Cut&Paste: Chapter 216 – Reporting to the King (?)

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「Hime-sama, I’m going to report to King-sama that we’ve rescued you, so can you wait for a moment?」

「….I understand. By the way, where are we?」

「This is my Clan’s house. It’s inside the town of Lucas in the Augusta Kingdom.

I know that you’ll be anxious alone, so I’ll call someone to protect you.」


Having said that, I called out for Captain Franz.

As expected of a captain, he came here as soon as possible.


「Myne-sama, did you call me?」

「Ah yes Captain Franz, there’s a request I have a for you.」


I briefly explained about Princess Luca’s situation and told him that I needed to head to the capital.


「Then, I’ll leave her to you.」


After saying that, I used 【Unique Magic・spacetime】 to the usual room inside the royal palace.

When I pressed the button indicating that I’ve rang the bell, the usual maid came immediately.


「Is Myne-sama here to meet with the King?」


I nodded my head and answered.


「I’m always sorry for asking you to do this.」


After saying, I bowed my head.

As if its her job, she immediately went out.

Perhaps she went to tell the King about it.

….And soon the maid came back, and behind her was the King.


「M-Myne are you alright?….Looks like you’re alright, and was it successful?」


He looked extremely nervous as he didn’t even breath when speaking.


「Yeah, I successfully rescued her, and we’ve never had another contact with the Demon King.」


「I see~, I see I see~ As expected of Myne, my boy.

And now that I think about it back in the Dragon case, I’m extremely sorry for bothering you that time.」


While the King and I were talking, I realized that the Maid was looking at us with a curious look.


「Hm? What’s wrong?」

「…..Uh King-sama, there’s something I have been wanting to ask….I want to retire this month.」

「What!? For the Chief maid to retire would be troublesome….But why?」

「….A-actually, I’m going to get married….」

「Hou, a marriage, that’s a first for me. If that’s the case then it can’t be helped. So who’s the lucky person?」

「….That person… Captain Cecil.」


The story of the maid continued.

It seems that when I went to report previously, Captain Cecil has proposed to her.

Well….I heard that she was quick to get her hands, but……what can i say.


「Cecil huh….that stupid girl! Shall I fire her now! !」


The King fiercely said while listening to the story.


「…..Please, please forgive her for that King-sama.」


The maid desperately begged the King for her forgiveness. Well that’s kinda obvious.

If she marries, her husband would be unemployed.

There’s also a reason why she picked Cecil, cause she is still an elite being a captain in the konoe knights.


「Alright, I’ll return to you later, but for now Myne could you bring Princess Luka with you? I’ll write a word to King Oose.」

「I understand, I’ll bring her right away.」


TLN Note: Wait….is Cecil a guy or a girl again……??????

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