Cut&Paste: Chapter 199 – Finding a treasure in the elf ruins (AIsha Route) (2)

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After saying goodbye with Myne-kun and co, it’s time for us to start looking.


But what is this feeling? This uneasiness…..

Anyways, we have to decide on our battle formation when we encounter any monsters.

Usually it’ll be Myne and Hime-sama that’ll be at the frontlines, but for today…..


「Pillows, if it’s alright with you, but I wonder if I can leave you as our vanguard for battle?」


As I said that, Pillows was slightly taken aback.


「Even if you don’t ask me, I don’t think my battle style would allow me to fight as a rearguard.」


That’s right!….Pillows is a sword fighter, so obviously she has to be in front.


「So Amy-san and I will support you from behind.」


Myne-kun mentioned that Amy-san has leveled up for quite a bit, but as for her fighting capability….


「As for Kuu, you’ll be further behind Amy and I, okay?」


Alright, with this our formation has been decided. It should be alright if we don’t face against a formidable monster.


Pillows should have no problem in terms of her strength, since we’ve fought before back in the new dungeon….and there’s no problem with Kuu as well.


「Hey, Aisha…..I’m sorry if I upset you for this, but Amy and I will go ahead and search for the 【Illusion Bracelet】.」

「There seems to be a house nearby.」


Pillows who looked like she couldn’t wait any longer, grabbed hold of Amy-san’s hand and went ahead into the World Tree.


「Pillows, are you sure Mist’s house has one?」

「Yeah, I’m sure of it. Mist has always been an introvert, so I’m sure Mist rarely leaves home?

So, I’m sure one would be inside!」

「But, Do you know where it is in Mist’s house?」

「Well, I don’t but….Isn’t that the reason why we’re here? So let’s go and search for it now.」




After talking, I followed Pillows into Mist’s house.

Pillows started searching around the cupboards.

From behind, I would search around the shelves that Pillows missed.

After searching for about three shelves, a familiar bracelet was found.


「Pillows, I found it!」 I called out to Pillows, and Pillows narrowed her eyes.


「You found it?」 She muttered.


This was easier than expected, as one of our task has been done.

The next would be heading to the Dungeon of the World Tree to meet with Cetus-sama, and asking whether she would entitle us her divine protection.

I then handed the 【Illusion Bracelet】 to Pillows for her to keep.




Next, we have to enter the dungeon, and compared to the others, I have no fighting ability.

If I don’t focus, death might await me.

Pillows who saw me being nervous called out to me.


「Amy. You don’t have to be so nervous. Since I’m here, and Aisha is also used to battles. Also, we have a Divine Beast here with us, so there’s nothing dangerous.」


After receiving the bracelet from me, she went out of the house.

I followed behind Pillows, and we headed off to the dungeon where we will meet up with Aisha and Kuu.


At the entrance of the dungeon, Aisha and Kuu were sitting with a difficult face.


「Wow, isn’t that fast? Have you found that bracelet?」


Aisha who noticed us, asked with a smile on her face.


「Yeah, we successfully found it, and I thought we should meet with y’all, but what happened? Aren’t we going in?」 Pillows answered Aisha’s question instead.


「Well, there seems to be a trap at the entrance.」

「Kyu Kyu Kyu, Dear Mother told me to be careful~ A lizardman who was near the entrance told us about the trap~~!!!!」


I see, but why the difficult expression?

Is it because it’s dangerous enough that even Cetus-sama has to purposely warn her about it…..?

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