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After safely arriving the kingdom even with the Orc’s attack, Jack-sama would finally be able to meet with Fahren-sama.

Morgue who was waiting for our arrival was surprised by how fast we’ve arrived….

Seems like King-sama has ordered him to do so.


「Ooh, Myne-dono and Sylphid-dono, thank you for your hard work. I can see that you have safely brought Jack-dono back. Fahren-sama is awaiting for your arrival, so I am here to guide you to Your Majesty.」


After Morgue-san brought the family of Oose with him, Sylphy and I went to our room inside the royal palace.

Feeling a presence inside the room, Sylphy drew her Linus Sword out.


「…..Hi-Hime-sama, it’s me, Aisha….」


It was Waffle, Sasha and Aisha who was inside the room.

The fact that Aisha and co is here indicates that Brother-san has returned to the capital earlier than us.


「Myne-sama, Sylphid-sama, it seems that you’re unscathed.」

「You surprised us, we didn’t expect Myne-kun and Hime-sama to come back from Ritz at such a fast pace….」

「Since it was an urgent request from King-sama, so hence why we had to hurry, I’m sorry.」


As I said that, Aisha shrugged her shoulders as if saying 「What can I do with you」.


「It seems like Myne-sama is a busy person….」


Sasha said as she looked at my direction.


「Waffle, come here.」


With my hands out, Waffle barked and jumped onto my hand, and on top of my head.


『Myne, I’m bored~』 He said as he tapped on my head several times.


『Sorry Waffle. But any business is almost done….so let’s go back and have a bath.』


After saying that, Waffle started wagging his tail indicating that he was happy about it.


Seeing that, Sylphy asked.


「Waffle, what happened that made you so excited?」

「I told Waffle that we’ll be going home for a bath.」


I answered Sylphy’s question.


「A, a bath!!? There is a bath in Myne-sama’s home?」


Instead of Sylphy replying, Sasha was the one who answered with a surprised look.


「Yeah, we have an amazing bathroom, even more amazing than our royal family’s bathroom!」


Without holding back, Sylphy answered Sasha’s question.


「Danna-sama, Waffle, can I tag along as well?」

「Eeh? Sylphid-sama will go together?」

「Yeah, obviously. Is it bad for husband and wife to go in? If Sahsa Lion-sama wants, you can join us as well?」


「…..Auau, together?」

「Please allow me to join as well~」 Aisha cutted and answered.


「That’s good, we can understand each other immediately if we’re naked together, and our bathroom has a special function as well in which it’ll make you feel good…」


Sasha Lion-sama kept staring back at me with her face all red and whispered to Sylphy.


「I’ll think about it.」


…..Sounds like I’m going to be surrounded by extremely beautiful people in the bath.


「Uhmm, before going back, can I meet with King-sama first.」


I then hurriedly went out of the room and avoided their conversation.」


「…..I think it’s around here.」


Unexpectedly, King-sama and Jack-sama weren’t there.

….Don’t tell me!

Inside King-sama’s office….? Right, it should be there.

Or more like it couldn’t be anywhere else but there.


Hm? Wait a minute, I can just use 【Map】.

There they are! So they are inside the office.

…..Alright, let’s go there then.


Knock knock.

Then, I could hear King-sama calling out.


「….Who’s that? I’m busy right now, so if it isn’t urgent, could you please meet me after this.」

「It’s me, Myne.

It’s about time for me to head home, but I have something to talk about before I leave.」

「Fumu, alright, come in.」


After coming in, I could see the both of them chatting about. Then finding a seat further away where Luka-sama was sitting, I sat there.


「Ooh, Myne-dono, I’m greatly indebted by you.」


「So, Fahren-dono….will you accept the talk about Luka’s marriage?」


Eh? Luka-sama is getting married?….By who?


「I myself have no issues with it, but it all boils down to whether the person herself wants it right?」


Yeah, that’s right. The person herself has the final decision. It’s the same with my marriage, but why would someone else wanna go ahead with the relationship?


「So Luka, how about it? It’s not a bad idea right?」


Then, Luka-sama softly said.


「…..It is not, if possible I would like to have Myne-sama’s hands…」


Eeeeeeehhhh!?! M—Me? I’m sure it’s impossible. But it’s not like I hate her or anything….

I already have a new wife, Sasha, who is going to stay with me, but to add another person is kind of….


「Myne huh? I have no qualms about it, but he recently has a new wife now. And having one more is a little….」


King-sama had the same thoughts as me, and as she heard that, her expression became even worse.


「Lu-Luka-sama, I’m extremely happy about how you feel about me but, as Fahren-sama said, I already have 3 wives as is.

…..S-so if you have any other people of interest, please consider that as well, it would make me happy as well.」

「Actually, there’s His Highness Lewis that isn’t married yet.」


After answering her, Jack-sama then said after considering our conversation.


「I see, Lewis-dono huh….he’s kind and he’s an expert in alchemist, not a bad partner right?」


All of us nodded as well.


….Yeap, I’m sure Prince Lewis would be happy as well.

But as soon as we said that, Luka-sama peeped at me before nodding her head.

Fahren-sama who saw that immediately called Metier-san to bring Lewis-dono over.


「…..Then, I shall take my leave.」


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TLN Note: NOOOO!!! JUST GET HER MAN!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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