an arts that deals multiple hits with the dagger. As the martial arts released by Captain Cecil was also an art that hits multiple times, I used this in corresponds to it.

Though the weight of the blow is lower compared to Shark Glow, but it deals continuously, so the advantage can be nulled.


When my dagger and her spear clashed, a shrilling sound was heard, and it shattered Captain Cecil’s spear.

Perhaps the weapon was broken by the effect of 【Magic Cloak】 as it makes much more sense that the dagger would break first.


「Tsk, consider yourself lucky.」 said Captain Cecil as she left the arena…


「Danna-sama, good work out there.」


Since the battle has been decided, Sylphy held me a towel and ran over to me.


Perhaps she heard Captain Cecil’s tongue clicked, so Sylphy scolded him with the appearance of a demon.


「Hou Cecil, do you have any complaints with Danna-sama? Would you want to duel with me then? Of course with real swords.」


Hmm, the sights around us hurts.


Even after getting married, Sylphy’s popularity is still high especially as a former knight, and the harsh line of sight for me who monopolizes her.

Especially Captain Cecil who just fought with me as she gazes at me with eyes of killing intent.


「What is it Cecil? Why are you showing such eyes to Danna-sama?」


As it started to become a vicious atmosphere, Metier-san broke in.


「Cecil…..Fahren-sama has promised to have us married, so what are you doing! !」


Then I could hear Metier-san’s cry slightly further from here.


「Oi, did you just hear, Captain Cecil has laid her fangs on Metier-san?」

「I’m shocked, I…I actually liked her…」

「Isn’t it because the captain has been sent for errands?」


Such voices can be heard from around us.


「Since we’re done with Cecil, let’s go back Danna-sama.」

「….Uhh, yeah you’re right. Since I’ve met up with Maiy-san as well, we can go back.」


Sylphy then pulled my arms as we left the arena.


Yeap, there is no need to stay here since Maiya-san looks fine.

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Isaac Cunningham · 27th June 2019 at 12:28 AM

Cecils gender changed like 10 times this chapter

Carmeops Renard · 27th June 2019 at 12:32 AM

well, it’s hard to remember since she is furiously lesbian and act like a playboy all the time, but yes, Cecil, captain of the second royal guard is a girl

Belkar · 27th June 2019 at 12:57 AM

Thank you!

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to weaken his strength -> to weaken her strength

met up with Maiy-san as well -> met up with Maiya-san as well

Thanks for the treat.

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Right, this has been a question that’s bugging me for a quite sometime but I just decided to ignore it. But I’m reaching the height of my curiosity. Is Cecil really a woman? Can someone tell me which part of what chapter that indicate Cecil is woman?
Based by the story time setting, It’s not uncommon where yuri or yaoi kind relationship happening. But usually it’s never been reaching to marriage state, cuz basically people tends to die younger in middle age sett, more so when there’s adventurer things. And also it’s not uncommon for men have Cecil as name

JayVlad Dark Heart · 27th June 2019 at 4:59 PM

That’s a filler.
And yes guys, she is a girl with a mind of a playboy.

Well, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

    digimaster6662000 · 28th June 2019 at 10:33 PM

    That’s great. It was always bothering me that Cecil was suddenly a guy with a fiancee when she was originally a girl, so I thought I was miss remembering or forgotten something.

Zeth · 28th June 2019 at 6:35 AM

Thank you!

mistvenom · 30th June 2019 at 10:08 PM

What happen to phillow the dark elf, she was caught by demon king binding skill right?

FiSSion159 · 31st July 2019 at 12:22 AM

The author’s description of fights has dropped considerably since the orc king…

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