Cut&Paste: Chapter 200 – Bonding with the Princesses (2)

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According to Ritz, Sylphy and I would board the carriage of the twin Princesses, with Sasha Lion-sama.

Then, Brother-san would sit together with Sasha’s elder sister, Starsha Lion-sama.


In a sense, it’s something like meeting with your arranged marriage partner, which is nerve wracking for me, but I was able relax myself with Waffle sitting on top of my head, and using his paws to pat on my back.

Sasha Lion-sama who saw that was curious about Waffle’s tails wagging from left to right.


「…..Myne-sama, what is that Doggy-chan that is sitting on top of your head?」


Hmm, is it alright to say anything about Waffle’s origins?…What’s more, how far should I tell her about my secrets…..?

I have to think about these things if we’re going to live together, so having to hide from her every time would be quite difficult. First of all, I should get to know her, and then have a meeting with my family, and since we can’t tell it in front of her, I think we should use <Telepathy> to discuss about it first.




No no no, I’m lost in thought again. For now, I should tell her just enough to know what Waffle is without telling her the full story.


「Aah, I’m sorry, Sahsa Lion-sama.」

「….You can just call me Sasha. As we’re going to be living together, let’s not be too formal with each other.」

「Alright, uhmm, Sasha, this Doggy is call Waffle. He is one of our most important family! Waffle….Please greet Sasha.」



As I called out to Waffle, he softly barked, then lifted up his right paws to greet Sasha.

Seeing that, Sasha’s eyes became bright and she immediately stood up and held her palms together. Then she stared straight at Waffle.


「Wh-what is this adorable creature!?」 She stared intently at Waffle and praised Waffle.


It’s true that Waffle is cute but….This is the first time I’m seeing someone react like that.


「Waffle~, Waffle~, Nice to meet you, My name is Sasha Lion~ It’s nice to meet you~」


Sasha then started hugging Waffle and gently rubbing his chin.

Since it felt good, Waffle’s eyes started blinking several times, as if wanting to fall asleep.



「He looks like he wants to sleep. So adorable~」


While Sasha is filling her adorbs fuel, I telepathically talked to Sylphy.


『Sylphy, Sylphy, how much should I tell her about my secrets?』

『Why not just not say anything?』

『Unlike Dear Brother, it’s different from Louis where her sister would dominate her! And that is decided because it is beneficial for the country. So I think that Danna-sama’s secret should only be kept for us to know.』

『…..Hmm, I understand what Sylphy mean, but we’re gonna be staying together, how long should we keep it hidden?』

『I do not know the details, but isn’t it better to just say you have a convenient power or something….』


Ehh, isn’t Sylphy too optimistic with this?

When I met Aisha and Sylphy, I can understand what they thought of me.

At the same time, it might be a good idea to bring Sasha to Fenrir, but it might be troublesome to bring another royal family of another country….

If my information is leaked to the Kingdom of Ritz through Sasha, rumours are likely to spread from there.


In the first place, I’m worried about whether it is a good idea to tell them about the existence of Fenrir-sama to the Kingdom of Ritz.


…..Aah, this is so troublesome.

What am I gonna do about this.

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