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After treating Chunsuke and Chunmi-chan, I returned to the room inside the royal palace, and rang the ball to call for the maid.


「…..Myne-sama, what may I do for you.」


Not even 5 minutes have passed, and she has already arrived.


「I’m here to report about the success of the request from the King, could you inform him about that?」


After I said that, the maid smiled and answered.


「If it’s about the report, Hime-sama has already went ahead…..」


I see, as expected of Sylphy. Since Waffle and I were busy treating Chunsuke’s wounds, she went ahead first….


「I do have some stuff to report as well, so if possible I would like to have an audience with the King….」


「I understand. I shall guide you to the room where Hime-sama and the King are talking.」


After arriving at that room, it wasn’t the King and Sylphy, but even Brother-san was there as well.

Oh, so Brother-san wants to hear about the report as well.


「Ooh, you’re here finally! I’m currently hearing the reports from Sylphy. The results far exceeded our expectations. Thank you.」

「First would be the case about the Tamers Ring, as the recognition of that clan shall disappear. Either way, since the representative, Tales, has died, there’s no way the clan will continue to survive.」

「You also brought Tale’s corpse with you right??…..Let’s bury it later. I’m sure Tale’s family would be happy about it.

Also, the Demons that escaped from you….You said his name was Xanadu? It seems like he was the one responsible for destroying the Kingdom of Ooze.

And the other female Demon who called herself Rosalie, it is fated that you and I will meet with her sooner or later.

She……was the one who killed your father, Dyne. Allow me to talk about it at a later time….I know that you’re curious about it, but please wait for a little while more.」

「Well then, it’s gonna be a boring story for Alto and Sylphy, but I think I’ll talk a little bit about the current situation of the world to Myne.」

「Currently, the Demon country has declared war against our neighbouring country.

The affected countries are 【Kingdom of Oose】, 【Kingdom of Ritz】, and 【Kingdom of Rolasia】. Unfortunately, the Kingdom of Oose didn’t even put up a fight before their inevitable demise.

…..We can safely say that my kingdom is blessed with its location and would not receive any direct invasion from them. However, instead of directly attacking us, they set up dungeons around us to indirectly attack us.

Strictly speaking, the dungeons might be used as their front base to attack my kingdom…..」

「So Myne, do you know why the other countries are calling for our help?」

「…..I’m sorry, I do not know.」

「Because we’re called the “Kingdom of Heroes”.」

「Compare to the other countries, we have more heroes being born in our kingdom.

We have me, Hero of King Farlene, Princess Knight Sylphid, the Saint Star Zion, the Holy Bow, Aisha…..」


「Myne, don’t make such a face, what’s more, the person named Star Zion is also someone fated with you.」

「Eh?…..Someone that is related to me? I have not heard about the name before though?」

「The Saint Star Zion has been referred by the adventurers….But she has another name as well….As you can see, she is actually the second generation of the saints.」

「The first Saint was your mom….Yukin. And Star Zion is an apprentice of your mom, and was the person who inherited the title of Saint!」

「Aah, I felt like I’ve heard of her name somewhere….Isn’t it Shion Onee-chan? I used to play with her when I was little….」

「What!? Star Zion is an apprentice of Danna-sama’s mother? Father, you have never told me about this before!」 Sylphy said after hearing the King talked about the story.


Suddenly, we could hear the door creaking open from behind.


「Who is it?」


The King said as he looked at the door being open.


「….Excuse my rudeness. I’m Star Zion.」

「Ooh, you’ve came, we’ve been waiting for your arrival, please come in. Sorry for calling you on such a sudden notice.」


The King said as the door slowly opened wide.

Then, a beautiful lady that was dressed in a robe walked into the room.


Aah, I’m not mistaken…It’s Shion Onee-chan. She would always come visit us when I was young.


TLN Note: This chapter was not revised whatsoever.

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