Level 1 Guy: Chapter 213 – The person that yearned for an Onee-sama

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Celeste who was at her own room had bloodshot eyes.

To put it simply, I’m sleep deprived.


Although I could enter the futon last night, but when I closed my eyes, Ryouta’s appearance appeared on the back of my eyelids, which made my heart race excitingly, and I couldn’t sleep as a result.


[It’s not fair…..For him to become so cool.] (Celeste)


I pouted, then hugging onto the stuffed doll that I sleep with every night, I buried my face onto it.


Celeste has feelings for Ryouta.

But normally it would be suppressed, however right now, it is exploding out of control.


When I look at Ryouta, my chest would beat so fast without doing anything.


It’s not like I liked him since yesterday or today, but why now——I was surprised, but after Ryouta explained to me that it was a side effect from the special bullet, I was convinced.

However, even though I was convinced, that beating sensation hasn’t once stopped.


And because of that, I couldn’t sleep a wink last night.


[It’s not fair…..] (Celeste)


Rubbing her face onto the stuffed doll, the image of Ryouta floated inside of Celeste’s head, which captured her heart again.



Silicon Dungeon, basement 12th floor.

Celeste came here by herself.


It was one of the dungeon that has monsters weak to magic, but extremely resistant to physical damage.

So, most of the adventurers that come here are magicians, or people who use magic frequently.

Since the dropped products are mostly medicinal herbs used in treatment, the price of these herbs would fluctuate depending on whether there is a Magical Storm or not.


And over there, Celeste was there fighting against the 12th floor’s monster, an evolution caterpillar.


With her magic tool, she used the Bicorn and fired multiple shots of fireball at the evolution caterpillar.


Being hit multiple times by the flaming balls, the medium sized insect who was rushing at her stopped moving.

After stopping, it started producing threads.


The enemy—–basically it didn’t go towards Celeste, but at itself.

The thread slowly wrapped around the insect, but nothing has dropped, instead it formed into a pupa.


Celeste put down the Bicorn, then took a deep breath.


[Pure fire, awaken from the empty sky and burn down the empty space within—–Inferno!] (Celeste) (TLN: Since when there’s such cringe incantations?)


High amounts of magical power was wrapped around the hands of Celeste, then flames appeared out of thin air.

The flame was then released at the pupa, and it was holding against the high flame, but gradually it melted after awhile.


That was the evolution caterpillar. A monster that has two phases, transforming from a green caterpillar to an adult butterfly.

A specialty of monsters after the 5th floor, even if you defeat them whilst they’re at the caterpillar state, no items would drop.


If you don’t defeat the adult form, you won’t get the drop.

And once it becomes a butterfly, its attack power would rise by over 10 times, hence giving birth to the name of evolution caterpillar.


Its stamina is inherited from the first stage, so without moving, Celeste waited for it to take damage from the accumulated flames.

After awhile, seeing that the pupa has been melted to the ground, Celeste grasped her fist and did a fist bump gesture.


The flames then stopped.

But Celeste still waited.

Then the pupa shook for a bit, as the butterfly was struggling to come out.


Celeste took out her Bicorn again, and fired a fireball.


A weak magic.

With just that, the damage taken by the butterfly was enough to defeat it.


Then, the item of this floor, a spinach dropped.

It was popular was a lot of ramen shops wanted a huge sum of it, which made its value rise even higher.

Picking that up, Celeste placed it into her Magic Cart.


The adventurers around her were using the same technique.


Though it looks easy, it’s actually difficult to execute.


Sometimes, if the person does not deal enough damage to the pupa, it would immediately transform into the adult butterfly and get hit by the attack, others might fail to control the amount of damage being dealt, which results in a complete knock out of the pupa and the item not dropping.


And out of those people, Celeste was one of them who had the perfect control of damage.

The person around who saw—–


[As expected of a member of the Ryouta family.]


Then gave praises to her.

Celeste however didn’t mind it, as she used the ability that she received from Ryouta, the Quick Silver, and also the potion that increases the drop rate, she went around the dungeon hunting for more.


[U, uhmm…..!]


Then suddenly, a teenage looking girl approached her.


She had a petite and fluffy hairstyle, and a cute one piece dress that made her looked like a doll.

Although she doesn’t seem to be an adventurer, Celeste didn’t fail to catch the ring which enhances magic on the finger of that girl.

That indicates that she’s an adventurer.


Celeste turned and faced her.


[Are you referring to me?] (Celeste)

[T, that is! Uhm….]


The girl couldn’t form a sentence.

Everytime she tried to say something, her face turned bright red.

Then finally, she gathered her courage and shouted.


[Is it okay if I called you Onee-sama!]


Celeste was dumbfounded, and the surrounding voices were all [Ooh~].


[Huh….it’s not that I mind—–] (Celeste)

[T-Thank you so much!]


She immediately bowed down, and it looked like she was on the verge of tears—–but it was tears of happiness, then walking behind Celeste, she made a dash out of the exit.


[——Why me, wait she’s gone….]


Celeste was clueless from this situation.

The onlookers who witnessed that scene.


[It didn’t go through.]

[What a waste that she didn’t understand her feelings.]

[Such bittersweet.]


They were talking amongst themselves, leaving the clueless Celeste tilting her head in wonder.



After completing her run, Celeste used the gate to return to the mansion.


Wondering what that was, the strange confession from the girl.

I should ask someone, as she pushes her magic cart out of the room.


Then, her heart suddenly started beating fast.


Satou Ryouta, the owner of and the family of this mansion, also the person Celeste loves.


[Welcome back.] (Ryouta)

[I-I’m, home.] (Celeste)


Seems like Ryouta has leveled up his Growth (mote) bullet.

Celeste chest was beating like mad, as she was extremely happy.


Guess I’m not sleeping again tonight, as she thought to herself.


TLN Note: Actually sweet~ Too sweet for me to handle when valentine’s day has just passed!!!! (This was like a week ago XD)

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