Level 1 Guy: Chapter 224 – Sake and fish

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Lanthanum, second floor.

Similar to the first floor, the interior decoration is that of a ninja house.


There are a ton of adventurers here as well, fighting monsters.


The monsters are the footsoldiers as well, the only difference is their hair, armour, and the spear they are holding is of the [Ice attribute] category.

These are the ice footsoldiers, and the ones above are the flaming footsoldiers—-


[Do these footsoldiers follow a specific attribute each floor.] (Ryouta)


I was only guessing it because I do not have enough information to back it up.

As part of my training to handle any kind of situation, I came to this dungeon without any prior information.


Encountering an Ice footsoldier, I took out my revolver.

Using the Growth Bullet, I aimed at its head, and fired, causing a headshot.


Pashya! Liquid flowed out.

The smell was that of wine, so it means the second floor drops wine.


Since I didn’t bring any bottle with me, I just went around defeating the soldiers.


Then, one of the soldiers that I defeated, I used my hands to hold onto some of the wine.

Since the colour is transparent, it looks kind of yellowish, a trait of white wine.


After hunting a few more, I concluded that the second floor drops White wine.


Gaining that info, it was time for me to head to the third floor, when suddenly.



[It’s here!]

[Someone, find it quickly!]


For some reason, screams and fear echoed inside the dungeon.


The first thing that I had in mind when they said that something’s coming was a Dungeon Master, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

If a Dungeon Master were to appear, then the rest of the monster would’ve disappeared.

As I can still see the Ice footsoldiers, that wasn’t the case.


Even though that wasn’t the case, what I noticed from the Ice footsoldiers were that their weapons are different.

They still have their spears, but they were holding a matchlock as well.


Aiming towards me, it fired.


I immediately dodged it as the speed of the bullet wasn’t that fast.


[Oioi.] I said as I smiled bitterly.


It began to load another bullet.

Being able to only fire once, and taking a long time to reload.


While thinking that it was substantially weakened, I slowly held my gun and fired the Growth Bullet.


Huh, even though they changed their weapons, it’s still the same drop.


Thus, I continued to walk around more, as I wanted to know what is going on.




A huge empty room—-more like I’ve arrived at a room.

There was an adventurer fighting against 20+ Ice footsoldiers.


All of them were firing the matchlocks.


Even though it’s a single firing mechanism, the numbers were immense.

All of the lead bullets flew towards the adventurer at once.

Clearly, the adventurer couldn’t react, as his face says it all.




I took out both my revolvers and fully load the normal bullets, and fired continuously.


I hurriedly fired at the bullets that were flying midair to stop them.


However, that wasn’t the end.


The next volley came.

The number was once again crazy, and I had to fire the normal bullets to knock them all of.


[A-amazing…..] The adventurer said with his eyes opened wide.


While continuing to deflect the bullets, I could see a different monster appearing beside the footsoldiers.

It looked like one of them, but he looked kinda cooler.


[Who the heck is that.] (Ryouta)

[That’s the rare monster, the General of the footsoldiers. If you defeat that, then the footsoldiers would revert in using their spears.]

[Ah, I see.]


So that’s what they mean by [find it and defeat it].


After deflecting for the third time, I changed my bullets to the Flaming and Freezing Bullet, turning it into Annihilation Bullet.

It’s best to deal a huge amount of damage to lessen the enemies. And that worked.

The top half of the General footsoldier was engulfed by the Annihilation Bullet, and was defeated.


After it disappeared, something dropped.

And at the same time, the footsoldiers reverted back to their spears.


[It has returned!]

[I don’t know who did it, but thanks!]


I could hear various thanks from the dungeon.


The footsoldiers with matchlocks.

Though one is weak, but when joined together, they pack a punch.

Plus, having to deal with the general makes this dungeon’s difficulty spike up.


While thinking about it, I went ahead and picked up the drop from the general.

It’s a silver necklace with a fish shape,


[The heck is this.] (Ryouta)

[It’s the drop from the general. Even though it’s a rare item, there’s not much use for it.]


I immediately answered back.


[Not much use?] (Ryouta)

[Try using it and defeat a soldier.]

[Alright.] (Ryouta)


As instructed, I wore the necklace and defeated a soldier.

Pasha—-was what I was used to hearing, but that didn’t happen.


Apparently, a familiar Pon! Sound was heard, and a piece of cheese dropped.


[Cheese?] (Ryouta)

[When you equip that, instead of dropping sake’s, it’ll drop the snack for it. Of course, the drop varies depending on which floor you go to, but people come here to get the sake, not much the snacks for it.]

[I see, no wonder it doesn’t have much use.] (Ryouta)

[That’s how it is.]


After saying it, he thanked me and went back to farming.

I stared at the cheese, then threw it into my mouth.

Well, it tastes great.


Hm? Cheese and White wine?


I had a thought, so I went back to the first floor and defeated the Flaming footsoldier.


With the fish pendant equipped, one edamame dropped.


For white wine it’s cheese, and beer with edamame.


This surely is an interesting pendant.

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