Level 1 Guy: Chapter 229 – Endless Waltz

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The next morning, Flint Dungeon Association.

Inside the chairman’s room, Eric, Mao, and I agreed to meet up at this time.


[Mao knows when the Dungeon Master is coming. It’s tomorrow afternoon nano.] (Mao)

[Which floor will it appear on?] (Eric)


Eric asked.


[As Mao predicted, the 20th floor nano. It’s the floor with the dark shinobis nano.] (Mao)

[So it is the water beer huh. It’s an unbelievable location.] (Eric)

[Yep, The failure rate will be zero nano.] (Mao)


Both Mao and Eric’s expression were cheerful.

Is it such a good thing to use the Dungeon Master and destroy the ecosystem of the dungeon? Was what I thought for a second.


[Water beer? What do you mean by not having any failure?] (Ryouta)

[Do you not know?] (Mao)

[Basically a beer like water?] (Ryouta)

[That’s right There’s the flavour of the beer, but no matter how much you drink, you won’t get drunk.] (Eric)

[Heh.] (Ryouta)


So basically a non alcoholic beer then?


[Nobody sells water beer because no one drinks it. And we don’t know what will happen once it changes…..but there’s nothing worse than water beer nano.] (Mao)

[I see, so it’s the worse tier.] (Ryouta)

[Since I know that it’s at 20th floor, I should make a floor plan for it.] (Eric)


I see, so since there’s no failure because the floor doesn’t have any meaning to it, it’s a good chance to change its ecosystem.


[I don’t know how much it’ll change. So, I think it’s best to seal the entrance of Lanthanum when the Dungeon Master is out.] (Eric)

[Cerium will have to do more work then.] (Mao)

[We’ll wait near the entrance, then you’ll go to the 20th floor, and confirm us after defeating the Dungeon Master.] (Eric)

[So you’re not coming with me huh.] (Ryouta)


I asked, and both of them looked sorry.


[We can’t fight.] (Eric)

[Both of us are level 1 nano.] (Mao)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


I thought I could use the EXP crystal.


It’s a ring that was dropped from Shikuro Dungeon’s Dungeon Master.

When equipped, it will drop an EXP crystal after defeating a monster, and someone can get EXP once they touch it.


Since this world, 99% of the people are adventurers, so eventually they’ll reach their highest level, so it’s a useful item, but not right now.


[Defeat it in one go.] (Eric)

[Mao is looking forward to what kind of beer it will be nano.] (Mao)


But, defeat it in one go huh.

It would be nice if this would be the best timing to get the highest drop like Rebecca.

No, this is the only time.


Even though it’s the best timing, I can’t guarantee it’s the best sake.

Cause I don’t know much about sake as Mao.


Well, the end result would be and S Drop, but it won’t be a problem to fight with a Dungeon Master once in awhile…



Occasionally Dungeon Master comes out?


I then remembered about the ring from the Dungeon Master of Shikuro.



The next day, Lanthanum, 20th floor.


There were no adventurers in the ninja house dungeon.

As a result, the monsters that have not been defeated are blessed.


The 20th floor monster, the Dark Shinobu.

It’s literally a ninja covered in a black shinobu costume.


It would be quite hard to fight with it properly if I don’t treat it like a monster.


In the meantime, the expected time came.

The air changed, and it was that feeling when a Dungeon Master comes out, which is familiar to me.


Once the Dungeon Master comes out, the monsters inside the dungeon will disappear….

But for some reason, the Dark Shinobu’s didn’t disappear.


All of them became like mannequins.

What’s that about? And since there’s no time to be wondering, the real deal appears.


It is a humanoid monster with a special and luxurious armour that clearly distinguishes it from the footsoldiers and generals.


A Daimyo.

Lanthanum Dungeon Master・A Daimyo.


So I’m here to stop this guy.


The Daimyo then headed towards me.

He pulled his sword out of his hip and came at me.


I fired a Growth Bullet and pierced its shoulder.

The Daimyo stopped his legs.


Then looking at it closely, the shoulder that was shot began to heal.

The Dark Shinobu began to disintegrate, and it was being absorbed by Daimyo to repair his wound.


After recovering, the Daimyo started walking towards me again.


[Fumu.] (Ryouta)


This time I fired an Annihilation bullet at one of its leg.

This was a much more serious damage than before, where one of his foot is completely gone.


The Daimyo stopped again, absorbed the Dark Shinobu to heal his wounds.


Now i know why the Dark Shinobu’s are there.


I then blow off one of its hand and foot.

Even though there were two injuries, but only one Dark Shinobu was used to heal.


Apparently one of them seems to be enough.


Daimyo who recovered completely, swung his sword.


