Cut&Paste: Chapter 222 – Sasha Lion

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「Sorry to bother you Myne-dono, but this is a mission from the capital.」


…..Hm? This voice….Don’t tell me….


After Myne-kun has left the bath, soon after Sasha Lion-sama returned.


「You can’t do that Sasha-sama, kicking the head of the house out….」

「Bu-but, I’m embarrassed about it….」

「I know that you’re shy, but do you intend for your family to not have a child?」


Instead of me answering, Hime-sama gave Sasha-sama a notice.

Even though she was so shy in the beginning as well….


「No, that’s not what I meant! The blood of the Ritz Family shall continue for generations!」


That’s right, the child born by Sasha-sama will probably belong to the Ritz family.


Stasha-sama and Alto-sama’s child would probably belong to Augusta.


In other words, Sasha-sama needs to have a baby.


Of course, my child with Myne-kun will belong to Augusta….that’s a given.


「Well then, I’ll call Myne-kun back, is that fine with you Sasha-sama?」

「….Y-yes, I understand.」


Having said that, I went out of the bathtub and went to call Myne-kun.

It’s a tad bit shameful to walk out naked, so I wrapped a bath towel around my lower to upper body, just above my breast, then wrapped up my hair with another smaller towel.

(TLN Note: Close enough)



Where could he be?

He would either be in his room, or in the living room…..


「What’s wrong Aisha?」


While I was thinking about where he was, he suddenly called out to me from behind.


「Aah, will you come back to the bath? We’ve convinced Sasha-sama to do so~」

「Eh? You sure that Sasha doesn’t mind?」

「It’s fine already, she said that she wanted to have a child with you, so having to bath with you wouldn’t be as embarrassing as that, now would it?

Also, tonight should be my turn but, we want to change Sasha-sama’s thinking.」


I grabbed Myne-kun’s hand and returned to the bath.


「Thank you for waiting.」


I purposely bowed down to them.

And obviously, the bath towels were taken off when I was inside the changing room,  Naturally Myne-kun has seen me naked, so I don’t mind it anymore.


「Can Myne-kun head inside first?」


After urging him to do so, he was immersed in the bath.


「D-Danna-sama, isn’t it a bit lukewarm?」


Fufu, I think Myne-kun intentionally made it as such today.

Since he doesn’t know how Sasha-sama likes it.


「Yeap, how about Sasha?」

「Yeah, I wish it would be a little bit warmer.」

「Alright, I’ll raise the temperature then.」


Myne said as he began to change the pebbles around the bath, and soon the temperature of the entire bath increases.


「Eh, Eh? What’s going on?」


Sasha-sama who doesn’t know what’s happening was surprised and tilted her neck.


「Sasha….This is one of my skills.」

「Wow? Myne-sama….so it wasn’t just that movement skill?」


After we got out from the bath, Aisha and Sylphy pushed Sasha into my room.


「I thought that I’m going to be sleeping with Aisha today…」

「Sasha-sama, good luck.」

「Don’t mind, Danna-sama is very kind.」


I could hear them whispering from outside the room.

…..I see, so it’s that kind of thing.

When she entered the room, I called out to her who wasn’t moving.


「Sasha….come here.」


Then, Sasha walked towards my bed with a mechanical movement.


Before she came to my bed, I took off my pajamas.


「My-Myne-sama…..please take care of me.」


Even under such circumstances, she comes into the bed with such grace.


「Having our backs touched……please give a child to Sasha.」


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