Level 1 Guy: Chapter 228 – Auto Engine

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I wanted to test out some other things with the Blue Flame Bullet, and also the fused bullet with the Flaming Bullet.


I fired various times, and burned various stuffs.

If the Flaming and Blue Flame bullets are at a 1 in power, then the fused bullets are at around a 10.


Even though I couldn’t see it, it feels that way.


[Ah hot!] (Ryouta)


Even when I placed my hand out using the Absolute Rock’s invincible mode, I was struck by a piercing pain similar to entering a boiling hot bathtub.


By the way, I made a location to fire the Flaming Bullets on it, but I didn’t think that it was that hot when I went inside with the invincible mode.


[It reminds me of using a phoenix revive.] (Ryouta)


I mumbled while I was standing in the middle of the flames.


I feel like using it in an actual battle.


I sort of gauge the fire power.

But I’m still not sure about the special bullet’s [invisible] skill.

Even though it’s already this late, I wanted to go to the dungeon and test it.


Even if I can do it tomorrow, but having tested these out has pumped my blood up, and I don’t think I can sleep after this.


After coming out of the flames, I cancelled the invincible mode, and went straight to the dungeon.


[Eh?] (Ryouta)


It seems like one of the flames from the fused bullet hasn’t dissipate.

It’s hard to tell since I can’t see the flames, but I can still feel that heat blaze.


When I threw a barrel of sake that I wanted to dispose anyways, it burned without a trace.


How is it still lasting this long?

Since it’ll be dangerous if I leave it there, so i waited there for it to disperse.


While waiting for it, I looked around for more that hasn’t disappeared yet, since I’ve fired around 10+ shots.

Apparently this is the only one left.


Being relieved, I waited for it….but.

Even after awhile, it still hasn’t dissipate.


Since I don’t have anymore bottles left, I fired a normal bullet.

The bullet evaporated by the invisible flame.


What the heck is happening with this?


While being curious, I fired another fusion Flame and Blue Flame bullet right beside it.


Another one appeared.

Then—–the flame from before finally disappear.


[Don’t tell me?] Realizing something, I fired another fusion bullet.


The new flame disappeared, like the one from before.


Testing it one more time, I was finally convinced.

So this type of attacks can only exist one at a time.

What’s more—this time I patiently waited.


Sitting at where I stood, after 5 minutes I fired a normal bullet.

Even after waiting for that long, the invisible flame didn’t disappear.


Even after waiting for an hour, the flames didn’t disappear.


Only once I fire a new fusion bullet, will the previous one goes away.




Having an idea on my mind, I tested something different.

This time I fired the Annihilation Bullet.


The Annihilation Bullet swallowed nothing, and the invisible flame disappeared.


I see.

In other words, it’s about 10 times the power of the Flaming bullet, and once fired will continue to exist, and it wouldn’t disappear until a  new combination bullet is fired, regardless of types.


[…..This might be more convenient than I think.] (Ryouta)



After returning to the city, I brought more new barrels, and returned to the unpopular field for testing.


I placed the barrels there and waited for the rogue monster to hatch.

Then, I used the fused Flame and Blue Flame bullet.


I sat at the ground and waited.


Then after awhile, the Ice footsoldier hatched, and the moment it hatched.


It touched the flames, and they evaporated.

Then, the new Blue Flame bullet was sent into my pouch.


I continued not doing anything.

The rogue monster continued to hatch one after another, and it disappeared right after, sending more drops into my pouch.


After all of them died, I used the barrels=trash=Frankensteins, and gotten myself more Homing Bullets.


This setup is like an auto generating bullet.

This is seriously convenient.

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