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…..Well then, Jack-dono’s banishment will obviously be accepted into our country, so I should tell Cecil again, but I’m uneasy when it comes to Cecil….


I wish I had Franz but….Wait, Franz….since he still doesn’t know about Myne’s skill, I can ask him to use the royal carriage to head there.


Alright, after concluding those thoughts in my head, I called out to the maid chief, Metier.


「Sorry to bother you Metier, but could you call Myne and Sylphy here as quickly as possible?」


Immediately after hearing my orders, Metier brought the two of them.


Now that I think about it, I need to think about Metier and Cecil’s marriage.


「Did you call for us King….?」

「Ooh, you’re here Myne.」

「Yes, Sylphy will come soon.」

「Sorry for always relying on you, but could you go to Ritz Kingdom and bring the King and Queen of Oose here?」

「I don’t mind that, but about my skill….」

「About that, we can just use the royal carriage without using the skill. And if Sylphy is accompanying, then I wouldn’t have a problem.」


After Sylphy arrived, we went to where the royal carriage was. This was the second time riding a royal carriage.


The first time was when we had that game in the spirit forest.


The coachman saw as and lowered his head.


「Hello! According to the King’s order, Sylphy and I will have to ride this carriage to Ritz Kingdom.」


「Yes, I have been informed, so please come aboard. As the King instructed me to hurry, we shall step it up.」


As the coachman said, the carriage began to run at a considerable speed.


「No matter how fast this carriage goes, I think it’ll still take a day before arriving to Ritz Kingdom.」 The coachman said as he turned his head towards the window.


「Yeah, I know. This is as fast as you could go. Dear Father has already told us, so you don’t have to worry.」 Sylphy said.


The coachman was then relieved by Sylphy’s gentle reply.

Unbeknownst to the coachman, I pasted 【Regeneration】 on the horses, so they kept running for the entire day, and finally we arrived at the kingdom of Ritz. There, we were waiting in line at the immigration process to enter the kingdom.


Since we were sent by a royal order, we were given priority for the examination. Plus, we have the heroic name of the Princess Knight arriving, so the examination moved on quite easily.

After moving to one side in the city, we waited for awhile and the only acquaintance that we know in Ritz was Kite-san, who is the captain of the soldier.


「Myne-done, thank you for coming, we welcome you to our kingdom. And thank you Sylphid-sama for taking the time to come here as well.」

「Kite-san, long time no see.」

「Can we meet with the King?」

「We’re here to meet with King Oose.」

「Yes, I have heard of it, but I did not expect that the two of you would come to pick them up…」


Guided by Kite, Sylphy and I traveled through the royal palace. The atmosphere felt different from Augusta’s royal palace.

Is it because they’re having a war now?


Strangely, I felt like standing up even though Kite-san has guided us to a room to sit and wait. Then, Kite-san came back with someone behind him.


「Ooh son-in-law! ! How was your journey here? And how about Sasha Lion? Did you take a liking to her?」

「…..I-I don’t know her well yet.」 I answered frankly to King Ritz to be considerate.


We haven’t even had our wedding yet.

No matter what, I can’t give a definitive answer yet.

At best, I can comment that she is indeed a beautiful woman, and based on the position….they are at the level of Aisha and Sylphy’s beauty.


I should spend more time with her and come to understand her.

…So I think that’s the correct answer.


「Your Majesty Eric, it has been a long time, I’m Sylphid・Fortuna.」


While having a conversation with myself in my head, Sylphy greeted from behind. I see, so Sylphy has met with King Ritz before.

I heard that King-sama has brought her here before….


Well indeed that is the case, as Kite-san was giving words of appreciation just now.


「Well, Eric-sama, I’m here to meet with Oose’s King, King Jack….」

「Ooh, you’re talking about his exilement, I’m pleased that you’re accepting him. Jack will be delighted.」

「Yes, our Kingdom shall accept the Oose Kingdom and Jack-sama’s family.」 Sylphy declared loudly.


Then, a good-looking man came into the room with tears on his cheeks.


「Ooh, I’m truly thankful Sylphid-dono. Thank you for not only saving our daughter Luca, but also saving our family as well. No words can bear this gratitude of mine.」


Oh, so this is the King of Oose, Jack-sama.


「Luca-sama is doing fine, and she is waiting for you at Augusta.」

「Then Jack-sama, shall we get going. Are you ready for the trip?」

「I’ve been running away since the death of my country, so there’s nothing to prepare, we can leave soon….Eric-dono, thank you for all the help.」

「Before you go, let me introduce my two family member to you.」


Oose-sama said as he invited his family.

First is his wife Mineva・Oose. Then his son, Jiminy・Oose.

And Luka is Jiminy’s sister.


「Thank you very much for all the help you gave to me.」


The first 30 minutes of our ride back to Augusta was Jack-sama thanking us.

…..But I’m sure Jack-sama is interested in the well-being of Luca-sama.


I can understand his feelings, but please can he raise his head. It’s not something that a King of a country to bow like that.

With Sylphy’s hard persuasion, he finally raised his head.


Thus, we headed back to Augusta.


「We’re back sooner than expected.」


As I said that, Sylphy nodded seriously. At the same time, I could hear the coachman crying.


「Hiiii—–M-Myne-sama, Sylphid-sama.」


Thinking what had happened, I looked out the window, and I could see a large flock of Orcs in front of us.

…..The Demon King’s army might’ve caught eyes on this carriage moving out of the royal palace.


「I’ll clean them up, so please proceed without hesitation.」


I then jumped off the carriage and casted body strengthening skills onto myself.


Then, I continously struck 【Range Magic・Maximum Fire】 【Range Magic・Maximum Wind】 【Range Magic・Maximum Water】 and 【Range Magic・Maximum Earth】 onto the oncoming flocks of orc.


One after another, I threw the fallen Orcs into my storage bag.

Since Orc’s meat can sell for a price, I’m sure the Butcher Ojii-san would be pleased.

The Alchemist Onii-san would also want the testicles of the Orcs.


「…..Danna-sama, thank you for the hard work.」


After hearing Sylphy’s soothing voice, my tension was blown away.

Hah, it was an unexpected situation, but we should be able to return to Augusta.

As soon as I get into the carriage, the carriage ran at a constant fast pace.


……After that incident, there were no particular troubles, and we safely arrived in Augusta Kingdom.

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