Level 1 Guy: Chapter 242 – Two Ryoutas

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Teruru Dungeon, first floor.

It has been a long time since I did my usual work in going into the dungeon, using the Transportation Room to earn monster’s drops.


While equipping Leia, her arm was holding on the revolvers.
And that arm of hers are moving around.


[Aren’t you strangely hype?] (Ryouta)

『That is not the case.』 (Leia)


Though she was her usual self with her polite way of speaking, I just felt like she’s more fired up than usual.

Well it’s fine, that’s a good thing.


Alright, let’s quickly defeat some monsters.



[Can we even handle it!]


For some reason adventurers were running away further in front of us.

It wasn’t just one or two, but the entire adventurers in this floor were running the opposite direction from us.


[What happened.] (Ryouta)


Since I’ve been in Teruru’s first floor for some time, I can see some familiar faces, so I asked one of them who was running towards us.


[Aah, Ryouta-san.]

[What’s happening?] (Ryouta)

[It’s a rogue monster.]

[A rogue monster?] (Ryouta)

[There was a reckless adventurer yesterday where he was having a hard time with a monster, and ran away as a result. Then that adventurer left his equipment in the dungeon which created the rogue monsters.]

[…..Aaaah.] (Ryouta)


I get the situation now.

There’s another reason why adventurers in this world don’t push themselves.

The equipment of the adventurers is also a drop from monsters.

If left in a place where there’s nobody, it’ll naturally hatch into a rogue monster.


For example, if a strong adventurer dives into a dungeon and dies, the equipment will become a large group of rogue monster which will cause a second disaster.


Because of that, adventurers in this world try not to push themselves.


Still, there are bound to be mistakes from human beings, and such incident will still happen which would make the adventurer drop their equipment without them even noticing.

And because of that, the adventurers are fleeing.


Can’t be helped, someone has to stop it.


I ran to where the adventurers were running away.

After awhile, I saw an unfamiliar monster.


It was a strange almost humanoid monster.

If someone say its human, then you wouldn’t be wrong.


The size is almost the same as a young girl.

But it has one wing on its back, and that wing is a butterfly wing which is only on its right side.

The hair style is also that of a girl, and its tied on the same side as the wings.


[Can you talk?] (Ryouta)



The monster opened its mouth, but the voice is incomprehensible, and soon after it rushed to attack me.


It was fast! I thought as I immediately kicked the ground and jumped to the side.

Although I moved earlier than it, its speed was almost the same as me.


I instinctively moved my hands and block my face—–


My guard was blown away.

Then, my arms were shaking, and my entire body felt jittery from the impact.


Since the distance was too near, I couldn’t take out my revolver in time, so I tried to take some distance, but our speed matched.


Leia tried using her arms to fire, but she can’t aim well at such fast target.


If my revolver can’t be used, then it’s CQC then.

Strength SS, Speed SS, and Stamina SS.

Even if I switched my tactics, my status can handle this switch.


I dodged the monster’s arm and did a right hook. As it tried to guard, I grabbed its arm and swung it around, knocking it on the ground—-but.


The monster counterattack by following the axis of my swing, and spun around before flying away.


Not only is it fast, it’s strong as well.

If I’m SS, then the monster is all S.

If I don’t get serious, I might not lose, but it’s gonna take some time.


[———Then!] (Ryouta)


At the same time it attack, I pulled out my revolver and fired myself.


What I shot myself was the Speed Up bullet, and everything around me became slow-mo.


Even monsters with Speed S is about the speed of a child in this fast-paced world.


In this state, bullets aren’t reliable as well, so its all on CQC again.

Approaching close to the monster, I punched it a 100 times.


In just 1 second, all 100 punches connected, and the monster slowly flew and sunk into the wall.

Then, the Speed Up bullet’s effect gradually diminished.


[Phew……that was a strong opponent.] (Ryouta)


Following the effect of the acceleration disappearing, the monster disappeared as well, and I muttered to myself while wiping away my forehead sweat with the back of my hand.

It was a monster whose name I didn’t know, but it might be a Dungeon Master class in terms of strength.


