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Hello, my name is Myne. I’m a 13 year old soon to be adult, and an apprentice hunter.

When I was 5, both my parents passed away due to some sickness.

Hence, I was alone all my life.

Since Father was an experienced hunter, we had quite a few equipments for a hunter.

Among them, they were traps that could be used to catch some small animals such as rabbits to be sold for a daily income.

Fortunately, Father and Mother had good relationships with the villagers in the town, they took good care of me by buying my animals at a higher price, and selling me day-to-day products at a cheaper price.

Even though Father and Mother died…..I was saved by the villagers, so I’m grateful for my parents!


Today as well, I went behind the town of Lucas into the forest.

I wanted to check the traps that I set up yesterday. It would be helpful if there were some wild rabbits being caught on two of the five cages…..


[Phew, there’s nothing at all again huh?]


Out of the 5 traps I placed yesterday….4 of them had nothing in it….


[This is unfortunate….even if the cost of living is low…..]


[……If only I have some skills, amazing skills like King-sama to help this difficult life of mine…..

There’s another 2 years before I become a proper adult…..! After 2 years, I’ll get two skills from God! ! I wonder what kind of skills I would get though? If possible, a strong skill that would help hunt preys easily….]


If I could get skills like those, I would be able to join a party just like Father!

If possible, I would also want to find an amazing wife to marry to as well.

But right now, I have to think about ways to deal with the uncaught rabbits…..


[…..Hmm? Is that a Guruppi?]


Since it’s difficult to defeat a Guruppi as its flying, the price of buying them are high as well.

Hmm, I would be able to live for awhile if I can get it alive….




…..Now that I think about it, I remember a saying from Father?


[Listen here Myne. Your father will now teach you an important lesson.

Have you ever heard of a special attack?

It’s basically an attack which deals more damage than a usual attack which can ease your battle.]

[Some famous ones are special attacks which deals with opponents flying in the air….If you have an arrow or a spear, then battling them would be much easier.]

[I got it! So, a special..attack? I’ll remember it, special attack~]


Right, if I want to defeat a Guruppi, I need a bow!


[Isn’t that right, Father?]


I whispered as I imagine Father smiling deep in my heart.


[….That’s right, you would always remember what I say right? That’s a good boy.]

[The bird type Guruppi’s are weak against the dark. Use that to your advantage.]


(…..Thank you Father) I prayed silently as I think of a plan.


Weak to dark….What does that mean? Ah, so their eyes?

Just north of this place, there’s a place where the sun could not travel down to that area.

Let’s try and stop it over there.

I’ve been training with the bow everyday, and even without a skill, I do believe somewhat in my abilities to shoot….

I don’t know if I can actually defeat one when the time comes but….there is a worth in fighting it.

Either way, if I don’t fight it, I won’t be getting any food for today.


….Alright, let’s head back home and get my bow….

While making minimal amount of noise, I snuck back home.

It took around half an hour to bring back my bow and arrows to the same location, but unfortunately the Guruppi isn’t there anymore.

Well that’s normal, it would be too convenient for it to stay there.


However, without rushing myself, I kneel on the floor and closed my eyes.

….From a place further from here, there’s a chirping sound.

When I traced the location of the sound, it was at the back of the forest where I wanted them to be.

Alright! Guess my luck’s still around.


I slowly followed the sound.

And I can’t believe there’s a bunch of Guruppi’s there.

(Alright! This is my chance!)

Without making a sound, I pulled my bow and arrow and aimed at the Guruppi which is closest to me.


(……Hm, since its head is facing that direction, if I fire from this angle, it’ll hit it if it flies that way?)


While predicting the bird’s movement, I fired the bow.

The sound of the bow piercing through the forest….landed onto the Guruppi as it made a crying sound and plopped on the ground.


[Alright! ! Thank you Father for teaching me.]


I wonder if I can get another one?

Looking around the direction I fired, it seems that all of the Guruppi have flown away.

Then, I used my ears to listen once more.

…..Oh, not like this. Since I’ve secured the animal, I should go and get it.

With the storage bag which Father left for me, I picked up the carcass.

It’s a convenient magic item which stores any items except for living beings.


I feel like Father and Mother is still protecting me even if they’re not here.

I think I should bring their favourite sunflowers when I visit their grave.

While thinking about that, the sound of the chirping could be heard once more.

Going to that direction, there were the Guruppis that escaped earlier…


Alright, let’s hope I can get one more….

Using the same method as before, I fired another arrow.




That’s two down.

Quickly collecting the second bird, I put it into the storage bag.

I didn’t catch any rabbits today, but having these Guruppi’s is like catching 3 rabbits.

Let’s bring one to the butcher, and the other to the adventurer’s guild?

I’m sure the guild would want to buy for a high price.


When I arrived at the guild, there was Ansem who is the same age as me.

Ansem’s father is the guild leader, which made him a selfish and prideful person.


[Hey, if it isn’t the orphan Myne, what’re you doing here? Trying to sell more rabbits to the guild ‘er something?]

[He-hello, I’m just here to sell some Guruppi’s….]


[Guruppis? Since when could you even fight against one?]


[Hm? What’s the matter? If you’re looking for someone that wants a Guruppi, you’re looking at him.]




The Guild leader broke into our conversation.


[Aah, I’m glad! I have two of them, how are they?]

[Hm, I’ll buy one for 5 Silver coins.]

[I wish that my Ansem would be just like you.]

TLN Note: What is happening….why is there an episode zero?!?!

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