Cut&Paste: Chapter 201 – Finding a treasure in the elf ruins (Aisha Route) (3)

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「….So, what kind of trap are there? If we hesitate to enter, then we won’t be able to proceed right?」


Pillows looked at me for a second before saying.


「Yeah, that’s right. Why not just throw something inside the activate the trap?」


We can just take something that isn’t worth much and test it…..But what would the trap be.


「Kuu….Should I ask Dear Mother what kind of trap it is?」


Kuu who didn’t understand the situation tried asking.


『KyuKyuKyu~, She doesn’t know much in details, but a General Lizardman set the trap, and it’s most likely a trap that teleports the person~』


「Thanks Kuu….at least we know what trap it is.」

「Hou, a teleport trap huh, let’s throw some rock to test it.」


After Pillows said that, she pointed at a huge rock.


「What are you even saying. How are we gonna carry such a huge rock? And who would be the one to throw it?」


I immediately retorted at her impossible suggestion.

Just looking at the rock, I think it weighs nearly 100kg.

And all of us are girls. Even if Myne-kun is here, even he wouldn’t be able to move that rock that easily.


「….Tsk tsk, Aisha, have you forgotten who I am? If it’s me, I can lift it up and throw it.」


Pillows said in a cool way.


…..Her characteristic..?

Aah, her Fallen into Darkness? Right! But isn’t it still difficult even with her increased status?

And it doesn’t make sense when Hime-sama would often win against her.


「….Well, watch and learn.」


After saying that, she touched the huge rock, she lifted it with force.


「Gunununu….I’m sorry, but could you crap some strings around my waist with it?」


After pulling it half out of the ground, Pillows asked a favour.

I quickly took out some rope from my luggage and wrapped it around her waist.


「KyuKyu~ Kuu will help as well~」


I see, if Kuu helped as well, then it would surely work out…

After Kuu said that, she pulled while using her mouth to bite at the end of the rope…Then the huge rock slowly lifted out of the ground.

As expected of a Divine Beast, even though it’s still a child.

Even Pillows who was pouring a lot of sweat from her forehead, lifted that large rock.


….What ridiculous power.


Originally, the elf race are usually not that strong like Amy-san. Though it is by no means that they can’t do any strength work.

….However, Pillows is carrying that in front of me.


I guess this 【Fallen into Darkness】 ability is that tremendous?


「…..Alright, let’s throw it into the dungeon.」 she said, as she threw it with all her power.


The large rock left the hands of Pillows, and drew a gentle parabola, going into the entrance.

….I wonder what would happen.


The whole entrance was covered in dazzling white light, and the large rock that was supposed to be there disappeared without a trace.


「….I see, it certainly is a teleportation trap.」


『Kyu Kyu~ Dear Mother, where did that huge rock went?』

『Hm? Aah, it seemed to have fallen on the General Lizardman’s floor, which is on the 3rd floor. Oh wow, it seems like 2~3 of them died. They reaped what they sowed.』


….Ah, if we just went in without knowing anything, we will be invited to a lizardmen’s nest.

I’m grateful to Cetus-sama for telling us.


『Kuu, can you thank Cetus-sama for us?』

『Dear Mother, Aisha says she wants to thank you for telling us the trap~』

『KyuKyu~ I’ve told her Aisha~』


「Well, now that that obstacle is gone, let’s go meet with Cetus-sama then.」

「Wait a minute Pillows! What if the trap didn’t disappear?」

「Not like it matters. Since we know where we’ll be transporting to, we can just bury those lizardmen.」


While wiping off her sweat from her forehead, Pillow said casually while entering the dungeon.

….Hmm, nothing seems to be happening.

Apparently, these type of traps disappears once triggered. Phew.


「Looks alright. Aisha, you seem to be thinking too much huh?」


Hearing Pillows say that with a little bit of victory in her voice, Kuu and Amy-san followed behind her as well.


Going through the entrance, it was the same hall as it was previously.

And there, Cetus-sama was floating in the air.

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