Cut&Paste: Chapter 193 – Reporting to the King (The shocking fact and the confession)

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Author’s Note: To the readers who are concerned about the typos, it is one of the obstacles to cerebral hemorrhage, so it takes time to improve. Therefore, with this struggle, I have to no choice but to reduce the amount of sentences in a chapter to half. It does concern me for the chapters printed would decrease relatively if the amount of sentences decreases. If that happens, I’ll have to deal with it immediately. Originally, I was thankful for the readers to point out any spelling errors, but now it’ll be hard for me to do so due to my illness. Also, the motivation for the next chapter will decay greatly. I would be pleased if everyone could watch me with warm eyes until my recovery. I’m doing my best at rehabilitation right now.

「Well then, the Demon named Rosalie said something about 「doing something to the Kingdom of Rolasia」 right? About that, I think I have a clue on what it is. As for the explanation….You might have to hear some old story before understanding it….」


The King then started talking….


「From today, just 20 years ago, the Demon country was again waging war on our neighbouring country, and there were in close proximity. And it was about the former Demon King Vortex…..After the death of Vortex, the new demon named Cayenne, took over as the new Demon King. We’re not sure whether this person is as aggressive as the predecessor, Vortex. So after that invasion, it has been 20 years since the Demon Country’s been peaceful…..

During this great invasion, the Kingdom of Oose was destroyed, but the Kingdom of Rolasia went far before the destruction.

At that time, the Kingdom of Rolasia worked together on a forbidden technique which barely let them off of the kingdom’s destruction.」


「And that forbidden technique….was a thing that summons brave heroes from a different world to this world called “hero summoning”…

These other worlder’s would hold insanely broken skills, like the ones you have now, Myne.

However, this secret hero summoning would force a different world’s person here without their consent. Moreover, in order to use this technique, it is necessary to sacrifice the life of the shrine maiden who is using the technique.」

「…..You’re familiar with this, King-sama.」


As I replied to King-sama, he smiled bitterly and answered with a 「Well I guess.」.


「Well, the Kingdom of Augustus has also used this hero summoning to call out various heroes as well.」

「Eh? We have other worlders living in this country?」


I asked as my eyes were wide open.


「Yes, that is right. Your mother Yukino, and my wife Garnet, the Alchemist Maya…..These three are actually other worlders…」

「Eh? Which means Sylphy and I…..」

「Yes. The two of you have the other world’s blood running inside you…

Also, the 3 of them were actually best friends back in their former world.  Even after 20 years have passed, Maya could still not accept the fact about this world, so whatever requests for any alchemy will basically have to be asked from Garnet for a request.」

「I didn’t know such circumstances occurred, and the Kingdom of Rolasia would have summoned the heroes without a doubt. And I guess more human beings who can twist lives are born….It is awfully sad…」

「However, there’s no such heroes being summoned in the Kingdom of Rolasia 20 years ago right?」

「That’s supposed to be the case. As the Kings of each country were disgusted by such act, and Garnet and her friends has scattered throughout the country.」


I see…..But, I’m shocked. To hear that my mother is an other worlder…..Wait, is that the reason why when I used Appraisal on Garnet-sama, I couldn’t see anything?


「By the way Myne, Maya said that if I confessed this fact to you, she says that she wants to talk with you about Yukino’s lost time here and in her former world…..So could you meet with her next time? I’m sure Garnet also wants the same.」


Knock, knock.

….Again, the sound of the door knocking could be heard.


「Husband, it’s me, Garnet….I’ve brought Maya over as well~」

「Oh, Garnet? You found her?」

「Yeap, I’ve found her, so I brought her over.」


「I got it…..once I’m done with the talk, we’ll meet with you at the next room, so please wait for awhile.」

「Also Myne, it’s about the survival of the elves. Do you know the whereabouts of Princess Luca? I heard from Ritz that Princess Luca talked about escaping and something about an unknown whereabout. I would like it if you can bring more information about that.」

「I understand, I’ll asked about it now!」

「Wait? So you can even use 【Telepathy】 with elves?」

「No, since Aisha’s not with us, I could ask her for me.」

『Aisha…..Aisha….can you hear me?』


I immediately contacted Aisha.


「……I can’t believe it…..」


Apparently, from telepathy, she said that 「Luca-sama was paid as a slave to Xanadu during the invasion of the Kingdom of Oose.』




『It seems that Pillows-san can show us where she was first caught! And it seems that her life is still safe….And she might be pregnant with Xanadu’s child.』


What!? It was too unexpected when I heard the news from Aisha….For now, let’s just relay the information to King-sama.


「King-sama, it seems like we have found the location of Luca-sama.」

「Ooh, you’re indeed fast….So where is her whereabouts?….Wh, what did you say?」

「For now myne….you should go talk to Maya at the other room, he’ll help you become stronger.」


Heeding King-sama’s words, I stood up and grabbed onto Sylphy’s hands.


