Cut&Paste: Chapter 213 – Princess Luca’s escape

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[…..Hmm? There’s more people inside my barrier? But there wasn’t any trace where the barrier is being tampered….What in the world is going on?

…..This……is absurd that this could happen, is this the work of that Myne with the divine protection of the divine beast? Oh children, show me the power that made Xanadu retreat.]


After the Demon King’s soliloquy was over, the red flame barrier surrounding the village suddenly transformed into chain-like shape, and the whole village was covered completely, blocking the sky as well.


[Let’s see how the rats can escape…..]




[Luca-dono, please wear this.]


After releasing the chains, Pillows handed the clothes to Luca-sama which I lend her. While she’s changing, I busy myself with checking Cayenne’s movement with <Map>.

It seems like he’s not moving, so we’re not found out right…..?

If that’s the case, escaping would be a piece of cake.


When Luca-sama was almost done wearing the clothes, a red-like chain covered up the entire village up from the sky all the way to the ground.


[…..Shit. Did that Cayenne noticed us?]


Pillows suddenly shouted.


[Luca, quickly change! We have escape now!!]


With Pillows warning, the relaxed atmosphere turned tense.


[Pillows, don’t be too alarm, Cayenne hasn’t moved an inch yet.]


Trying to calm the situation, I told Luca-sama who was still changing.


[Luca-sama, my name’s myne. By the order of King Fahren of the Augusta Kingdom, I have come here to save you.]

[Are you really here to save me? From this hell! Okay Pillows, I’m done changing.]


After she was done, I went in front of Luca-sama and gently hugged her.


[Sorry for my rudeness.]


Then I immediately used <Unique Magic・Spacetime> to head back to the clan house.


To not have her be afraid of the black vortex, I lightly hugged her so we can immediately escape.

When she saw the black vortex appear right in front of her, she shrieked and tightly hugged me.


[Pillows, I’ll go first.]


When I called out to Pillows, the chains from the Demon King’s barrier suddenly covered Pillows’ body.


[P-Pillows! !]


I hurried called out to her, but with an unusual smile on her face, she answered.


[Don’t worry about me, just go.]


It’s without a doubt the work of Cayenne.


[Uhh, Myne-sama? What is this black tunnel?]

[Aah, don’t be afraid of it. It’s a passage to Augusta Kingdom created with my skill. We can safely leave from here….So you can finally be free.]

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I love this story and happy late birthday lol

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