Cut&Paste: Chapter 215 – Princess Luka’s determination and love

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「….Th-then, is….is that guy’s child really inside me?」


Luka-sama slowly said as huge droplets of tears came rolling down her cheeks.


「Aah, please don’t cry. If I use my skills, I’m sure I can erase the fact that you’re pregnant. The only problem being that the baby would die…..」

「So I thought that I would proceed after hearing the Princess’s intention.」

「It is unforgivable as the daughter of a royal family to bear the children of a demon. Even if they were born, they will surely not expect a decent life.

What’s more, i do not want to dirty the blood of the Oose family by bearing this child.」


Luka-sama opened her eyes wide after shedding her tears, but she could answer me in a noble manner.


「If Myne-sama could get rid of this child inside my stomach, then by all means I’ll kindly ask for it.」


Alright, I got the consent from Luka-sama. Should I do a double cut like the slave contract with Pillows for the child inside her stomach?

Though I would kill a child, but it would be of help for Luka-sama.

For now, I began by using 【Cut】 on the slave contract.

Then, I 【Cut】 the pregnant state…..And that should release Luka-sama from the slavery of Xanadu. After that, I pasted the pregnant word on a pebble.


It would be better to consult with my wives on what do I do on the pebble.

The child would probably be dead at this point….

But I should also consult with the other’s opinion about it after all.


「I understand, princess.」


For the time being, I accepted her proposal which got her hopes up, as I gently lifted her up again.

It’s the so-called princess hug, but I think hugging Princess Luka is like the true princess hug.

Such was a foolish thinking of mine.


「….Uh, uhmm…..Myne-sama.」


Princess Luka called my name in an embarrassed voice that slowly fades away.


「…….What’s the matter Princess?」

「That is….Since I am the first princess of the Oose Kingdom, and now that the country has been destroyed, and this body of mine has been defiled…..

….so what I’m trying to say is, please stop calling me Princess and call me by my name!!!」

「I can understand your feelings, but I can’t overturn the fact that you’re still a princess, so please forgive me to still be calling you Princess.」


By the way, I do not understand who Myne-sama is who helped me from that hell. Could you mine telling me about your position?」

「My name is Myne・Fortuna.」

「Fortuna? Are you a child of nobles?」

「No I’m not, and I’m a noble so to speak, but I’m not born a noble.」

「Eh? Eehh? What does that mean?」

「Because my wife is the first Princess of the Augusta Kingdom, so….right now I’m a noble.」

「Wow, so you’re married to Syphid-sama…..? Is that so… Myne-sama is married to Sylphid-sama?」


Princess Luka’s voice seemed sad.

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