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At dawn, I left the inn where I was staying, and wandered around the city of Flint.

It’s a nice and lively city as ever.


[Wanna fight huh?]

[I don’t like yer fucking face, so what!]



[This is intense. The 『Sake Benkei』 Gois and the 『Drunken Swordsman』 Rex is starting a fight!]


Looks like some drunken people are starting a fight, which is also what’s good about this city, as there are a lot of fun things around here.


By Eric’s request, the breed for sake is over, and I should go back to Shikuro.

Since I can use the Transportation Room to go to Lanthanum, I should bring the rest of my friends for sightseeing here. But before that, I should greet the Flint Dungeon Association farewell.


[Hm?] (Ryouta)


As I was walking towards the association, I felt a different kind of heat going on.

Unlike the heat of drunk people fighting, it’s like half not being drunk, and half curious, that was the atmosphere.


As I got closer to the building, I found out that there were spectators gathered around the building.


Seems like they have a stage set up in front of the building.

There’s still no one coming out, but there’s a crowd around it, so I’m sure that something’s going to happen from now on.


[Thank you for your hard work-ssu.] (Tail)

[Ah, if it isn’t Tail. You come here just in time, is something going to start soon?] (Ryouta)

[Eh?] (Tail)


Tail opened his eyes wide and looked around.


[There isn’t one that I know of-ssu?] (Tail)

[Is it strange if I don’t know about it?] (Ryouta)

[Yes-ssu because—–] (Tail)


As soon as Tail tried to explain, his voice was overwhelmed by the cheers of the large audience.

The cheering was directed towards the stage where the little girl——the chairman of Flint, Mao appeared.


[Thank you so much for coming to the new sake launch party today nano~] (Mao)


While she said that, she raised both her hands as if she wanted to say [Wa~i], which only adds more loveliness combined with her cute appearance.

But that only makes the crowd even louder.

The new sake launch….Aah, is it that new sake that we modified at the 20th floor of Lanthanum.


Looking at the crowd again, it seemed that most of them are adventurers.

Well, they are curious about what new product they could sell in the future.


[The new sake that Mao’s going to show you is from the 20th floor of Lanthanum nano. It is a new wine nano.] (Mao)


Half of them were cheering while she was announcing.


[A wine huh.]

[I wonder what sort of wine it is.]

[Is it better than that water beer?]


While the crowd was discussing, one of the employee had a bottle of wine, and went up the stage, and handed it to Mao.

Mao received the wine and raised it for everyone to see.


[This is the new Wine, and the name shall be called Bodore・Ryouta nano.] (Mao)

[Pfffft!] I instantly spit out an imaginary water.


Why does the wine have my name on it.


[I’m sure that Ryouta is the boss of the Ryouta Family. But what is Bodore?]

[I think it’s an old language, meaning 『Absolute God’s blood』 or something.]

[What an amazing name. Is it such a good wine?]


The name has been strongly transmitted to the people around, and the sense of expectation was rising.

Even Tail who was beside me went [Wow-ssu, you’re incredible-ssu.] with an awe like feeling.


Looking at Mao, she had one of the employee poured the wine, and distributed it to the audiences.

The moment they drank a sip of the wine—-the crowd’s cheers spread like waves.



[What is this…This is….]


Similar with Tail, the audiences were losing their mind.

Waiting for the crowd to calm down before speaking again.


[Mao rates this points 120 nano.] (Mao)

[ [ [Oooooooh! ] ] ]

[The purchase of Bodore・Ryouta will be a special license, and will only be open in the market for a day, so whoever wants it has to get a license.] (Mao)


Boiled by Mao’s words, several adventurers ran over to the middle and fought with each other.

It is very….very popular.



The association room, sitting in front of Mao.

Even though we’re inside a room, I could still hear the noises of the adventurers outside the room.


[Mao has asked many people to try to produce the Bodore・Ryouta wine.] Mao said while smiling.


[Though there are still some improvements, but it’s great that someone like you can score more than 100 points. All the wines we’ve made before are now obsolete, and it’s all thanks to you nano.] (Mao)

[Good to be of help.] (Ryouta)

[No, thank you for giving Mao Bodore・Ryouta to sell.] (Ryouta)

[I’m glad but…why did you put my name on it?] (Ryouta)

[Is there something wrong with it?] (Mao)


Mao leaned her cute neck to the side.

She looked adorable with her small figure….


[No but, it’s embarrassing to use my name like this.] (Ryouta)

[Mao wants you to cooperate with me. So I want to brand this wine.] (Mao)

[Branding huh.] (Ryouta)

[Nano! Mao will say it right now.] (Mao)


Mao for some reason furrowed her eyebrows, and showed a cute but sad expression.


[Ryouta・Bamboo is too normal. So if we want to use your name, we need to make a strong impression. Eric Ojii-san has zero naming sense nano.] (Mao)


So that’s why she chose Bodore.

Absolute God’s Blood….But that just sounds too strong.


[Please nano~. Mao needs Ryouta’s help for the breeding improvement. Since it’s so popular right from the get go. It’ll go from 『You’ll understand once you drink it』 to 『You don’t even need to drink to know it’s good』 nano.] (Mao)

[If you put it that way, it’s hard to say no….] (Ryouta)


As I worked for a long time in a company, I know that pain.

Even if it’s good—–Like really really good, it’s often hidden by the public, so it isn’t well known.

This time it’s the wine…The wine is definitely good, but if people don’t know about it, then there’s no point.

Mao is basically saying to use my name to promote the wine.


If that’s the case, I guess I don’t mind it since I was the one who got involved in the first place.

All I have to do is endure this embarrassment.


[Alright. Use it to your liking.] (Ryouta)

[Thank you nano!] (Mao)


Mao smiled innocently, and hugged me tightly.


Thus, Flint’s request was a huge success.

We have a new wine bearing my name, and it’s only being sold once every 3 months.


And they’ll continue to brand more and more, so it’ll soon become popular to be able to sell it regularly.

TLN Note: I have no idea if “Bodore ボドレー” is truly an old language, or the author is just BS-ing. Either way, I tried searching around and I couldn’t find anything except that bhlo-de is how the olden people pronounce blood.

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