Cut&Paste: Chapter 211 – Princess Luca’s rescue operation(4)

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At that time, I’m certain that the one I saw was Xanadu, and the probability of that being near Oose Kingdom is high.

Thinking as such, I tried hard to remember the scenery of that location in my mind. After that, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


「Hmm, I’m still doubtful about it but….it might be connected to Oose Kingdom.」

「What do you mean by doubtful? If you can’t use your skill, then we can just take the horse carriage there….」

「Wait just a second. Because I was sitting on top of Jormungandr-sama’s back at that time, what I saw with farsight when I witnessed a city being attacked by the demon army might be Oose Kingdom…..」

「….Hmm, so that’s what you meant. Very well. Then, I will head there first and confirm whether it’s right or wrong.」


After Pillows said that, she went into the black vortex before me. After a few moments later, she came back out with a happy expression.


「Myne, you’ve done it, it’s correct. What’s more, it’s nearer to where we’re going as well. You picked a good place.」


Alright! This is the best possible result. With that, I unconsciously did a guts pose.


Now to form our party, and I thought of bringing Waffle and Kuu along. As for Sylphy and Aisha, they’re both my precious wives, so it’s a no-brainer that I won’t be bringing them to such a dangerous place.

…..If something were to happen to them similar to what has happened to Princess Luca, I might die of shock.


「Waffle, Kuu, let’s go then.」


After calling them out, Waffle stood up from on top of my head, and Kuu was floating around Waffle excitedly.

Confirming our members, we finally head into the black vortex, and the familiar village scenery is what I’d imagined. Well then, where shall we head off to?


「Pillows, which way are we heading?」


Calling out to Pillows, I hurriedly used 【Map】 as well.


「Uhmm….If we head south from here, they’ll be a small village there. That’s where the demon village resides.」


South huh….Aah, she’s right, there is a small village there.


「Alright Pillows, I’ve confirmed it with the map skill.」


Alright, let me check whether there’s any life form inside the village as well…..Hm? What’s this remarkably huge dot? Let’s use 【Appraisal】 on that.





Race:Demon King





Six roads to hell

Chaining flame barrier








Seems like the Demon King is there, just as Pillows predicted. His skills are pretty nasty as well….

First off, let’s cut out those dangerous sounding skills.


Since the 【Chaining flame barrier】 doesn’t sound like a frontal attack skill, I’ll cut the rest first.

And this barrier, maybe it’s what Pillows mentioned.


「Aah! You’re right!!! The Demon King Cayenne is there, and his skills sounds awfully dangerous…..」

「Hou,….So he is there huh? So it’s inevitable that we have to face him. And is Xanadu there as well? If he’s there, then it’ll be even more troublesome.」


I used 【Map】 to check for him……hm?


「What is it? Did you see Xanadu as well?」






Age:16 years old

Occupation:The First Princess of Oose Kingdom



Song of healing

Song of speed

Song of blinding





「No, it’s Luca-sama that I found….So she is really pregnant.」


And seems like Xanadu isn’t here.

As we chatted about the skills of the Demon King, we quickly moved forward to the village.


After walking for about 20 minutes, I could see the village with my eyes and the appearance of a flame-like wall that goes up to about 50 meters high.


「…..What’s that wall?」

「It’s the Demon King’s barrier.」

「I see, so basically that 【Chaining flame barrier】 skill.」


Wait, so if I 【Cut】 that skill, would that barrier immediately disappear? No wait, if he can’t use his skill, he might notice that we’re here, and it’ll compromise our mission.

This is the worse situation. If we don’t want him to notice, we’ll have to face with the barrier, but if I take his skill, he’ll notice…


「Well, what’re you gonna do Myne? If we touch that, he would notice anyways.」


Sounds like Pillows has no plans as well.


「Hmm, why not use 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 + 【Map】 and go inside the barrier?」

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Carmeops Renard · 7th May 2019 at 2:37 AM

FINALLY! he finally get the reflex to first and foremost grab the enemy’s skill the moment he notice them

if it was a couple of chapters ago, he would engage in a conversation, then start a battle where he would struggle, until he remember to remove the skills, finally he learned to do that first!

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Luca・Oose Pregnant(Xanadu’s) cut
Cayenne paste
Am I the only one who thought that would be fun if he tried that ?

    Hakou · 7th May 2019 at 1:16 PM

    As far as I remember, Myne can’t cut status. Only skills, so unfortunately that’s a no no. Though I do think that would be hilarious.

      Magnus Chase · 8th May 2019 at 1:06 AM

      Maybe use the cut and paste to perform a emergency Caesarean or something

      Piafzor · 9th May 2019 at 8:36 PM

      He can cut/paste skills, abilities and physical things, as for status I don’t remember a time when he has tried it, so…

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I wonder what would the princess do about the kid in her belly after being saved. I think she would despair and try to kill herself but, Myne would somehow calm her down I think, at least so she won’t kill herself. Then what about the pregnant status? I bet she doesn’t want to give a birth to demon baby. Welp, poor princess

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    Lol just cut the pregnant status and paste it on someone else eg the demon king

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Now to form our party, and I thought of bringing Waffle and Kuu along. As for Sylphy and Aisha, they’re both my precious wives, so it’s a no-brainer that I won’t be bringing them to such a dangerous place.
…..If something were to happen to them similar to what has happened to Princess Luca, I might die of shock.



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    Wasn’t myne suppose to visit fenrir with pillows after all the work so that she can get a contract and he can share his skill details then…?



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