Cut&Paste: Chapter 196 – At that time, the Kingdom of Ritz(CASE: Kingdom of Ritz 3)

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After defeating the Demon Blasty, I dragged his body and showed it to his demon troops.

The troops are comprised with various monsters like Orcs or Goblins or Ogres.

Seeing their leader Blasty being defeated, they were in dismay.

Uhmm….1 2 3…..5 6 7 8……9 10 11 12 13 14… around 60 of them.

The Orcs looked similar when I fought against them back in the Orc’s settlement. Well, I’m stronger than I was….so it’ll probably be easier.

Plus, I can collect skills from them for my alchemy training…..

Better take them using 【Cut】 before defeating them…..


Name: Ogre・Archer






Extreme Archery

Martial Arts:Arching・Ray







This is my first time fighting against an Ogre…..Are their type similar to the Trolls, a power type monster?

But, since they don’t have the 【Regeneration】 skill like the Trolls, I guess they’re easier to deal with?

And this Archer…..I guess they’re bow users.

And their skills…..If I mix these skills, I’m sure it’ll be beneficial for Aisha…..I wonder if Aisha will be happy about it…..


….For now, let’s take all of their skills with 【Cut】. Then paste them all on the pebbles that I have an excess amount of.

For mixing the skills, I guess I can bring them to Maya-san later.

But still…the Ogres are condensed into one huge group.

Thus, I continuously spam 【Wide Area Magic・Maximum Fire】 and 【Wide Area Magic・Maximum Wind】 in the middle of that crowd.


Huge destructive sounds were made, then heat waves and winds blew out of that area, and the Ogres collapsed one after another.


「…..Am I overdoing it? If Aisha sees this, she’ll scold me for sure….」


At the end of it all, I managed to get 16 of the 【Extreme Archery】 and one martial arts from the Ogre・Archer.


Alright, my next target is the Goblin….And Bandit….So they’re like a thief?

I guess they can move fast….Even if they’re Goblins, I can’t let down my guard….

Alright, let’s do the same as with the Ogres. Then, in order to not let them escape, I’ll use Ground magic and surround them, then use a maximum magic and burn them in the middle.


Name: Goblin・Bandit

LV: 29

Race: Demon




Short Sword・Extreme



Name: Goblin・Soldier






One Handed Sword・Extreme


Using 【Wide Area Magic・Ground Maximum】 【Wide Area Magic・Fire Maximum】 and 【Wide Area Magic・Wind Maximum】, I trapped the Goblin and decimate them.

It was truly a bloodbath.


『…..To defeat all those demons….in a flash….Is Myne-dono a caster?….Wait but he did slice Blasty with a dagger….』


The soldier was looking at me.

Kite-san was looking at me with an extremely shocked expression.


….Hmm, I guess I overdid it again….However, with this I’m left with the Orc・Magicians.



Name: Orc・Magician






Unique Magic・Thunder



Name: Orc・Magician






Unique Magic・Ice



Hmm?….If I look at these Orcs closely, they hold different magic….

If I’m not careful with it, I might miss out a few rare skills…

Alright, let’s carefully 【Cut】 them one by one…Then defeat them all with another huge magic.

With that, I have obtained 8 【Unique Magic・Ice】 and 【Unique Magic・Thunder】.


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