Cut&Paste: Chapter 214 – CASE: Cayenne

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…..Hou, so there was an intruder.

However, this response, isn’t it Xanadu’s slave, the Dark Elf called Pillows.

If I’m not mistaken, he said that his slave contract was suddenly destroyed, so it’s weird that she’s here right now.


Maybe she has some business at a specific place.

But then again, why didn’t my barrier picked up her signal.

…..Hm? I can’t find the Oose Princess anywhere.

….I see now, so that’s your motive. However, this is also convenient.

Whatever her business is, I can interfere with it.

For now, I’ll get hold of Pillows, then ask her where the place is.

Pillows is now… Xanadu’s house huh.


「W-where are you going, Demon King?」


The Masquerade who was near me asked.


「Just going to exterminate some rats.」




「Are you alright Pillows?」

「Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just being caught by the barrier…..It’s not like I’m being binded by it.」


I desperately called out to Pillows who was late in escaping.


「It’s without a doubt that Cayenne has known where we are.」

「Hurry up and come with me. I’ll use 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 to get you out!」


I started bringing Pillows along who was being caught by the barrier as well. Fortunately, she was able to plunged into the black vortex.

With that, Princess Luca, Pillows and I rushed through the passage of the black vortex.

And as soon as we arrived at the Clan House, I cut off the connection of 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


「…..Phew, we’re safe for the time being.」

「Yeah, but don’t be calm just yet.」


Seeing the two of their faces, I was happy that they’re not injured.


「…..Uhmm, thank you very much for saving me.」


Luka-sama made a deep bow and thanked me.


「Uhmm, once again it is nice to meet you Luka-sama, my name is Myne, Myne・Fortuna.」

「…..M-Myne-sama, I’ve heard of this from Pillows, but is it true that I am pregnant?」

「Yes, I’ve confirmed it with my skills, so there’s no mistake.」

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