Cut&Paste: Chapter 221 – Going home

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Hoe~, So Prince Lewis and Luka-sama huh. Hm….a nice pair.


Since Prince Lewis would come to my house to visit, so I’m sure the both of them would come to our house and have fun.


「Sorry for the wait guys! Let’s go back.」


Moving from the office back to the room, I called out to my family.


「Myne-kun, is it all done?」

「Yeah, we’re done here.」


After some simple chat with Aisha, I immediately used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 back to our Clan House.

All of us went into the black vortex one by one, and Sasha who saw us doing that followed suit in a slightly afraid manner.

Alright, hopefully she’ll get used to it.


「This is….Myne-sama’s house….?」

「Yeah, that’s right. Sasha Lion-dono, let me give you a tour of our home.」


After we arrived, Sylphy brought Sasha around the house.

And we have decided that Sasha’s room to be slightly further away from mine.


「…..This is our pride and joy of a bathroom.」

「Wow, this is indeed a splendid bathroom. It is true that even with all of us going in, we still have enough space to move around.」


I could hear Sylphy and Sasha’s conversation though it was soft.

Seems like the conversation is about the bathroom.


Hm? So it’s decided that Sasha is going in with us to the bathroom?

When Aisha went inside with us, she didn’t mind because they were friends before, but I didn’t expect Sylphy to not mind about it.

Same goes with Sasha as well.

I remembered back the time when Aisha and Sylphy went into the bath with me for the first time, they were patting Waffle like crazy.


If others know that I’m taking a bath with Aisha and Sylphy who is regarded as one of the most beautiful persons in the world, and now Sasha is also coming in, they’re going to be extremely envious.

Speaking of which, I remember it caused an entanglement with Lyle.

It’s not a joke, he might get killed for that….

If the marriage with Sasha is announced, I feel that a horrible problem is likely to occur again.

I can understand why he would be like that, since I would marry another beauty.


「….Myne-kun, are you alright?」


Aisha who looked and me and was worried asked.


「Yeah, I’m fine. Hey Aisha, for Sasha’s welcoming party, let’s use that ingredient.」


The ingredient that I mentioned is one I got from the divine spirit forest called the catfish.

Due to its extreme difficulty of obtaining such food, King-sama has asked many to get such food from many for a high price.


「Alright I got it, I’ll prepare it right now.」


The catfish that I defeated is huge.

So, without it going bad, I placed it inside the storage bag where time doesn’t move inside.

This should be enough for our entire family.


After nodding, Aisha went into the kitchen and Sylphy came slightly after she left.


「Danna-sama, I wish to head for bath….」

「I got it, I’ll set it up right away.」


Waffle who heard the word 「bath」 immediately stood up from his nap and answered.


『Wafu, I shall go as well~』


Waffle who came down from my head went with me to the bathroom. Then I set the usual pebbles on the designated places.


「Waffle, is the heat okay for you?」

『Wafu, it’s a little lukewarm.』

「Hmm, since Sasha is heading in as well, so can you bear with this for now?」


『Aisha, Sylphy wants to soak in the bath right now, so can I go in first?』


Using 【Telepathy】 on the both of them, they agreed and I took off my clothes and we went inside the bath.




Waffle did his usual tail paddling trick around the bath.


Then, I noticed someone inside the changing room, it’s Aisha and co.


「Myne-kun, we’re coming in.」


As I thought, Aisha came in, and after her was Sasha with a bath towel wrapped around her curvy body. And I can see her face bright red.

….Next came in Sylphy and she said to Sasha.


「Sasha Lion-dono, why wear a bath towel in a bathroom? Come on, take it out.」 and there she pulled them off.


「Kyaa!! What are you doing Sylphid-sama!」


Obviously, her bare skin was shown in front of us….And her huge breast bounced when the towel was removed.

Then, Sylphy immediately went inside.

Can’t be helped, I should leave now. If I leave her there, she’ll catch a cold.


「Sasha, come back here, I’ll leave so you can enter~」

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