Cut&Paste: Chapter 209 – Princess Luca’s rescue operation(2)

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…..Well then, I should call Pillows over.


Using the 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, I went back to the World Tree Dungeon.

The moment I came out of the black vortex, something came flying towards me.


{Myne Onii-sama~ You’re so slow, so slow~ Kuu has waited for you for so long~}


Yes, the one who flew towards me is Kuu.

Since I told them that I’ll head to the royal palace first, I told them to wait for awhile.

Then, I looked at Aisha and then at Pillows.

I could see the bracelet’s effect working, but her appearance is still beautiful nonetheless.


「That is a relief, I knew it had to be Myne-kun….Since Kuu suddenly flew towards the black vortex, I was worried for a moment. Since I didn’t hear anything from your end, I thought you were having a hard time against the monsters.」

「Ah, I’m sorry. Right Pillows, could you perhaps use the bracelet to make yourself more plain looking?」

「What for?」

「It’s about King-sama, apparently he wants to send two of his knights with us while we rescue the princess….but there’s a slight problem with one of the knights, she is sort of into girls. I don’t know what she would do to you once she meets with you, especially to beautiful women.」

「….Are you stupid or something!….The place we’re heading is where the Demon King is, so why don’t you worry about that instead of such nonsense? And what’s more, why are we bringing other people to drag us down?」

「….Well, I do understand your point Pillows. But it is the King’s order and best interest in me as well…..Is that a no, no matter what?」

「That’s why I said it’s stupid.Why not just leave them be? Even if we leave your skill a secret, eventually they’ll see your other skills with their own eyes. And also, you’ll have to take care of them while also fighting against the demons right? Just leave them! If you’re so adamant in bringing them, then I won’t guide you there.」


Mumumu…..This is troubling, and the things she said are 100% true.

It’s not just that we’re facing against the Demon King, but also Xanadu as well.

And as Pillows said, it’s best to just leave those two behind….

If that’s the case, how am I going to explain this to King-sama.


What’s more, the reason why I have to bring those two along is because of the King’s order. I don’t know whether he’ll accept my refusal….

I’m not sure whether to be afraid of the king’s direct order….


Again, what Pillows say is still correct, so it’s best to just do as she says.

Well, I guess I should quickly tell King-sama about it then.


「King-sama, I’ve spoke to Pillows, but her condition is to not bring those two along, is that alright?」

「….What? Why though? Please tell me the reason.」

「There’s the problem with Captain Cecil being interested in Pillows, and being conscious with my skill because I don’t want them to know about it, and also having to protect them while fighting, which would mean I couldn’t put my all in fighting.」

「Fu~mu, I guess I don’t mind the two of you going alone. Anyways, those two are already asleep, so they can’t complain.」


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