Cut&Paste: Chapter 224 – Magic Cloak

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「Alright then, let me explain a few things about my skills.

The most important should be the 【Magic Cloak】.

What this skill does is that you can cast a magic onto a specific object. For example, if say you cast a Maximum Magic on your body, your opponent will receive said magic if they so as just touch your body. What’s more, the effect is active so as long as the user does not cancel it.

You have a lot of magic in your arsenal right? I’m sure this’ll be a huge help for you.」


…..Heh, this is indeed a wonderful skill. If I have this against Xanadu, it’ll be an easy victory.

And I don’t think 【Smelting】 needs to be explained right? Since I’m going to use it to get more skills.

Ah, wait a minute. Doesn’t that mean I can use smelting and fix my starting dagger?


Let’s immediately use it then, I wonder what happens if I mix 【Appraisal・Total】 + 【Appraisal・Total】?

As for 【Communicating with the Goddess】, is literally a skill that allows you to talk to a goddess.


….I don’t think I’ll feel relieve talking to a goddess.


「By the way Maiya-san, you look like you’re doing well?」

「Aah, as you can tell I am. It’s just that Garnet peek into my future and got a little frantic.」

「I understand, if there’s anything else you need, you can just use 【Telepathy】 to find me. You still have the skill with you right?」

「Yeah, still have it. If I’m in any danger, I’ll be sure to call you.」


….I see, so it’s not like she’s gone right now….

Anyhow, this 【Magic Cloak】 skill is incredible.

I’ll be sure to pay back the deed Xanadu has done to Luka-sama.

What magic skills should I use….ah I have that instant death skill….No wait, I don’t want him to die immediately, I want him to pay the sins that he’s committed….


Then how about the 【Annihilation Magic】 that I’d gotten from the demon king? If it’s that….I’m sure he’ll suffer.


What I found out after fighting with him was that I would be attacked before realizing it.

So if he ever touches me with the magic on me, he’ll probably lose his arms, or his legs, making it difficult for him to live.

That would be a reasonable punishment.


Hm, it’s not bad to find out where Xanadu is using 【Map】. I have to teach him a lesson.


However, I still have a lot of work to do. Since I have the 【Smithing】 now, I can finally start working on the dagger of beginning that has been a problem for me since some time ago. Lightning Edge and the Steel Dagger are both good weapons, but if I am to face with strong opponents such as the demon king, it would be better to upgrade my equipments further.




Name:Beginner’s Dagger








Special Attack:None


Required Materials:Troll Leather×10、Iron Ingot×20、Advanced Magic Stone




Since I don’t have any troll leather, I can just ask Prince Lewis for it.

And the iron ingots can be obtained if I just go to the smithing house in Lucas.

And I already have an advanced magic stone from the High Orc.

This is unexpectedly easy…..


So first I should get in touch with Aisha with 【Telepathy】.


『Aisha, can you hear me?』

『Yeap, loud and clear Myne, what’s up?』

『I want you to go to the Rock’s family and buy as much iron ingots as you can. I’m going to make the beginner’s dagger as soon as I reach home.』

『So you can finally make it, I understand, only the iron ingots?』

『Yeap, that’s all I need.』


Alright, this is done. Let’s head back home.


「Myne-dono, have you already been in the royal capital? If you don’t mind, can you have a showdown with me?」


It was Captain Cecil who called out to me.

To  have a bout….Does that mean she wants me to test the magic cloak?


「I don’t particularly mind Captain Cecil, but if we’re doing it then I’ll be serious as well, you alright with that?」

「Aah, of course I’m fine with that. But are you sure? I’ll give my all as the captain of the 2nd konoe knights, so I might leave some wounds if you’re not serious.」


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