Level 1 Guy: Chapter 214 – True Ruler・Emily

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After eating our breakfast, it was time to head out to the dungeon. 


[Excuse me-! !]


Someone shouted from outside the mansion.


[Is it a guest nanodesu?] (Emily)

[Saying that, sounds kind of oldstyle.] (Celeste)


Emily tilted her small head, while Celeste bitterly smiled.


[Sounds interesting, I’ll head out and take a look.] (Aurum)

[Me too~] (Alice)


Both Alice and Aurum took off from the dining area.

They didn’t even let me have the chance to go as well.


Leaving the rest, I have to actually send Aurum back to her dungeon though.

Since that was the case, I have no choice but to follow them.


Elza who understood all these bitterly smiled.


[Let’s all have a look, shall we.] (Elza)

[Alright.] (Ryouta)


Both of us nodded, then we left slightly later than them.


Leaving the front entrance, I saw Alice and Aurum confronting the person.

Just by looking at him, it seems to be a young guy taking an arrogant and prestigious attitude.

And behind him was another two more guys who looked to be his friends.


All of them had the same outfit, however, only the guy in the middle had some ornaments on his clothes, making him seem like the leader.



[Seems like these guys have some business with you.]

[So you’re Ryouta・Satou.]


The leader looking guy smiled and took one step forward.

Then standing in front of me, he introduced himself arrogantly.


[My name’s Phillip, Phillip・Crown.] (Phillip) (TLN: For a second I thought it says clown)

[The highlander Phillip?] (Celeste)

[Oh, you know them Celeste?] (Ryouta)


Looking to the side, I asked Celeste who seemed to know.


[Yeah, he’s the world’s highest level, if I’m not mistaken—-] (Celeste)

[Fuh, it’s 255.] Phillip said proudly.


Heh, level 255 huh. That’s quite strong.

The only person I know that has a high level was Margaret, with 99.

Since there’s a level cap for every individual, I kinda knew that there might be people who have level caps higher than 100, but I didn’t know it was that high.


[So, what is your purpose here today?] (Ryouta)

[I’m here for a declaration of war.] (Phillip)

[Excuse me?] (Ryouta)

[Ryouta・Satou. It seems that last year, you’re the richest person in this city.] (Phillip)

[Well, I guess so.] (Ryouta)

[That’s why I want to end that. The moment I came here, your time has ended.] (Phillip)

[Uhmm….Basically, you want to earn more money than me? In Shikuro?] (Ryouta)

[That’s what it is.] (Phillip)


After he said that, the friends behind him started praising him.


[As expected of master!]


[The opponent has become afraid of you.]


With all these cheering, Phillip felt even more arrogant.


I thought for a moment.

That is….I don’t know how to put this.

I don’t really mind though?

Since, if they work more for this city, then the tax revenue would also increase.


[I see, well good luck with that.] (Ryouta)

[Fuh, are you unwilling to admit defeat?] (Phillip)

[Wait what?] (Ryouta)

[You’re doing that so you won’t lose, but I shall not allow such behaviour. Let me be clear, I will win against you by overpowering your previous figure. Then we can make it clear who is the winner, and who is the loser.] (Phillip)

[Huuh…..] (Ryouta)


Feels like he’s misunderstanding something.

Well I don’t really mind but, he’s being annoying so I wish he would leave soon.


[Is that all you have to say? If that’s the case, we’ll be heading to the dungeon soon, so I shall bid—-] (Ryouta)

[Fuh, so you’re trying to run away.] (Phillip)


No no, you’re seriously misunderstanding here.


[I feel sorry for all of you, to stick to such a liar. But I’m sure you should understand? I won’t say anything bad, but you better leave this man as soon as possible. If so, I shall allow you to be friends with me.] (Phillips)




While Phillip dropped a gentleman speech, I could hear the air being cracked in the sky.


No that’s not it, it was my friends that were shocked beyond belief.


There were flames crackling around Celeste, and Elza was so angry that she could stare someone to death.

The number one scariest was Leia. It was the first time I saw her smiling like that.

For someone who usually don’t smile, it was indeed scary.


