Cut&Paste: Chapter 197 – Finding a treasure in the elf ruins (Aisha Route) (1)

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TLN Note: I knew that 幻惑 can mean Illusion, but for some stupid reason I chose the word Bewitching instead. Sorry to everyone but the bracelet that they are looking for is Illusion, not bewitching.


It has been awhile since I’ve worked separately with Myne-kun and Hime-sama…..

Even though the place I’m going isn’t all that dangerous, but I felt a little uneasy.


In order to help our new friend Pillows-san, we had no choice but to head to the elf’s ruins.


Similar to Amy-san, they are both elves and in terms of beauty, they are truly top notch….Thus, in order to hide their faces from the masses, we have to find the 【Illusion Bracelet】 for Pillows-san.

Even though I’m unfamiliar with the elve’s village, we have Pillows-san and Amy-san, and Kuu to tagging along, so my unease has lessen.


The elf’s ruins is extremely far from the Town of Lucas.

I wonder how long it’ll take us to reach there if Myne-kun isn’t sending us there with his skill.

So, since they have some things to do at the royal palace…we have to prepare to leave…


「Pillows, is Amy-san ready to leave?」


I asked them with an impatient voice, but a somewhat relaxed voice answered me.


「…Ehh….? Aisha, why are you hurrying? Isn’t Myne-kun using his skill to bring us there? Let’s just take it easy~」


『Where are you Kuu, come to the entrance now!』


『Kyuu, Kyuu~~ Please wait for a little while more~ I’m buying some sweets with Waffle right now~ I want to bring them to let Dear Mother try some human sweets!!』


『Myne-kun is going to send us before he leaves…but when are we heading off?』


「Myne-kun and Hime-sama is going to the royal palace, so he’ll send us off before!!…That’s why we have to hurry!!」


『Be quick as well Kuu!』


I was also organizing our things in order while explaining to my traveling companions who were leisurely moving about.


Then, I used 【Telepathy】 and asked Myne-kun.


『…..Myne-kun, we’ll be in your care to take us to the elf’s ruins.』


『Aah, I see….That’s obvious…Sorry Aisha, I was being thoughtless.』


Aah, because Myne-kun is like this…I have to be strict with him….


Pillows and Amy-san came while I was hardening myself again.


「Aisha….why are you frowning~? You’re wasting your beauty with that look~」


Amy-san spoke to me with her usual relaxed tone.


….Hah, alright, let’s smile….Smile~


If I show a frowning face, Myne-kun would hate it….


「You’re finally here? Both of you…..Myne-kun will be arriving soon! Are you prepared on your end?」


Even though such a job is better suit for Hime-sama….but since she’s busy preparing so I have no choice.


「We’re all set. By the way, I haven’t seen Cetus-sama yet?」


Pillows was looking around for Kuu.

Now that she mentioned, she went ahead and bought some snacks with Waffle.


『Kuu, you ready?』


Using 【Telepathy】 to call Kuu…Then I heard little footsteps from behind me.




It wasn’t Kuu’s steps, but Waffle’s.


Well, it’s obvious since Kuu would be floating.


『Waffle, where’s Kuu?』


I asked Waffle, and he looked behind him before he whimpered 「Wafu…」.

Then, from where Waffle was looking, I could see Kuu floating wobbly over here.


『Kuu, are you ready? Where’s the sweets?』

『Kyuu~ Human sweets are sweet and delicious! It was so delicious that I ate Dear Mother’s portion as well…

However, I only have a few leftover, and I think it won’t be enough for Dear Mother, so I discussed with Waffle.』

『『Waafu! Then I’ll give you mine! Please wait for awhile.』 Is what he said and that’s why we brought me some sweets.』


….I see, it won’t be enough for Cetus-sama seeing that Kuu only had a few leftover….But I thought Waffle loves sweets as well…What a good boy!


『I got it, wait here for a moment, I’ll get some sweets for you as well.』


….If I’m not mistaken, I have some leftover hotcake…

I hurriedly went to the kitchen, then wrapped them up, then hurried back to the main entrance.

Then, I could see Myne-kun who wasn’t there just now.


『Kuu, take this with you as well.』


Then, I handed Kuu a wrapping cloth with the hotcake inside.


『KyuKyu~ Thank you so much~ I want to put these inside as well.』


Kuu happily took the sweets that she and Waffle bought, and asked me to put them inside the wrapping cloth.

I hurriedly unwrap and put the rest inside.


Since Kuu doesn’t have a human body, she can’t hold this well, so I made a handle and had her carry it around her body.


「Aisha….Is that all the preparations?」


Myne smiled as he asked me.


「Yes, I’m sorry Myne-kun, even though you’re busy as well…」


Ara, Hime-sama sneakily smiled behind of Myne-kun. Ah, so they’re heading straight to the royal palace after sending us there.


「Alright, everyone ready? Then let’s go!」


After declaring, Waffle climbed on top of Myne-kun and we finally head off.




Myne-kun then used the 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 skill and opened up a black hole…


「Alright, let’s go.」


Okay, since we need to hurry, I’ll head in first…


After going in, Kuu flew inside with ramming speed behind me.




Looking around….it is definitely the elf’s ruins that I visited the other day.

While thinking about it, Pillows and Amy-san jumped out of the black vortex.


Then it’ll be Myne-kun and Hime-sama, and Waffle?

Maybe they’re going directly from there, I thought as I shouted inside the black vortex.


「Myne-kun~~~, Hime-sama~~~You can just head towards the royal palace from there~~~」




『I understand, Aisha! Be careful okay.』


Myne-kun replied using 【Telepathy】.

TLN Note: Give me an F! Give me an I ! Give me an L L E R! What does it spell? A WASTE OF A CHAPTER! Jokes jokes

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