Cut&Paste: Chapter 212 – Princess Luca’s rescue operation(5)

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Alright, let’s quickly complete our mission and leave this place.

Let’s connect directly in front of Luca-sama with 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.

And as soon as I wanted to dive into the black vortex, Pillows called out to me.


「Wait, if we just suddenly appear in front of her, I’m sure she’ll freak out….Let me go first and explain to her….Since I was once the slave of Xanadu, so I’m sort of an acquaintance.」

After she said that, she went inside alone.




This is…..without a doubt the place that I was at when living together with Xanadu.

And the precious Princess Luca is just right next to this room.

In a sense, she’s like a benefactor that exists when I’m here.

Because she was there, Xanadu’s sexual desires were directed towards her.

That is one of the reasons why I decided to participate in this rescue operation, because I feel that I owed her.

The Demon King Cayenne is a frightening opponent….However, if it’s Myne….I got a feeling that he’ll be able to win.

I’m betting on his unique powers to win.


「Hello~, Princess-sama~, Are you doing well?」


I purposely called out to the Princess who was naked on the wall.

Then, her body shrivelled and immediately responded.


「P-please stop…..doing terrible things to me.」

「Don’t be stupid, it’s me, Pillows.」

「I-Is that really you Pillows!! Isn’t that person with you?」


The Princess then started looking around me.

Guess it can’t be helped as well, she assumes that I’m one of his subordinate.


「I’m here to save you….Though if I say that, will you even believe me? Basically, there’s a new hero that is made known in the Kingdom of Augusta, and he was the one who undid the slavery of that man. He’s the one who asked me to lend my strength in order to save you. If that hero were to come here, you’ll be confused, thus I came here to tell you first.」


「…..H-he’s here to save me? This hell like place!!….Aah, whatever are you spouting. I-Is this a dream?」

「Uhh no, this is not a dream. And also Luca….I have contemplated on whether to tell this to you, but you’re definitely pregnant. It was confirmed from Myne’s skill.」

「P-Pregnant….Me? NoooOOoooooOOOO! ! ! ! !」

「W-wait, calm down, Myne’s here to save you, so stay put okay.」


(…..Myne…..? Is that the person’s name that is going to save me from this hell?)




「Myne, I’ve informed her about it.」


Pillows finally came out from the black vortex and reported to me.

Phew, I guess all is well. I was afraid that the demon king might find us, but it was just needless worries from me. (flag everywhere)

Alright, time to go save the princess.


「Myne, just inside this door is where she is.」


She said as she opened the door, and there was a woman that is stuck on a wall…..And I fear that that is Luca-sama.

Hmmm, Although I came to help, I’m sure she’ll hate it if the opposite sex came near her especially when she’s a princess.

Guess I should ask Pillows this time to help.

I took out a shirt and a pair of pants from the storage bag before asking Pillows for help.


「Sorry to ask from you Pillows, but can you untie her and let her wear these?」

「Sigh, alright. However, don’t forget that this is still the opponent’s territory. I can understand the thought process you have, but the Demon King is here. Please do not be caught off guard whenever.」

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