[Master, seems like his friends are being brainwashed.]

[Fumu? It does indeed seem that way….Alright, Ryouta・Satou.] (Phillip)

[Huh?] (Ryouta)

[Challenge me.] (Phillip)

[……Excuse me?] (Ryouta)


What is this guy even saying right now.


[Face me right now. I’m gonna peel off that cowardly skin of yours.] (Phillip)

[Aah, so that’s what you meant.] (Ryouta)


Based on what he’s saying, he’s trying to save everyone by defeating me….

What a waste of time, what should I do now.


[Low level doesn’t have to go out.] (Eve)

[Eve?] (Ryouta)

[God, it is your time to shine.] (Eve)

[Eh? A, are you referring to me nodesu, Eve?] (Emily)


Emily was surprised as Eve silently nodded.


[Wait a minute, who i want to face is Ryouta・Satou—-] (Phillip)

[You high level.] (Eve)


Eve interrupted Phillip.

It’s rather strange for her to call him [high level] with that tone of hers to belittle him.


[Try defeating God, then we’ll talk about it.] (Eve)


With Eve’s suggestion, she asked Phillip to face against Emily first.

The rest of my friends all agreed.


Emily looked at me, then thinking for a moment, I nodded.


[I got it desu.] (Emily)


Emily nodded, then took her favourite hammer out, then confronted Phillip.


[Can’t be help, it is not my real intent—-Oi! After I defeat her, you’ll come out okay.] (Phillip)

[….Aah yeah whatever, I’ll promise.] (Ryouta)

[Alright!] (Phillip)


With some motivation, he took out his weapon.

He equipped the two claws on both his hands.

Then, with a speed that leaves afterimages, he ran towards Emily.




As expected of level 255, I guess his ability is the real deal, even though his personality is shit.


Phillip’s sharp claws rushed like the wind over the unprotected Emily’s shoulder.


[Emily!] I instinctively shouted, but.

The sound of metals screeching, and sparks flew.


[I’m alright nanodesu!] (Emily)


Emily took the hit, and slammed her hammer down.


That is weird.

I remembered when I first met Emily.

It was the same method she used when she was at the first floor of Teruru dungeon.


A power-type move of getting hit and countering.

It was the exact same.


Phillip who was still attacking, could not dodge in time, and was hit by the hammer’s full weight.


[Fuh…..] (Emily)


Emily pulled back her hammer, then wiped the sweat out of her forehead.

Both Phillip’s teammates and I looked at him.


After being hit by the hammer, he laid on the ground like a giant ‘大’ word.

Seems like he wasn’t in any life-threatening situation.



[We’ll retreat for the time being!]

[You’ll pay for this!]


Phillip’s teammates pulled their leader away, then spout some rather cliche words before running away.


The rest of us surrounded Emily, and cheered for her.


[Emily, you’re amazing! Isn’t that a one hit kill?] (Ryouta)

[As expected of God.] (Eve)

[And are you alright with being hit by that attack just now?] (Ryouta)

[It’s alright nanodeu, it was the strength that I received from Oji-chan, I could freely harden a part of my body nodesu.] (Emily)

[Arsenic….the spirit’s protection huh.] (Ryouta)


Heh, after not seeing Emily for awhile, she has become so strong.


[I’ve seen various adventurers before, but those guys have a huge misunderstanding. The real leader of this family is actually Emily-san.] (Elza)

[That might be true.] (Celeste)

[Yeap yeap, that’s right. More like, Emily is the final hidden boss in this family.] (Alice)

[If God isn’t here, the family would fall into pieces.] (Eve)

[That’s not true desu! Everyone is praising me too much nanodesu.] (Emily)


Emily was blushing like crazy as she wasn’t used to such praises.

However, I felt the same.


Bringing us such warm houses, and giving us such delicious foods everyday.

Even though I’m the leader, but in this family, I feel that Emily is the true [ruler].


[Emily is amazing~] (Ryouta)

[Even Yoda-san too….is teasing me nanodesu.] (Emily)


Emily lightly grumbled.

Even though it’s true—–was what everyone’s face was saying.

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