Cut&Paste: Chapter 223 – Maiya’s inheritance

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I’m sure if he puts his hands on my wives, he’ll never hear the end of it.

As I’m not worried about Aisha and Sylphy as they will be fine, but I must tell Sasha about that dangerous person.


After confirming that Captain Cecil has returned, I called him and our entire family together, awaiting for my words.


「This is a statement from Garnet-sama. Maiya seems to be in danger and she wants you to come with me.」


After hearing my words, Aisha and Sylphy opened their eyes wide.

That’s to be expected as if they heard that an acquaintance of them is going to die soon, they’ll feel depressed.


「That’s why I’ll be going to the royal palace now.」


After saying so, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


「D-Danna-sama, can I follow you as well?」


Right, I can understand her anxiousness as she knows Maiya as well.

I silently placed my hand onto Sylphy’s shoulder and nodded.

She smiled then hugged me.


「Then, we’ll be going now. If there’s anything just call me using 【Telepathy】.」


Sasha who was listening onto the conversation showed a confused look.

Oh right, I forgot that Sasha doesn’t have 【Telepathy】.


I wondered how we’re gonna converse but there’s no time, so we jumped into the black vortex for now.


As soon as we entered, we arrived into our usual room and Sylphy immediately called Metier-san by going out of the room.

I rushed and chased after her.


After coming to the depths of the royal palace, we stopped in front of a huge door.


「Dear Mother, it is I, Sylphy, and I have brought Danna-sama with me.」


Hearing her voice from behind the door, we heard loud footsteps.


「Myne-kun! Glad that you came, let’s go to Maiya right away!」

「Garnet-sama, i-is Maiya-san really not feeling well?」

「Though my clairvoyance doesn’t show too far into the future, but it might be around lunch of today….」


As who Maiya-san is, she is Garnet-sama’s friend.


「Maiya, it is I, I’m coming in.」


「Maiya-san, it’s Myne.」

「Aah, glad you came, as promised please use my skills.」

「I understand, please excuse me.」








Age:41 years old

Occupation:Augusta’s Great Alchemist




Magic Cloak





  • 〒〃 ●〒〃♀




I 【Cut】 the skills as told by Maiya-san.


I didn’t expect that I can cut the hero’s skill that is unreadable?


「I have finished cutting it all.」


After reporting to her, Maiya-san chuckled.


「So you really can take my skills…

Later I’ll teach you how to use 【Magic Cloak】 and 【Communicate with the Goddess】

So don’t go back until then.」


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Kachidoki · 20th June 2019 at 12:46 AM

Thanks for the chapter!
【Communicate with the Goddess】?

    Gorgeous Crimson · 20th June 2019 at 3:57 AM

    The hero skill, Myne mother, the Queen and this gal here were summoned from what looks to be this side of the spectrum. So one of them had this skill to get the goddess newspaper or something along those lines.

Zeth · 20th June 2019 at 1:38 AM

Thank you!

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Sudden jump?! Maybe gotta read the previous chap.?

Well, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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Wonder if Myne can use his skill to cure Maiya? Thanks for the treat.

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dam a short chapter again
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Anonymous · 9th July 2022 at 10:59 PM

Occupation:Augusta’s Great Alchemist



Magic Cloak


Where is Alchemy skill in this Alchemist’s skills??

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