But since the Slimes were still there, it doesn’t seem to be a Dungeon Master.


Anyways, with that—-



[Help me!]


This time, the adventurers were escaping from the second floor.

No way! I thought as I ran down to the second floor, and there was a monster there.


This time, it was a pretty humanoid monster—


And the butterfly wing and the pony tail was at the same side but—


[It’s on the left now.] (Ryouta)


It reminds me of a twin character.


Seeing that, I had a bad feeling, an incredibly bad feeling.

And that premonition was right.




Again, another scream came from one floor below.



Near the entrance of Teruru Dungeon, outside of the dungeon.


[It’s a monster called the Unison Twin.] (Celeste)


Celeste who heard about the incident came over.

The wisdom of our family who is knowledgeable about every monster of the world, answered.


[Is it a monster that regenerates?] (Ryouta)

[In a sense, yeah. Hearing about stories, it seems that they are one of the same body.] (Celeste)

[1 body?….Aah, so like the Parent-Child Slime.] (Ryouta)

[Basically that. But for the Parent-Child Slime, they have the same pattern and they move together with the parent slime, but this is different.] (Celeste)

[Which means if I don’t defeat it at the same time, they’ll revive no matter how many times we defeat it.] (Ryouta)

[Yes.] (Celeste)

[And if it’s not the same person defeating it, it doesn’t work as well?] (Ryouta)

[Yeap, because usually it stays in the same floor.] (Celeste)


As Celeste was explaining, the adventurers were gossiping about.


[You got to be kidding me…..]

[Even when Ryouta Satou has defeated the monster, he has to defeat both at the same time?]

[Even if it’s Ryouta Satou, it’s impossible for him to split himself.]

[How are we going to deal with this…..]


[…..Even if it’s dangerous, but with Mike.] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, it’s dangerous but.] (Celeste)


Mike Aurum.


A recent member of our family, an evolved unique monster with the ability to move between floors and bringing other monsters if it touches them.


[If that child touches the Unison Twins to move it to the upper floor, then Ryouta-san can defeat them.] (Celeste)


Celeste’s words were cheerful.

It was a voice that has solved a solution.


But it’s still a little dangerous.

Mike is only Level 50, and its ability is around C and B.

The Unison Twins are pretty strong, from what I’ve experienced.


So it might be dangerous to Mike.


Isn’t there a better way? And using the Speed Up Bullet has some limitations…


[I’ve heard of your predicament~] (Alice)


Alice appeared as if to save my troubles.

Her fellow monsters on her shoulders, and her bright tone.


[Leave it to me~] (Alice)

[To Alice?] (Ryouta)

[Yeap, remember what I have?] (Alice)

[…..Right!] (Ryouta)


I remembered.

And I thought it’s worth a shot.



Entering the dungeon, both of us needed to separated in the first and second floor.

Alice is on the second floor, and I will go the first.


[How about the timing?] (Alice)

[If it’s about the timing, I’ll use my Speed Up Bullet. The moment the effect ends, immediately kill it.] (Ryouta)

[Okei! Ryo-chan!] (Alice)


Alice used her summoning magic <All Might>.


The moment she used it, a distorted version of me appeared.


[With that, Let’s do this~~~~and begin!] (Ryouta)


With my mark, I fired the Speed Up Bullet on Ryo-chan and me at the same time.


Leaving Alice there, I went to the first floor.


Then I found the Unison Twin moving slowly in the accelerated world.


I know the timer for the effect.

Before it runs out, I’ll defeat it with CQC.


This time I didn’t use Repetition.

Cause even though I’ve defeated it once, it wasn’t necessary to use it.


I know it’s crazy.


In the accelerated world, I punched the Unison Twins without it unable to fight back.

And, as soon as the effect ran out—–I used my entire strength to deal the last blow.


The time returned and the Unison Twin disappeared.

After awhile, it didn’t revive.


[Yaho~~~] (Alice)


Alice then came up from the lower floor.

I showed a thumbs up.


[Phew….] (Ryouta)


After defeating the troublesome monster, the adventurers cheered for Alice and I.

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