Cut&Paste: Chapter 207 – Going to the royal palace to report

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…..Alright, now that I’ve took the skills from the Lizardmen, there’s no more use of being here, it’s time to go back to the royal palace to report to King-sama.


『Cetus-sama, thank you very much. You have helped me in getting these good skills.』

『I see that you have greatly maximized the use of 【Map】.』


(I’m really grateful to Cetus-sama for giving me all these new found abilities…..)


Well then, time to go back.

After thanking Cetus-sama, I called out to Aisha and co.


「Alright, let’s go back.」


I quickly used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, and went inside the black vortex.

Before I went inside, Waffle jumped up to my back and climbed up to my head.


Going into the black vortex, where we ended up is the usual room inside the royal palace. Then, Sylphy used the bell to call the Maid.

Maid-san immediately hurried over and in a surprised tone she said 「Ohh….」.

…..This is the first time I see Maid-san being surprised.


「Sorry to interrupt, but I want to meet with Dear Father immediately. Danna-sama and I need inform him of something.」


Maid-san answered to Sylphy and went out immediately after giving a polite thank you.


■ Royal Palace, Fahren’s Office


「Dear Father, it’s your daughter Sylphy, I’m coming in !!」


Without even waiting for an answer, Sylphy just swung the door open.


「….What is it Sylphy, being so noisy….Is there an emergency or something?」

「Danna-sama will convey it to you right now.」


Hurriedly, I knocked the door and let myself in.


「Sorry to meet King-sama in such a state, but I’ve heard of an unbelievable news from Cetus-sama, so I thought I should let you know…」

「……From Cetus-sama huh….Alright tell me about it. Oi, Cecil and Kappore, can you please wait at the other room for the time being.」


Hm? So there are other guests….? Wait a minute, Kappore….Where have I heard of that name before?


「Uhm, this is a serious news. Apparently, the Divine Beast Hel-sama is working together with the Demon King Cayenne.」

「Wh-what did you just say, the Divine Beast is with the Demon King??」

「Yes, and since Hel-sama originally controls monsters as well, he has given the demon army 2 new monsters to use.

The Demon King didn’t think that we are related to Fenrir-sama, so I guess he started to ask Hel-sama a favour.

Since the Lizardmen are races that excel in supporting their companion, so I went and appraised them and took their skills, since it might be a considerable threat.」

「……Fumu, and there’s another monster that I’ve never heard before? What did you call it again, an Antica?」

「They seem to be a race-specific tribe located in the desert, and they have a hard shell surrounding their entire body.」

「….Hm, the desert huh…It does match with the report I have earlier. Our konoe knights have fought against one of one that you describe as an Antica, and we have confirmed its corpse.」

「If these two races are added to the demon armies, I think that the two Kingdoms, Ritz and Laurasia, would face some problems…」


「….You’re right….Well, Laurasia Kingdom did summon some heroes, so they might be able to handle it, but Ritz Kingdom might suffer.

How about this Myne? Can you go to Ritz and help defend against the demon armies? It is the country of Sasha and Stasha Lion, you can think about it first, and I’ll inform this information to the King of Oose as well.」

「That’s right, Myne…About the Princess of Oose, Luca…Will you go and save her?」

「Yes, that is for certain. But, the Princess has been kidnapped and is being trapped inside a place….and I heard that in order to save her, I might have to face against the Demon King.

Obviously, I won’t be going there just to be defeated…so I don’t mind?」

「Hmm, defeating the Demon King huh. Do you know what you’re saying right now?」

「….Yes, of course!」


「I see, then should I bring reinforcements for you?」

「To save the princess, it’ll only be me and Pillows. I don’t want to bring Aisha and Sylphy to such a dangerous place.」

「Hou, I get it but, are you sure you don’t need to bring reinforcements? I can bring the two person that I just mentioned to come with you.」

「I don’t really want to show them my skills…So I’m sorry but I’ll have to decline.」

「Hmm…That is true as well. Then how about having them sleep and send them there straight?」


Hmmm, why is King-sama so persistent in bringing people along…..


「You’re making a strange face Myne? But there’s a reason why I want to bring a companion along. It’s not that I don’t trust in your abilities, but the opponent is still….a Demon King we’re talking about. So, if by chance you do fail, at least there’s a backup…So please understand my concern as well.」


After he said that, King-sama knocked at the door of the other room and called out.


「Cecil and Kappore, come here right now.」


Hm? I’m sure that Kappore is the former Master of Chunsuke, I’m kinda curious why is he here?


「Yes! Fenrir-sama has called us.」


Immediately after, a young man in knights armour and another man with bandage all over him came inside.


「….The reason why I called you here is to follow this person, Myne along. Myne has a huge task in saving the Princess of Oose, but in order to save her, they would need to go into the enemy base, which is the Demon Army. I’m worried about him going along, so…」

「I will do my best to meet your expectations! We will definitely save the princess! This is  just the job for us! I, the 2nd Captain of the Konoe Knight, Cecil, will do my best to follow Myne-dono. Please let me on your boat, hahahaha!」

「Uhhh, the place we’re going is the stronghold of the demon army, so are you going to be alright? And in the off chance, we might have to face with the Demon King….」


Hmm, no matter what, I’m still worried….Wait? If it’s Captain Cecil, isn’t that problematic woman captain? I thought I heard of her from Melissa, and King-sama chose them, are you sure it’s going to be alright? Even so, are you sure we should bring that Kappore?

Isn’t he useless in battle cause his only fighting capability is Chunsuke? And his body is wrapped with bandages.


「Yes, your task is to bring Myne back alive no matter what, even if it means using your body as a shield! You hear that!」

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    I get suspicious if this “Kappore” is not actually some kind of “doll” or so of a demon.
    Like the monster in the forest might have been contolled by a demon and upon finding Kappore that demon would have turned him into his puppet to infiltrate the human kingdom with the highest rate of powerful people.

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Anonymous · 9th July 2022 at 7:06 PM

After thanking Cetus-sama, I called out to Aisha and co.
「Alright, let’s go back.」

I quickly used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, and went inside the black vortex.

Before I went inside, Waffle jumped up to my back and climbed up to my head.

Going into the black vortex, where we ended up is the usual room inside the royal palace. Then, Sylphy used the bell to call the Maid.


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