Level 1 Guy: Chapter 248 – I don’t need any money (side Alice)

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Alice・Wonderland slowly descended the stairs.


She suddenly stood still and turned behind.

Then, slowly she could see the entrance closing, and Ryouta disappearing in front of her.

Seeing Ryouta not being beside her further solidify her determination.


[Alright, let’s do this! For Ryouta, I’ll definitely get the title of this spirit.] (Alice)


Grabbing her fist together, she once again walked down the stairs.

When she walked down the last step, the room in front of her is completely white in colour.




The monsters that were on her shoulders were making nervous expressions, especially Boney-chan, as she could hear the rattling of her bones.


Since she knows the personalities of all her friendly monsters, she knows that Boney-chan is a little more timid than the rest of them.


[Don’t worry, I’m here with all of you.] (Alice)


Alice patted Boney-chan’s head, and looked around her surroundings.


[What an interesting place, I don’t even know whether it’s narrow or wide….I think I would get a headache the longer I look at this place.] (Alice)


The end of the room looked infinite, and no matter how far she stretches, she could never touch the endless walls.

Such a strange room, a monster suddenly appeared in the middle of it.


The monster had a human-like shape, but it’s around twice the size of a normal human.

Though it has a human body, it does not have any skin, nor are there any scales on its body.

What is on its body though are jewels and golds, surrounding its body.


[Amazing——Uwaa!] (Alice)


Alice suddenly panicked and jumped to the side.


The monster suddenly raised its hands, and swung down where Alice was, making a huge explosion on the ground.


Golden, Silver, Diamonds, and Pearls.

Expensive and valuable minerals came flying out from its body like shotgun.


Though she managed to jump to the side, she was unfortunate enough to be hit by one of the gems on her forehead.


[Owie~] (Alice)


Alice rubbed her forehead with her hand and replied.

Then, the doll-like monsters slowly slide down from her arm to the ground.


[Everyone, do your best!] (Alice)


Alie summoned her fellow monsters while stopping her bleeding forehead.


Boney-chan the Skeleton.

Jumpy-san the Slime.

Bon-bon the Little Devil.

Toge-chan the Needle Lizard.

Gau-gau the Master Dragon.


The deformed monsters jumped out at once.

Even Boney-chan who had been sacred for awhile, bravely attacked the monster.


Alice took a distance and observed the monster.

She watched the fierce 5v1 battle.


The monster not only throws gems around, but it uses a stack of 10K Piro notes to hit its enemies.

Since the attack was so sudden, Boney-chan and Toge-chan were crushed into pieces, and they returned to Alice’s shoulder in doll size.


[Are you alright!?] (Alice)


Boney-chan and Toge-chan turned back into monsters and returned to battle again.


They continued to battle the monster who was guarding the way to the spirit room.

The other 4 members were killed repeatedly and returned to battle, except for Gau-Gau.


On the other hand, the monster showed no signs of being defeated.

In response to the onslaught of the 5 monsters, they scattered the gems from the body each time, but it was immediately restored as if nothing has ever happened.


[What should I do…..] Alice said while being troubled.


If this was Ryouta, he would say that [this living thing which has a self-regenerative ability would have a core somewhere inside its body.] However, Alice does not have the experience nor the knowledge enough to make a decision.

Hence why she was troubled.


[Is there anything…I can do?] (Alice)


Looking at her friendly monsters being hit by the monster’s attack, and reviving again.

Alice felt that there was something wrong with the monster.


It’s not like it has any high magic or vitality.

But Alice can feel something from it.


As a girl born in a dungeon, she felt there was something with the monster.


[….Alright.] (Alice)


Not willing to think anymore, she decided to make her move.


She took a pachinko from her pocket and used the round ball and threw it towards the monster.

The ball hit the monster’s belly, and a gushing sound leaked from the monster, and it was spraying out red juice.


Though the ball was just like a paintball like bullet, it was very effective, and the friendly monsters who saw what Alice did, concentrate their attacks on that specific spot that Alice hit.


Boney-chan used a bone club, Jumpy-san used its body to attack, Bon-bon used its magical bullets, Toge-chan used its needle and jumped at it, and Gau-gau bite it.




It made a dry noise and the monster stopped moving.

In a matter of seconds, its body cracked and eventually all the gold, silver, and gems fell apart and collapsed, and scattered all over the ground.


[Yay~ ! Thanks everybody.] (Alice)


After that fierce battle, all five of them jumped to Alice at once, and made skinship with her.


She patted their heads one by one, and while she was doing that, a staircase appeared from the empty space.


Gulping, Alice drank her own saliva.


[Under this….is the spirit’s room…] (Alice)


She shook her head.

Is it because of the air leaking out, or is it because she was anxious?

Or maybe it’s both.


Whatever it is, she was tensed up by her nervousness.




Boney-chan suddenly clung to Alice.

Though it was a monster in which to be feared by many, Boney-chan who was clinging onto Alice made her feel better.


[…..I’m fine, because I have all of you with me.] (Alice)


Alice who calmed herself down, relaxed herself and went down the stairs.


As soon as she got down the stairs, a monster? Was there.


And it was on top of a piled up bundle of 10K Piros, as if it was its bed.

At the center of it, there was a monster who was in flames.


The flames for some reason is brighter than the white spaces around them.


[Well well well, it has been hundreds of years since a human has come, and it’s a little girl?]


The flames suddenly took shape of a mouth and spoke in a loud tone.


[Uhmm…Are you Phosphorus-san? The spirit of this dungeon?] (Alice)


Alice suddenly used honorifics and asked.


[That is right, I am the master of this dungeon. Phosphorus.]

[That’s great….I finally met with you.] (Alice)

[Hm, is it not a coincidence that you came here to meet with me?]

[Yes! I have a request for you.] (Alice)



PHosphorus narrowed his eyes—–or what seemed to be his eyes, and looked at Alice.

After awhile, he stopped.


[Well, since you came all the way here. I should reward you with something.]

[Oh really! Thank you very much!] (Alice)

[So, name your price—–]

[Please be my friend!] (Alice)



Phosphorus who was thrown off guard was shocked.


[What did you just say?]

[Oh, I said please be my friend! Aah—–] (Alice)


Alice hurriedly have her 5 friendly monsters turned back into their original size.


[Just like that!] (Alice)

[What did you just say?]

[Uhm…Is it, not possible?] (Alice)

[No. This is the reason why the dungeon is born. If you manage to fight all the way till you meet with me….But is that fine?]

[Yes!] (Alice)

[You don’t any money?]

[Yes! I don’t need that!] (Alice)


Alice answered immediately, and Phosphorus was taken aback.



[Uhm….is it impossible after all?] (Alice)

[…No, I’m just surprised that’s all. It’s the first time I’ve ever met a human like you.]

[Eh?] (Alice)

[The people who come to my dungeon, all they ever want is the money, so it’s the first time there’s a different perception from somebody else.]


Phosphorus laughed—–or what seemed to be like it as the flames flickered.


[You sure you don’t want any money? Until the day you die, I will never give you a single Piro.]

[Yes!] (Alice)


Alice answered without hesitation.


[Alright, then punch me once.]

[Yes!] (Alice)


Alice punched Phosphorus without any hesitation.

It’s like how she’s gotten the rest of her fellow monsters, she needs to defeat them before getting them.


With that, Alice has become friends with Phosphorus, or Mera-mera.

And she has also become a member who literally has a spirit, as it is what she has desired.

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