Cut&Paste: Chapter 210 – Princess Luca’s rescue operation(3)

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After requesting the King to leave Kappore and Captain Cecil behind, I immediately went back to Pillows, and informed her about it.


「Alright, so even you can make good judgements sometimes? …..Trust me, you will not regret bringing me along.」

「I’m sorry for letting you down. So, should we head there now?」

「Got it. Alright, let’s review our plan again. The Princess has been captured and enslaved inside the front base of the demon army, and she is inside the village where Xanadu is staying.

…..So, we will inevitably encounter Xanadu. What’s more, the moment we cause a commotion inside the demon country, the Demon King will definitely know what’s going on. Which also means that, he coming to us is extremely high….So even knowing that, you still want to proceed?」

「Yes, it is without a doubt that I will still go. If I have to defeat the Demon King, then so be it.」

「…..Pillows? Is it alright if I ask you something? The Demon King is basically the boss of the demon country right? So why wouldn’t he be inside his castle?」


Aisha asked Pillows a question being curious about something.


Right, that is strange, now that I think about it.

Why would he purposely come down just to fight in the frontlines? And what’s more, he even once fought against King Fahren before.


「……Sorry to burst your bubble, but even I do not know. Also, I don’t want you to misinterpret me, it’s not like just because I’m the slave of Xanadu, I’m one with the demon army. Hence, I know that you want some information about them, but these are the only things that I know.」


After she finished explaining, it was time for us to go there.


…..Alrighty then, how close of a spot can I go?


「Pillows, where do you think we should land first?」

「That’s right…I guess we can start by going as close to the Oose Kingdom first.」


Oose Kingdom huh…..I’ve never been there before….Wait a minute, isn’t that where Xanadu went to destroy that country….Right, I can just go to that village that I saw when I was at the back of Jormungandr??


Author’s Note: Right now, my body is not at its best, so I could not write for a long time. Please understand. I will try my best to update the chapters, and let you know of any update on twitter.

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