Level 1 Guy: Chapter 240 – Golden Ryouta

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Silicon Dungeon, first floor.


[Let’s try Arsenic as well!]  (Aurum)

[Yes!] (Mike)


A girl who was hugging a monster was running up from the lower floor like the wind and jumped out of the dungeon.

The Silicon adventurers who witness such appearance had an equally strange look in their faces.


[Just now….ain’t that, a mini wiseman?]

[No I don’t think so right? How could a monster go from floor to floor? I’m sure it’s that cute girl who’s using ventriloquism on that doll.]

[No no no. That is the new face of the Ryouta family.]


There was an adventurer who knew what was going on, and all the other adventurers were just watching.


Since there were only adventurers who were all used to fighting in Silicon dungeon, it was such a strange sight that everyone was looking at Mike while defeating the monsters in front of them.


A well-informed stranger who was amazed at the sight continued to explain.


[I know that that is a unique monster, and that Ryouta raised it which made it evolved. Then that unique monster’s skill seems to be crossing between floors and getting in and out of the dungeon, plus having other monsters do the same when it touches them.]

[ [ [ EEEeeeeh!?!?] ] ]


The adventurers all cried out loud a the same time.


[You kidding right, I have never heard of a rogue monster, let alone a monster doing that.]

[I know it’s a unique monster, but like that person say, it’s still just a monster right?]

[Huh….Maybe because it’s Ryouta’s family hence why its possible….]




While the rest of the adventurers were being in awe, the well-informed adventurer had his nose high up and smiled with pride, being pleased with everyone’s surprises.


[What’s with that smile.]

[Just now, there’s a girl who was holding the mini wiseman right.]

[Aah—–wait don’t tell me!!]

[I see, so that girl is also a monster.]

[That means that is also a unique monster?]



The well-informed adventurer became even more haughty…


[We knew that you know! So just tell us all!]


This time all of them all agreed and asked him to tell them immediately.


[Such impatience, I got it. That girl you’re talking is Aurum.]

[Aurum….you mean someone with a spirit’s name?]

[Now that you mention, didn’t Ryouta Satou controlled Aurum before?]

[But Ryouta doesn’t’ have Aurum’s name right?]

[That’s now it—–that itself is Aurum in person.]


[It’s the spirit herself.]



Everyone except for that prideful man turned to the entrance of Silicon at once.


Everyone was surprised and impressed at the same time, as they had eyes of respect.



At night, after getting out of the bath, I wanted to head into the kitchen to get something cold but.



[Uwa!] (Ryouta)


I was suddenly tackled from the side.

I was relieved that I had quick reaction, so I landed safely on my butt.


[What’s with that…..oh Aurum?] (Ryouta)

[Thanks Ryouta! Really, thanks a lot~] (Aurum)

[Aah, so that’s what you meant.] (Ryouta)


While Aurum was hugging me, Mike who was beside her can be seen popping out.


[Looks like you’ve enjoyed yourself a lot today.] (Ryouta)

[Yes! I went to all of the dungeons in town today!] (Aurum)

[Glad to hear.] (Ryouta)


After introducing Aurum to Mike, she completely forgot about Emily’s dinner and went out with Mike.


[Looks like you had lots of fun.] (Ryouta)

[Yup! It was the first time seeing other dungeons.] (Aurum)

[I see. Sorry that I couldn’t do that before.] (Ryouta)


The whole reason why I took Aurum out was because she had the desire to [see the outside world].

Well, since all the spirits that I’ve met have different wishes.


Arsenic has an appetite, Selenium has sexual desires, and Aurum wanted to know what the outside world looks like, something like an overprotected girl that’s been kept in her castle.


Hence why I took her out using my S Drop, but I didn’t take her to other dungeons.


I can do that in theory, but everytime I have to get into a dungeon or through the floors, I’ll have to make her into gold bar everytime.


Until then—-I wasn’t able to do anything.


[The other dungeons are interesting!] (Aurum)

[Oh really.] (Ryouta)

[Yeah! There’s red snow in some floors!] (Aurum)

[Dungeon snow huh. Speaking of which, Aurum doesn’t have that.] (Ryouta)


Looking at Aurum being hyper talking about other dungeons is like a child in a toy shop.


