Level 1 Guy: Chapter 245 – Soloing a raid boss

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Even after three days, Phosphorus is still intact at Shikuro.

Thus, the adventurers became even more engrossed in getting more money in the bonus stage dungeon, resulting in a loss of products everywhere.


Though the rest of the cities have their various items, but vegetables, fruits, basically any vegetation items in the store have been sold out.


Though not many would eat vegetables, but this is not right for the adventurers.

They would camp inside the dungeon day and night just to earn some big cash.


The bars and restaurants that the adventurers often go to are affected.

And even when the prices have gone up, the adventurers would just pay extra money for it.


Human beings are a strange thing, when they obtain a large amount of money, they become a disgusting and disappointing creature.


Looking at the price of meat per 100 grams for about 100~200 Piros, then looking at the cabbage price being 1000 Piros per cabbage shows that the inflation is real.



Thinking that I should really do something about this situation, I head down to the lowest depths of Phosphorus, which is located at the 20th floor.

In that floor, a different scene unfolded before my eyes.


The middle of the room looked like a lobby where 12 huge doors spreaded in all directions in a radial fashion.


And a countdown timer is attached to the doors, as if waiting for it to open.

And crowded in front of the various doors were adventurers in various parties attacking the door.


Ranging from weapons to spears, hammers and poles, to the magicians shooting balls of flames and icicles, to thunders on the door.


[This is quite a strange phenomenon.] (Ryouta)

[It is my first time seeing such sight.] (Leia)


Looking beside me was Leia who monotonously spoke.


[Yeah it’s a first for me. I wonder if those doors are monsters, but it doesn’t look like they’re subjugating monsters.] (Ryouta)

[A sagotage work.] (Leia)

[That is true.] (Ryouta)


A bitter smile rose from my face as I looked at them.

Frankly speaking, the impression that I get from everyone seemed to be sabotaging their work instead of defeating monsters.


Whoever it can be, they all worked together to defeat the door.


Then, one door caught my eyes.

The countdown timer is almost over.

10, 9, 8………..0.


After reaching zero, the door slammed and the sound slowly disappeared.


There was a space behind the door, a space of about 10 tatami wide.

And inside, there was nothing in it.


[Damnit! A failure huh!]

[Damn, couldn’t make it in time…]

[So when you fail you get no drops huh…..Even knowing about it hurts.]


The group who was attacking that door up until just now felt disappointed.

I see, so within the time limit if you don’t defeat it—




[Wh-what’s going on!]



Dokon! !

Dokon ! ! !


Further away from us, a huge roar erupted.


Looking at that direction, I could see the group of adventurers attacking the door.

The team was around 10 or so, and the adventurers who hasn’t attacked had some sort of [accumulating] pose, where they waited for one last attack for the door.


Then having only a minute left on the door, all of them used their accumulated attacks.

At one go, the door was hit with many different powerful attacks, and the door opened at the same time.


The remnants of the door was heard, and a pile of paper bundles came out out of thin air.

Roughly counting it, it was around 20M.


And if you split it with the 10 adventurers, each would get around 2M.


[This is the best place.]

[Since it takes only half an hour, and we don’t really need to use much.]

[Same here. Man, blasting it at one go is the best.]


The adventurers were overjoyed.


[I see, since they’ve been charging it for a long time, the skills that they usually won’t do is possible here.] (Ryouta)

[People like them would think this place is heaven.] (Leia)

[Guess so.] (Ryouta)


Understanding the structure of this floor, I thought that I should try it out as well.

Going to the group who was feeling down, another room appeared.


I stood in front of it, and waited.


I really need to do something about this dungeon.

Since I don’t know when this is going to disappear, I have to meet with the dungeon spirit—–meaning the real person Phosphorus.

Hence why I’m here.


Thus I waited for the door—–waiting for it to revive.


Then, from behind I felt something shaking.

Turning around—-




Somehow many adventurers gathered.

12——no the 11 doors that the adventurers were fighting suddenly gathered before me.


[What’s wrong?] (Ryouta)

[We want to see how Ryouta-san is going to destroy the door.]


One of the adventurer who has a macho physique and was holding onto the Emily Hammer asked.


[Master, is popular.] (Leia)

[This is troublesome.] (Ryouta)


After the door revived, I have a huge burden behind me staring at me, and taking one deep breath, I said.


[Leia.] (Ryouta)

[Yes.] (Leia)


Leia transformed into an equipment and was worn by me, then having 6 of her hands, she grabbed onto all 6 of the revolvers with normal bullets in them.


Then, she relentlessly fired at the door with the dust of the bullets forming around me—-


『It is taking no damage.』 (Leia)

[Looks like it. Let’s try the Annihilation Bullet next.] (Ryouta)

『Yes.』 (Leia)


Leia then switched the bullets into all Freezing Bullets and fired.


Then, I fired my Flaming Bullets.

Fusing them mid-air, they turned into Annihilation Bullets.


Since Leia couldn’t 100% concentrate on firing, she still couldn’t completely fused the bullets.

Hence why I thought of just having her fire one of the bullets then I fire the other bullets to compensate.


[ [ [ Ooooooh!?] ] ]


The crowd raised their voice seeing such amazing scene.


Then the countless Annihilation hit the target, and was eating the space around it, but it did no effect.


『I have confirmed that the surface is scraped.』 (Leia)

[So tough.] (Ryouta)

『What should we do Master.』 (Leia)

[Since that doesn’t work, let’s just continue firing normal bullets.] (Ryouta)

『I understand.』 (Leia)


Then with all her normal bullets firing, I fired my own normal bullets to fuse them into Penetration bullets.


Various exploding and drilling sounds could be heard, as if a construction was going on here.

As we have gotten used to it, the pace was raised, and the bursts became shorter and shorter——eventually the sounds connected.


Instead of Bam Bam Bam Bam….

It was more of a Ba——————————-mm!


The door gradually scraped, and the Penetrating bullet made holes little by little.

After around hundred or so bullets, and around 3 minutes.


The door had a hole on it.


Then soon after.




The door opened and in the room there were huge stacks of cash.




[I can’t believe he solo-ed that thing in such a short time…]


The crowd cheered again.

But soon after the words changed from praise to questions of [Why isn’t he taking it?].

And they waited.


What they didn’t know was that I was waiting for the floor to Phosphorus.


[Ahh it’s a failure Leia. Please use revive.] (Ryouta)

『Yes.』 (Leia)


Then using her arm, she revived the stack of cash.


The cash instantly revived into a door.



[Why?!?! Why did it come back?]

[Why doesn’t he want the cash!! He could’ve just gave it to me!]


Amidst the complaints, I raised my hand and chanted [Repetition], and the door immediately became the cash.


[It was defeated?!]

[Ain’t that the strongest farming magic?]

[In just a second….]


Ignoring their surprises, I repeated the cycle again, but there were no stairs.


After realizing that no stairs appeared, I was in a predicament.


Hmmmm, what to do?

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