Level 1 Guy: Chapter 243 – Bonus Stage

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Teruru Dungeon, first floor.

Because of work, I went into the dungeon, but for some reason there was nobody here.


This is the first time I’ve seen such a sight.


But the monsters were still there.

I mean it’s normal if that is NIhonium, but this is a first.


[I wonder what had happened.] (Ryouta)

[Let’s ask around.] (Leia)


Leia who was beside me went to the rest stop.


It’s one of the welfare from the dungeon association, where they made a rest stop in every dungeon.

Leia who opened the door——saw that there were people inside.


After asking the staff inside, she came back out.


[Master, it seems that a phosphorus has appeared.] (Leia)

[Phosphorus? Never heard of this before, is it a monster?] (Ryouta)

[No, it’s a dungeon.] (Leia)

[A dungeon….Aaah.] (Ryouta)


Since it has been a long time since this has happened, my reaction time was a little late.

So the name was a dungeon.


Now it makes sense when it’s called phosphorus, because of all the other dungeon having similar names.


[Since it has been found, the adventurers all went there for the hype…!?] (Ryouta)



Suddenly a heavy sound could be heard dropping on the ground.

Following the direction of the sound, I could see Cell picking up a figure sized bronze statue on the ground.


It was a bronze statue of me with the dual revolver Gun=Kata pose.

It’s an entirely new composition!


After picking it up, Cell coughed.


[It’s not what you think.] (Cell)

[No no no no, don’t make it as though nothing has ever happened!] (Ryouta)

[Phosphorus is a bonus stage if you didn’t know.] (Cell)


As if ignoring me completely, he started talking.


[It’s a dungeon that moves as it moves around different cities at unspecific times. It’s a special dungeon that is not own by any city.] (Cell)

[So you’re gonna just ignore that huh, well whatever.] (Ryouta)


I bitterly smiled, and once again asked.


[Even though it change location each day, but why call it a bonus stage? If even the adventurers here went there, it must be some kind of profitable dungeon?] (Ryouta)

[It’s the money.] (Cell)

[Money.] (Ryouta)


Repeating the word, my pronunciation became flat.


[By money you mean…..this?] (Ryouta)


I took out the money from this world out of my pocket.


Both the coins and the bills.


[That’s right. Phosphorus is a dungeon that drops money, and your status doesn’t really matter.] (Cell)

[Which means whoever kills a monster, they get something.] (Ryouta)

[Yes. It’s a strange dungeon indeed.] (Cell)

[……..] (Ryouta)


It does sound strange, it’s basically what I know from playing games when you explore a dungeon.

But since I’m used to the rules in this world, it’s kinda strange.


[However….if everyone goes there, then wouldn’t supplies drop?] (Ryouta)

[And that is also why my family is managing the dungeon.] (Cell)

[Hm?] (Ryouta)


What does he mean by that?


[As of right now, if everyone goes for the money, supplies would drop. And there is no problem in getting money.] (Cell)

[That’s right.] (Ryouta)

[But if that’s the case, then the market would have more money than the supplies. And that would cause supplies to increase in value] (Cell)

[…..Which causes an inflation.] (Ryouta)


Cell nodded.


I looked at the dungeon again.

Most of the time, you could see adventurers here and there.

But right now, it’s as if seeing an entire factory shutting down.

This is a hard issue to solve, and I do not know any clear way of fixing the issue.


[However, if it’s just one day, we have enough to stockpile our supplies, and there is ample enough of cash in the hands of the primary producers, which is a good thing because the economy would become active.] (Cell)

[That is right.] (Ryouta)


[Ahh, Satou-san!]

[Hm? Ena’s mom?] (Ryouta)


Hearing where the voice was, I looked outside the dungeon and saw Ena’s mom.

She’s not an adventurer, and I could see her fear in stepping into the dungeon, so I went outside to meet her.


[What’s wrong?] (Ryouta)

[Uhmm….For today’s watermelon…]


Ena’s mom kept looking down and looking at me.

Then cell came out from the dungeon as well.


Aah, so that’s how it is.

Since all the adventurers have went to Phosphorus, she’s worried.


And she’s worried about the watermelon which I made a contract to give her everyday.


[It’s alright, I’ll still give it to you as usual.] (Ryouta)

[Aah! Thank you so much!]


Ena’s mom kept bowing.


This Phosphorus dungeon became even more interesting, but since it’s a long way from here, I gave priority to the watermelons first.


On that day, everyone went to Phosphorus, so the shops were thankful that our Ryouta family is still delivering dropped products.



Then the following day, Phosphorus suddenly disappeared!

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