[Then I’m sure you may also like Lanthanum then.] (Ryouta)

[What’s that?] (Aurum)

[It’s a fun place. Mike, next time you can bring her there using the transportation gate, so tomorrow—-] (Ryouta)

[I wanna go tonight!] (Aurum)


Aurum blocked my words.

She really wants to go huh.


[Alright. Mike you alright with that? Aren’t you tired?] (Ryouta)

[I’m alright. If it could help Aurum-sama, then I’m glad, plus.] (Mike)

[Plus?] (Ryouta)

[This, Ryouta-sama.] (Mike)


Mike took something out and gave it to me.


[A gold bar huh, and it’s 1 kilo even.] (Ryouta)

[I received it from Aurum-sama, so I thought I should give to Ryouta-sama.] (Ryouta)

[No, you can have it, it’s what you earned.] (Ryouta)

[But.] (Mike)

[It’s all good, and also Aurum, form now on can we call Mike, {Mike・Aurum}.] (Ryouta)

[Of course! You’re now my best friend Mii-chan!] (Aurum)

[Y-yes!] (Mike)


Aurum then grabbed hold of Mike with her high tension.


It has always been an issue for me.

When I’m travelling, I would be worried that I’m going to leave Aurum in the dungeon.


I’m glad to know that Mike can solve that problem.


[Ryouta-sama.] (Mike)

[Yeah, what’s wrong Mike? Why do you look so apologetic?] (Ryouta)

[While Aurum was going around, I heard many people talking about you. In actuality it’s supposed to be Ryouta-sama that should be having the name [Aurum].] (Mike)

[Don’t mind about that.] (Ryouta)


Not like it’s a big deal for me to have a name.


[What? Ryouta will be troubled if he doesn’t have my protection?] (Aurum)

[It might be bothersome in a human society, but I couldn’t care less.] (Ryouta)

[If that’s the case, let’s make things easy. This is Ryouta’s house right?] (Aurum)

[Yeah, that is right?] (Ryouta)

[Then—-] (Aurum)


Aurum swooped her hand and shook her finger.




But nothing happened.

But there’s no way that nothing happened.

In this world, the spirits are gods in a sense, and they hold special abilities.


I can’t help but be curious as to what Aurum did when she squeezed her finger.


[Ahahahahaha, what is this, ahahahahahaha!]


Suddenly, laughter could be heard from outside the mansion.

It was Alice who was laughing.


I opened the window and looked.


[What’s wrong Alice?] (Ryouta)

[That’s my line Ryouta. What’s this, did Aurum-chan do something?] (Alice)

[She did but….] (Ryouta)


I’m getting even more confused.

Aurum must’ve done something which Alice could tell at a glance.

And what’s that—-was what I thought when.


[Uoooo!!] (Ryouta)


I was so surprised I unintentionally let out my voice.


I could only see parts of it, but I can kinda guess it after leaning out.


The outer wall of the mansion has turned completely golden.


I withdraw my head immediately and asked Aurum in a hurry.


[Did you do that?] (Ryouta)

[Yeap, I turned lots of things into gold as well. I made it so that Ryouta knows she’s blessed by me.] (Aurum)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


[Ahahahahahaha! !] (Alice)

[This is splendid nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Such conceitedness even for a low level.] (Eve)


I could heard several voices of my friends from outside commenting.

If I think about it—-it’s like being impressed by the Kinkakuji.


[I’m here to visit. Hmm, looks like I’ve lost.] (Cell)


I could even hear Cell’s voice.



I have a bad feeling, and came out of the window and looked at all my friends packed in a corner.


There’s something that everyone was surrounding, and it was a life-sized golden statue of me.




I screamed unintentionally.

Now I get why he said he’s [lost].


Being perplexed, I immediately asked Aurum to take away the statue.


[Ryouta-sama….looks cool.] (Mike)


Mike who was staring with shining eyes at the golden statue while its small body was hanging on the window.


It’s a child with eyes so pure that I can’t say anything to Aurum.


Thus, our Ryouta family has now got a golden house and a golden statue.

And also, we have a unique monster with a spirit’s name attached.

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