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Author’s Note:

Long time no see everyone, do you want seconds?

Apparently, I have a disease called cerebral hemorrhage that causes me to collapse. However, it is a relatively common diseases, particularly with those who have high blood pressure….so be careful okay!

I too watched out for my health but…..this was really a sudden hit to me.


The reason why I replied this late, was because the hospital that I was transferred to, has a horrible internet reception. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Two months have passed since the incident has occured. And during that time, my first ever volume for this book was sold as well…..I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the book from the person in charge of Tsugikuru (his publisher). AND! When I received it, I was in such high tension! While I’m sleeping in the hospital, I’ll steadily disappear from society, just like in a state of Urashima Taro(the japanese folklore about the dragon palace under the sea). Also, due to the rehabilitation doctor’s kindness, I have upgraded my smartphone’s tethering service!

Reason being, my smartphone service has been cancelled by my parents.

Thus, I was blessed with the kindness of this hospital.

After many rest and using one hand to slowly type it, I was able to resume the series again.

Moreover, concerning my body, I’m still unable to feel any senses, but I heard that I’ll get better from my family and friends.

I’m truly sorry for worrying everybody, and I’m thankful for all the wishes from them.

Also, I apologize for causing any inconveniences to those who are involved.

By the way, unfortunately my arms aren’t able to move as much….

Originally, this work was supposed to be completed at 2018.

However, in order to steadily recover, I would have to push the schedule at a later date.

As a result, some chapters might come out faster, and some slower, so do forgive me for that.

Please do not worry that I’ll never progress the story by dragging around the story or expanding many side stories. Thus….If there are any misspellings etc in the chapters, do understand that I cannot respond to that until I leave the hospital.

Also, since I’m in the hospital, I will not be active on twitter until I’ve recovered.


As you have read all these until the end, please allow me to continue writing a story for all of you to enjoy.

Today’s story will be of Lyle, where what I’ve experienced in the time I’ve spent in the hospital, shall be turned into a story. In the same room, where walls would start banging in the middle of the night, and people talking out loud by themselves, also the repeating blinking of lights while I’m asleep. Even when I brought this attention to the nurse, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Also, since PiNe-san has magnificently drew a picture of Lyle, might as well give him another appearance, right?


There will be some people who wouldn’t understand what I’m trying to do. It’s like some leaders of a certain country that does the wrong thing even though they’ve been told off by the United Nations.

Anyways, I shall start writing the next chapter. Right now it’s 1/4/2018, and thus I do not want to push myself, but slowly write them down.


What’s more, since I’m so free right now, I could patiently think up of an ending for Chunsuke which I have totally forgotten about.

For future developments….I wanted to write some stuff about Alto’s wedding as well.

Ultimately, I want to prepare the stage for the Ultra Important Person・Alchemist Maya to make an appearance. Also, the Saint that was mentioned previously finally has a name, for now.


I’m excited to see what PiNe-san would draw for the illustrations for all these characters. Since I’ve been playing FF11 recently, I was thinking of them wearing some familiar strawberry equipments.


There’s another good news, where the staffs of Tsugikuru have visited me and gave me a stamp,a table lamp, and a coaster of Waffle. All of them are incredibly adorable. Looking at the quality, I was thinking whether it’s good to commercialize them.

I was thinking that if I’m doing any sign events, I could use this stamp and stamp it on the books as well. Ah, by the way the illust for the stamp is my twitter icon’s Waffle.

My friends from the hospital has also given their comment on how adorable Waffle is. I know right, Waffle is indeed adorable!

Lastly, after receiving the books and gifts from Tsugikuru, I have a strong resolve to continue working hard again. Looking at all these, my feelings of depression has slowly cleared up.


TLN Note: I’m not sure what happened to the chapter, but I’m just gonna assume it’s chapter 193 for now. Also, this is so sad, can we get an F for Sakuya Sensei, after reading this, it really brought tears to me. Anyways, without further ado, let’s start the chapter now!


My name’s Lyle…..A former C Rank adventurer.


Even though I’m the one saying it….but my ability can be said to be able to reach B Rank…..

However, due to some troubles, I was exiled from the adventurer’s guild.

Because of that, I’m now working as a bodyguard in a bar…..


For tonight, my former friend back in my adventurer days, Keith, has come to the bar.

Seems like he hasn’t noticed me.

Guess that’s true. He wouldn’t expect someone like me to work in a place like this….

