Cut&Paste: Chapter 191 – Reporting to the King (Chunsuke’s Conclusion 2)

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TLN Note: Apparently Chunbi is spelled Chunmi, great….


『Nice to meet you…..or, not? Hi, my name’s Myne.』


Using 【Telepathy】, I started talking to Chunsuke.

Aah, he looked surprised by it.


Well, can’t be helped.

It’s normal that he would’ve been surprised by someone suddenly speaking inside his head.

His eyes were opened wide and was looking at me.


…..And he’s staring at me for quite a while.

Guess I should talk to him again.


『Your name’s Chunsuke-kun right? Waffle and Kuu is always indebted to you.』


After saying that, I bowed my head.

Doing so, he frantically flapped his wings.


『Wawawa, Waffle’s master! I’m the one who’s indebted to them.』


『Wafu, we’re both the same!』


….Waffle seems lively today.

He was happy when Kuu came, but this is a different kind of happiness? Well, it’s not everyday when a Divine Beast can be friends with a monster…..


I wish that they could be friends forever.


『Putting that aside, you and the other sparrow….Chunmi-chan was it? I’ve treated both of you, so are you feeling any better now?』


I know that there’s no problem with 【Regeneration】, but it’s best to ask for confirmation.


『Chun! ! ? Thank you so much for saving us! ! 』


After lowering his head in front of me, he hopped up and flew closer to check on Chunmi-chan’s condition.


『A, amazing chun! Thank you! ! All of Chunmi-chan’s wounds have been healed! !』


As expected of 【Regeneration】. But let’s not forget our MVP here, which is Waffle’s perception ability finding them and catching them as well.


『Alright, I’m sure you’ve calmed down after seeing that? If you’re fine with it, would you mind telling me what happened up until recently? And what happened to your master, Kappore?』


After asking a few questions, he looked at me with a troubled look, then finally explained the situation thus far.


『I went to a faraway forest with master chun. Even the human knight followed as well!』


A human knight? And a far away forest? I wonder what happened?

…..And why did a knight followed Kappore?

I remember Kappore was poisoned, and he can’t move….


『Why did your master followed a knight’s person?』


『Apparently master has befriended a famous knight. And he was tasked to find a never before seen monster in the forest!』


…..I guess he was invited by the knights?

I unconsciously looked at Waffle, and Waffle also showed a confused [Wafu?] look.


Never would I expect that Kappore to be accepted into the Knights division…..I guess Waffle had the same opinion as me.


Well, let’s not care about him. More importantly, I’m curious about the strange monster that he mentioned. Since our hume race is expanding at a fast pace, it is not uncommon to discover more unknown monsters around.


He did say it was faraway, but based on his ranking, I don’t think they would be posted to go to such an impossible place.


…..Unless that unknown monster was the one that injured Chunsuke and Chunmi-chan! ?

Then they ran away….? Then what happened to that Kappore.

Don’t tell me, he actually protected Chunsuke and co to allow them to escape?

Nope, impossible. With that personality of his, he’ll run first before anyone else.


『So, did you find that monster?』


『I didn’t spot it chun….I was doing my best to find it but…..』


Ah, so he was at the sky searching for it.


『….So what happened to that master of yours?』


As I inquire further, he sighed.

I was wondering what was wrong, but he suddenly started crying.


『…..I seperated with master chun.』




Can a monster just break the Tame skill and leave?? Is that even possible?

And I thought Chunsuke was quite attached to his master….For him to do that….


Something serious must’ve happened for him to have done that…..Hopefully it’s not something horrible.


I need to understand what actually happened.


『….Did something happen between the two of you?』


As he looked at Chunmi-chan, I asked.




After explaining, I was amazed.

I can’t believe Kappore’s personality is that toxic…..


Saving his childhood friend, and wanting to heal her from those heavy injuries, but Kappore just wanted to eat it.


I’m sure he was in a shocked state.

To have his master do the exact opposite of saving his childhood friend.


『That’s why, I seperated with master. And the only place I could go was to find Waffle, that’s why I did my best to fly here!』


….I see, I finally get the full picture.


While sighing at the story so far….


『…..Chun? Where is this? ?』


Seems like Chunmi-chan has awaken.

TLN: Thank you for the filler chapter ~ Have been kinda stress lately with my intern, and wanted something chill to translate~

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