Cut&Paste: Chapter 217 – The letter given to the King of Oose

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After being ordered by King-sama, I hurriedly used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to connect it back to my Clan House.

Going into the black vortex, I saw Luka-sama sitting there silently.


「Luka-sama, let us go to the royal palace.」

「Ehh? Y-yes Myne-sama.」


Since it was sudden, she was still in a daze, Thus I carried her again and jumped into the black vortex.


Reaching back to the royal palace, I didn’t go to King-sama, not Maid-san, but to my two wives.





It was unusual for the two of them to come to me while showing their beautiful face, but their line of sight was focused on me carrying Luka-sama.


『Myne-kun, not only did you leave your wives alone, what are you doing over there? Flirting?』

『Y-you’re mistaken Aisha, she’s from the Oose Kingdom, Princess Luka.』

『….Eh? Princess Luka? The princess! Are you sure?』

『Yes I’m sure! Right, Sylphy?』

『Yeah, that certainly is Luka-sama, but Danna-sama why? Why are you carrying Princess Luka as such?』


Both of them again thought I was trying to flirt….I tried to deny their thinking but the result was a mess…..


「…..Uhh, it’s been awhile Syphid-sama, and congratulations on your marriage.」


Luka-sama who saw that I was in trouble came down and helped.


「Ah, it has been awhile Luka-sama, so what did our Danna-sama did to you? And why did he bring you to our palace?」

「…..Myne-sama saved me from the binds of the demon king, and because Fahren-sama ordered him to bring me here, hence why I am here.」

「Eh? The Demon King?」

「That’s right…And Aisha, I have some important news to discuss with the both of you.」


After clearing the misunderstanding, all of us went into King-sama’s room.

The one bringing us there is none other than maid-san.


「As always thank you so much. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding.」

「Thank you so much, to you as well Myne-sama.」


「…..Ah, yes. Thank you.」


Wedding? Was what Sylphy was wondering when I told her that she’s being married to Captain Cecil.


「…..So you’re going to be married? That sounds wonderful….」


Princess Luka who was deep in thoughts whispered.


「And congratulating Myne-sama was…..?」

「Aah, it’s because our Danna-sama is going to receive his third wife, next to me, Aisha of the Holy Bow, and the Kingdom of Ritz, Princess Sasha Lion.」

「…..Eeh? Sasha Lion-sama?…..Such enviousness.」


「C-Captain Cecil you say?? To be able to get Metier…..That poisonous girl…making girls on the verge of tears….the enemy of all women….」


Seems like the maid’s name is called Metier.

The anger and rage of Sylphy made the maid-san afraid and quickly walked further ahead to tell King-sama about our arrival.


Since I wasn’t gone for long, I thought that King-sama was writing a letter to King Oose.


「Myne….that was fast? Oh, is that you Luka-dono!!? I’m sure Oose and Jack-dono will have a peace of mind seeing you being well. Myne, you did well bringing her back.

And Metier,  quickly bring Cecil over! !」

「Y-Yes, Your Majesty!」


Hm? Why would King-sama call Captain Cecil over? Is he really going to fire her?

Not even 10 minutes have passed, I could see Metier losing her breath while holding Captain Cecil’s hands.


「What’s wrong Metier? I know that you’re in a hurry to be married, but I’m still working~」


Seems like Captain Cecil didn’t even notice that King-sama and I was there. While looking at the bed, she looked at Metier’s eyes.


Really…how did she even became a captain? Such a 180 from Captain Franz….


「Cecil, what kind of sleep talking thing are you talking about!? Is that how you can cure your illness? Is that it? Are you even prepared to hold the hands of our chief maid who has been working in our palace for many years?」


King-sama rubbed his eyebrows as he was in a bad mood.

And with that, she finally saw our existence.


I feel bad for Metier-san, but it might be better to give her a lecture.

I think our Captain needs to give her a word.


「If it isn’t Your Majesty, and also the ever lovely Syphid-sama…So, what do you want?」

「Cecil….never mind that, please take this to the Ritz Kingdom to King Eric.」

「….Are you making me, a Captain, be a messenger…..!!」

「…..Are you unsatisfied with that? Then I’ll let you choose, get a demotion or be a messenger, pick which one you like.」


「Well, because you’re not a fool.」

「Of course I will accept this request. Also, I have another request for Your Majesty. I would like to marry Metier….and hold a ceremony. But if possible, I want the ceremony to combine with Myne-dono and Sasha Lion-sama’s marriage as well…」

「Are you stupid or something!! If you have time to say such jokes, get to Ritz right now! This is an important matter okay.」


Captain Cecil received the letter from King as he started screaming at her. It seems that she finally knew how important the matter is.




As I wanted to say something, the King stopped me and said.


「Don’t say, I know what you’re thinking.」


On the other hand, Sylphy was thinking, is that person even really good for Metier-san?

I would think of that as well, because I have that problem as well.

I do want her to be happy who I have been indebted until now.

And that’s even more so for Sylphy. Aisha then said.


「Since we’ve heard what we needed, shall we return?」

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