「For now, I guess I should call for him.」


「Yoo, how have you been doing Keith?」

「Hm? Who are you? Ooh! Aren’t you Lyle….What are you doing here?」

「I was exiled from the guild, so I’m working as a bodyguard right now.」


「….I see, you’ve been through a lot huh? After doing something stupid like that….If only you didn’t, you would’ve long been promoted to a B Rank….」

「Can’t be helped, I reaped what I sowed. By the way, how’s Aisha doing?」

「Aah, so you didn’t know huh. Listen here, and be calm about it okay.」


Hm? What is this? Is it some bad news? What happened to Aisha?


「Aisha-chan has….No, Aisha-dono has retired from the guild.」

「Wh, what !? Are you joking? And what’s with that phrasing? Calling her Aisha-dono.」

「DIdn’t i tell you to calm down? I’ll tell you now, so please take a deep breath.」

「Aisha-dono has been married off, and stopped working at the guild.」

「What did you just say! Married! ! ! !? Who’s her partner?」

「It’s that new boy Myne that you were messing with…..Aah, he’s not a boy anymore.」


「Th, that bastard brat!!!! He and Aisha….Damn it, I’ll never forgive him! ! !」

「Oi oi….Lyle listen. Don’t think of something bad again okay.」


「Actually, there’s another person that Myne-dono has married too as well…」

「What the? As if Aisha wasn’t enough!? What is there to complain? Is he making fun of me!」

「….Listen okay, so please just calm down and listen to my story.」

「The other woman is short-tempered, and would cause problems if you were to do anything to her partner.」

「Huuh? Problems? The only problem I have is Aisha being married.」

「The other woman….is the Princess Knight, Sylphid.」

「Wait a second, hey Keith. Why the hell would Princess Sylphid marry such a bumpkin brat?」

「How the hell would I know! That’s just the truth okay! For now let’s just drink till we’re filled! !」

「At the same time, the majesty our king has certified Myne as a family, and promoted him into an aristocrat, so say the Fortuna family.」

「Which means AIsha jo-chan has became a noble as well. 「I see…..No wonder you called her Aisha with a 「dono」.」

「That’s how it is. That’s why I warned you not to think of anything stupid. The person you’re facing is a noble now. And has the backing of the royal family okay! If you do anything reckless, I don’t know whether you’ll be erased from this world or not?」


What a thing to have happened. For Aisha….to be snatched away by that brat who exiled me from the guild…

It’s no use, I want to meet with Aisha and confirm her feelings.

If I’m not mistaken, Aisha is staying at the guild’s dorm. Which means right now she isn’t staying there anymore?

Then where is she staying?

If only she would’ve married me, I would’ve made her happy….


「Sorry for the inconveniences, but I want to know just one more thing! !」

「Where can I find Aisha right now?」

「Hey Lyle. Didn’t I just warn you, did my warning just by pass your ears or something?」

「I know alright! ! ! Just help a brother out okay!」….I know it, but I can’t just forget about Aisha….I’ve known her for more than 3 years! ! ! How could I be satisfied with a brat stealing her after meeting her once! !


「If I’m not mistaken, she’s living at a Clan House that was recently build at the Town of Lucas?」

「A clan house? Why at that kind of place?」

「Apparently, it’s a clan made by Princess Sylphy, Aisha, and Myne-dono.」

「Clan….A clan you say?….」

「Isn’t it troubling with just 3 people?」

「If i can join that clan, then I’ll be invincible! That’s a good idea.」

「I’m happy enough just to lend my strength to Aisha, and being beside her….Won’t a flag happen!?」

With that in mind, I wanted to head to the clan house ASAP….


Oh no, I’m working now….I can’t just tell Master that I’m leaving now….

「Master, I’m sorry for saying this during work, but may I go out for a while?」




「….So this is where Aisha is?」


After reaching my destination, I stood in front of a fairly new building that was built out of nowhere.


….As expected of the royal family’s connection.


「…..Well then, I wonder where Aisha is right now?」


Oo, there’s some people here. Let’s try asking.


「Excuse me, is this the clan, Eternal Sunflower?」


After going in, I spoke to a female knight standing there.

Hm, even though not as pretty as Aisha, but she is also plenty beautiful.

Having such a beauty here, makes me want to join this clan no matter what….If Aisha is really not present, it’s not bad to talk to this girl as well….right?


「….Aah, that it is, may I ask who are you?」

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