The sword’s length=range, so I should just dodge by going behind—




At that moment, my back felt cold.

My instincts were shouting at me.

So, instead of dodging behind, I went to the side.


The sword made then round split over ten meters.

That was dangerous. The place that was cut went all the way to even where I would’ve dodge if I went behind.


The Daimyo held his sword again. And sliced vertically again.

It was dangerous again—–I thought as I dodge again.


It was an invisible slash or a sword that can’t be seen on the sword itself.

I don’t which is it, but it’s bad if I become passive.


So I took my distance.

I shot a Growth Bullet at his legs again, but he learned from it before he swung his sword.


Then—-he kicked the Dark Shinobu in front of him to block.

Even though it stopped him for a little, but there was almost no difference.


If that’s the case, I shouldn’t stop being aggressive.


[Mu!] (Ryouta)


I suddenly remembered something.

I looked at the Daimyo coming forward while kicking the Dark Shinobu that did not move at all, and I came up with something.


I loaded the Flaming and Blue Flame Bullet.

Launching both of it, it created the invisible flames.


The Daimyo who was moving forward instantly had half its body burned.


The Daimyo stopped and tried to heal.

He wanted to take the Dark Shinobu to heal——but.


While he wasn’t moving, he was being burned by the invisible flame.


He’s being burned and heal simultaneously, and the Daimyo stayed on that spot endlessly.


I then lowered my revolver.

No matter what I do, he’ll forever stand there.


After that, I just waited.


After repeating that hundreds of times, a change occurred in the dungeon.

The Dark Shinobu that was there disappeared, as it began to burn in flames.

They were more exposed with their body, which looked erotic.


It’s a monster that definitely earned its name because of it looks like a flaming ninja.


[I see, this is the kind of monster that changes.] (Ryouta)


Even so, the Daimyo repeatedly regenerated and burned.


While thinking what I should do from now, Eric and Mao appeared.


[Ooh, so they did changed.] (Mao)

[As expected.] (Eric)


They both came to me and said with an inspiring look.

I then asked the two of them.


[Is this alright?] (Ryouta)

[Yeap, even if you defeat the Dungeon Master, the new monster would still drop items.] (Mao)

[Alright.] (Ryouta)


I grabbed my revolver and shot Annihilation Bullets in succession.

The Annihilation covered the entire body of the Daimyo.


Then, the Daimyo disappeared, and it dropped a ring, and I picked that up.


[Mao wants to quickly check the taste of the new sake.] (Mao)

[Please do.] (Eric)


Staring at Eric and Mao, I fired the Growth Bullet at the flaming ninjas.


It wasn’t very strong, so it was defeated in one shot.


The sake bottle was prepared, and at the same time edamame appeared.


[This is…..what does it mean?] (Eric)

[Aah, it’s one of my special ability, when I equip it, both the sake and the snack would drop at the same time.] (Ryouta)

[I see.] Eric nodded.


I guess it’s normal for it to drop.


I unplugged the bottle, and let the two of them check the new sake.


[This is….a banana sake.] (Eric)

[That’s right, the taste….is normal nano.] (Mao)

[So it’s not good?] (Ryouta)

[Yes. The price itself wouldn’t be expensive, but it’s better than that water beer.] (Eric)

[Then let’s do it one more time.] (Ryouta)

[ [Eh? ] ]


The two of them were surprised, raised their voices.


[What do you mean by that?] (Eric)

[Watch and see.] (Ryouta)


I said, and have them wait there for a moment.


First of all, in order to ensure their safety, I wiped out the flaming ninja with Repetition.

Then, leaving the ring in an empty room and went out.


I then went back to the two of them who had their faces pinched like a fox.

After awhile, the atmosphere in the dungeon changed again, and the Dungeon Master Daimyo appeared.


I immediately fired the Flaming and Blue Flame bullet on its legs.

After stopping him again, I told them.


[There, the second time.] (Ryouta)

[I see, so you used the Dungeon Master’s drop to recreate it again.] (Eric)

[Amazing nano.] (Mao)


Mao is delighted.


After waiting for awhile, instead of the flaming ninja, they were ice ninjas.


Confirming that they’re here, I defeated the Dungeon Master with Repetition.

The ring dropped and I picked it up. Then, I saw Eric and Mao being surprised yet again.


[Well, I thought why not just keep defeating the Dungeon Master until we get what we want—-just like a reset marathon(Risemara).] (Ryouta)

[THis is….surprising to me.] (Eric)

[Amazing! It’s better than Mao expected!] (Mao)


The two of them were moved.

Together with them, I repeatedly changed the ecosystem of the floor and continued with breeding.

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