Cut&Paste: Chapter 194 – At that time, the Kingdom of Ritz (CASE: Kingdom of Ritz 1)

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Side Note: I didn’t know StarShallion is actually Stasha Lion(or Rion), thousand apologies.


I’m the king of this kingdom, the kingdom of Ritz, Von・Eric.

The king of our neighbouring country, Jack・Oose of the Kingdom of Oose, is escaping the pursuit of the demons after being destroyed by them, and is seeking an opportunity to meet with me. And right now, he is here discussing with me.


During the talk, the soldier Kite suddenly barged into the room with blood covered in his body.


「Your Majesty! !」

「What is it? Why are you being so loud, can’t you see that there is a guest here. So what do you want?」

「….I, I apologize for my rudeness.」

「No, since hearing about the rumours around, I can’t just throw away a report from you….So I understand and should listen to you.」

「Aah~? A rumour??….I wonder what it is?…..」

「Huh! A new hero has been born again in the Kingdom of Augusta?」


…..Apparently the name of the new hero is called Myne. He took down a Disaster-Class Orc King alone, what’s more he conquered the newly born dungeon, and even injured a high-ranking demon who struck the Kingdom of Oose….


「Is, is that true!?」


「Yes, this information is certainly true.」


…..Why is it from the Kingdom of Augusta again? Does that kingdom have a soil to grow heroes or something?


…..Having the “Hero King Faren”, “Princess Knight Sylphid”, and “Holy Bow Aisha”.


「Such an envious situation…..If there is even one of those hero born in our country, our country wouldn’t have been destroyed….even under a foolish King like me.」


「Do not blame yourself Jack…..This situation might not come to Oose, but will eventually come to Ritz as well…..It’s our opponent that is to blame, so don’t put all the burden on yourself.」

「That said Jack…..there was 『that』 secret letter that arrived the other day from Augusta’s Faren…..」

「Hou….a secret letter from Faren? I wonder what would it be?」

「It’s about the First Prince Alto, who is taking Stasha Lion as his bride. And the Second Prince Louis would be with Sasha Lion.」


Both Alto and Louis would surely be of help if they would marry. If Stasha married to Alto, our bond with the royal family would strengthen…But I don’t think it’s necessary to force Sasha to marry into the August family as well….


「Fumu, Prince Louis is an alchemy specialist, but I did not hear any prominent activity from him….I wish that Sasha would marry to that new hero Myne that we’ve talked about earlier….」


「Ooh….Eric, talking about engagement! ! What a congratulatory story, and it’s something good as well! What’s more, the Kingdom of August is the only country that’s not invaded by the Demon country.

They have a lot of heroes as we speak, and if you were to marry to them, it’ll be a favourable situation for you.」


「Honestly, my daughter Luca has ran away from home….And right now, I still have no idea where she went. I’m just worried that she has been caught by the Demon country…..It would be fine if nothing happens….」


『Fumu, certainly as Jack has said….Is this marriage proposal even worth receiving….?』


I guess it’s better to listen to the individual’s feelings……


「Kite….Can you call my wife Roxanne, Sasha, and Stasha over. Then would you also listen together?」


I decided to take the marriage proposal, thus I instructed the soldier Kite to call my family.


「Dear, did you….call for us?」

「Dear Father, did you call for us?….What seems to be the matter?」

「Oh, you’re here? Sorry for suddenly calling you, but it’s about the engagement marriage for Sasha and Stasha.」


「So you called us over to talk about the marriage? But who is this other party we’re speaking of?」 My wife Roxanne asked.


「For Stasha, it’s Alto from the Kingdom of August….and Sasha was to be with Louis. However, I hope that Sasha would marry the newly born hero, Myne.」


『Sasha Lion-sama is gonna get married….such thing….』 「Your Majesty, about this hero Myne, I’ve heard about him that he has married with Aisha of the HOly Bow, and the Princess Knight Sylphid.」


It would give a hard time for Sasha Lion-sama…..I wonder if your majesty would rethink this.


「Hou, isn’t that convenient for us. If everything goes well, wouldn’t get two additional assistant from the two of them? Sasha might get close with the two of them.」

TLN Note: My sense of reading this novel is slowly getting worse and worse.

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And also as Ritz’s king said “Hero King Faren”, “Princess Knight Sylphid”, and “Holy Bow Aisha”. are Augusta Kingdom heroes…..


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