Cut&Paste: Chapter 204 – Myne meeting up with Aisha and co (Myne SIDE)

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『…..Anyways Aisha, are you done at your end?』


『Yeah, it’s all done….which is why I wanted to contact Myne-kun about it….』

『By the way, Sylphy and Sasha was chatting about, so it’s better if we talk about things after I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】!

Or I’ll regret not doing it later. Also, we should also discuss about Hel-sama with the Divine Beasts…..So I’ll go and meet with all of you now.』


「Sasha, I’m gonna tell you about a secret that I have, but promise me that you will never ever tell it to anybody.」

「Ye…..Okay, Myne-sama, I understand. What kind of secret is it?」

「Okay. So it’s about a skill, it’s called 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 which I have….It’s an extremely convenient magic to use where I can go from one place to another in an instant.」

「And you carry that convenient skill with you?」

「Yes, it’s gonna be horrible if you tell it to someone, so only those who I’m really close to, like my family, knows this. And also, I’m going to use this magic to get my wife, Aisha and my friends.」

「Yes, the Holy Bow Aisha-sama right, I’ll be happy to meet with her right now. It’s an honour to meet with Augusta Kingdom’s three heroes!」


『Aisha, can you ask Amy-san and Pillows-san to use the bracelet? I’m coming right now.』

『Okay, we’re all ready.』


…Wait a minute, shouldn’t I tell Brother-san that I’ll be going somewhere for a moment?

So, before I used the skill, I stopped the carriage and went over to Brother-san’s carriage and told him.


「B-brother-san. I’ll be meeting with Aisha right now….」


「Ah, okay. Be careful on your way.」

「Also, I might not be heading back to the capital yet. There’s an important manner which I have to attend to, so would you mind conveying that to King-sama?」

「What sort of important manner that you can’t tell? But well, if you say it is, then I guess it can’t be helped…Once you come back, mind filling us with the details?」


「Yes, definitely. I’ll tell you more about it once I research further into it.」

「Ara, I just realized….Aren’t you Myne-kun? To me, you’re like a little brother to me right?」


After seeing us talk, Stasha Lion-sama asked me…If she’s marrying Brother-san, then that is certainly true?


「Yes, that’s right, should I call you sister-in-law?」

「Ufufu, it’s a tempting offer, but I hope you can get to marry to Sasha as well.」


After finishing with the conversation, I went back to the carriage, then stood on top of the carriage and looked around my surroundings…

There, I noticed a huge tree nearby. I don’t think I can use the skill in front of the Ritz and the Konoe knights…For now, let’s find a deserted place.


「Alright, that looks good enough….It’s slightly further, but it’s all good.」

「Syphy, Sasha, I’m going now….Waffle, come here.」



Waffle heard me and went jumping out of the carriage before climbing up to my head.


「Waffle, we’re going to meet with Aisha and Kuu and Pillows.」

「Wafu.」 Waffle answered with his tail wagging back and forth.


Then, we ran towards the huge tree, ten used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, setting the course to the elf ruins.


「Let’s go Waffle!」


After going inside the black vortex…..I did not see Aisha and co.


They’re probably still inside the dungeon.

While thinking as such, I went towards the dungeon, while using the 【Map】 skill that I got from Blasty….and I found Aisha, Pillows, and Amy-san as dots on the map.

This 【Map】 skill is really convenient….I can see an actual image of how to get to the location.


I can tell that they are at 1F of the dungeon, as I can see the entire dungeon on the map, and also places that I have not explored.

It’s without a doubt easier if I have this skill when exploring dungeons.


Should I try it next time I go to a new dungeon?

For the time being, I would like to conquer the Strength Dungeon which I went halfway, maybe I can get some good items from the harder bosses.

….But right now, let’s join with Aisha and co.

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