「King-sama, is it alright if I bring Sylphy over as well?」

「Yeah, if it’s Sylphy, then there should be no problems.」


「…..A way to become stronger?…..I have no idea what that means…But for now let’s use Appraisal…..」


Name: Maya・Kishimoto

LV: 36…..

Race: Hume

Gender: Female

Age: 41 years old

Occupation: Kingdom of Augustus’s exclusive Alchemist




Clothed in magic




  • 〒〃 ●〒〃♀



Name: Garnet・Augustus

Race: Hume

LV: 37

Gender: Female

Age: 41 years old

Occupation: The first wife of King Augustus




High Grade Arithmetic

Unique Magic・Ice






Yeap, as expected I can’t read the ones below when appraising Garnet-sama…..I wonder if I can see those after I level up my Appraisal even more….

Also, Maya-san! ! She has 【Appraisal・Total】 as well….

And there’s this skill 【Clothed in magic】 that I’ve never seen before.


「Uhmm, nice to meet you! My name is Myne, so is there something you would like to talk with me….」

「First, try using appraisal on us, there’s one section where you can’t read right?」

「That is actually, a language not of this world, but a language from our former world called Japanese, so it’s normal that you can’t read it….」

「The 【▼≠◇&】that you see is read as Hero Skill where every other worlder would possess after coming here….For Garnet’s skill, it’s 【Future Sight】, and mine is 【Communication with the Goddess】.」


I see, so that’s what is was.

I guess for Garnet-sama, that skill is something like being able to see the future….so that’s how she knew that I would know about the hero’s summoning.


And for Maya-san’s hero skill, apparently she could talk to a God using 【Telepathy】, and the God is a Female Goddess! So that’s how you can strangely time when to come to the room.


「There’s nothing else to say, but I’m about to die….We’ve already confirmed it with Garnet’s 【Future Sight】…So, allow me to give my skills to you….I’m sure you’ll make full use of it….」

Also, I’m sure you’ve heard of this from Fenrir, and that you would need to combine another skill with 【Appraisal・Total】 to produce an effect outside of its standard right? I’ll tell you what that skill is.

And that skill is 【Alchemy】. Alchemy is a skill where you mix different things to make something new. So if you mix two skills together, you might be able to make an entirely new skill.

What I meant is, you might be able to make a new skill with 【Appraisal・Total】 to find skills, and using Alchemy to make a skill.」

「For example, 【One handed sword・Extreme】 + 【One handed sword・Holy】. For your case, since you already have Cut&Paste, you won’t have trouble finding skills right? In that case, you can mix the skill seeds together.」


It seems that Fenrir-sama says that the skill to return to the past should be mixed with the skill seed of space and time attribute.


「Once more thing…..There’s a skill that you should focus on…and that is 【Realize】….You know that that skill can embody any weapons just be seeing it once, right? So let me teach you some weapons that are well-known in my former world.

And, we’re not gonna be using swords that are in our former world, but guns that uses gunpowder….Think of it as like a bow.

There is also a thing called a gatling gun…..let me try drawing it for you….Hmm, it’s good if there’s a video for it, but we don’t have it. If the humans from the hero’s summoning this time would bring a video walkman…then maybe….However, there’s no time for that…Wait, this is a great opportunity to show some skill training to Myne.」


It is true that Myne would get stronger.

For now let’s draw it out.


Let’s have Garnet look at it?…If we can get a Gatling gun, the hordes of demon armies can be annihilated in no time.


「Alright, let’s use it now! 【Realize】!」


Maya-san sighed while looking at the completed Gatling gun….It’s not surprising that it looked like a mass of iron that has a distorted shape….

Although it looks exactly like in the picture, as it’s a weapon I’ve never seen before, it does not make sense to me.


「Alright, let’s use the alchemy skill then! First, use 【Telepathy】 + 【Telepathy】.」






「I’ve done it….It’s now 【Thoughtography】. Now I can send Myne the image of a Gatling gun that is on my mind….No wait, the person on the other side needs the skill as well….

Well, I’ll just make another 【Thoughtography】 then.

Myne, take that skill from me.」


「Aah, there is a new skill from your status…Then, I’ll use 【Cut】 then.」


After getting that skill, Maya-san sent me the image of a gatling gun to me.

The power of the gatling gun floating in my mind is without a doubt overwhelming. Certainly, with this, we might be able to defeat the enemies without encountering them, then 【Realize】!


Again, I used realized and this time, the image that Maya-san gave me was transmitted into reality.

TLN Note: This is….seriously taking a toll from me, translating a chapter that is so….chaotic…Nevertheless, I’ll try my best!

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