Cut&Paste: Chapter 208 – Princess Luca’s rescue operation(1)

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「Heh…..? Me….too?」

「Yes, that is right, Kappore. You will follow Cecil and Myne in rescuing the Princess of Oose who is now being kidnapped inside the demon country.」

「…..If it’s the king’s order, I’ll do my best in cooperating but….Is this alright? As you can see, both my hands are unusable, and I can’t move my left leg as well. Moreover, my entire body has been burned by that ant like monster….Thus, I don’t think I’m of any use….」

「Aah, I don’t mind. Originally, you’re not meant to be in the fighting force anyways.」

「……Eh? Then why did you choose me then?」

「This might sound a bit cruel but….When saving the princess, worse comes to worse, you might have to fight with the Demon King….So I want you to use your body as a shield to save Myne no matter what.

If you can complete this task, and Myne is able to come back safely….Then I might let you join the 2nd troop of the konoe knights.」


「Me, in the 2nd….Knights? Is that true?! To me who has no achievements or anything?」


「Yes, by my name, I shall promise you that. But you must definitely protect Myne at all cost.」


Yes…..There might be a chance for me then.

If I’m inside this team, I might not have problems with money anymore….And no problems with women as well.

I can also take my revenge on those Tamers Ring who looked down on me.


「is it alright for you, Cecil? You’ll have to take care of Kappore.」

「Yes, if it’s for the princess….please excuse me. I, Cecil, will definitely save her! ! So, King-sama, after I have completed this task, will you allow me to meet with Luca-sama?」


「Cecil….how many times must I say this? Please hold on to your desires, if you were to chase after Luca-sama, then I don’t know what to say to the King of Oose….」


「Anyways, Myne, bring this two with you, they will protect you, alright?

Aah, and also, since we do not want to leak any information on how we’re going to go there….Myne has requested the two of you to go to sleep first.」


With King-sama’s order, I used 【Range Effect】 + 【Support Magic・Sleep】 on the two of them.


Man, range effect is so convenient….


Next is to call Pillows over….But, I’m kinda nervous to let her meet with Captain Cecil.


「King-sama, I’m going to call Pillows over…..But is it alright for her to be with Captain Cecil?」

「That Pillows has the same bracelet as Amy right?

…..Then it’ll be fine, because this Cecil only likes beautiful women, so the bracelet should work fine in tricking her….」

「….I see, then I’ll call her now!」

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