Cut&Paste: Chapter 190 – Reporting to the King (Chunsuke’s conclusion 1)

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『Myne, we’re almost there!』


With Waffle’s awareness skill, he sense Chunsuke’s whereabouts.

Apparently he said that he was about to die.

And he also sense that there was someone beside Chunsuke which was also on the verge of death.


What did that Kappore do to him? Or is it something else that we don’t know about?

Either way, we have to hurry over.


Waffle and I used our perception skills to the fullest and ran on top of the rooftops.

Since we won’t be able to run in the streets with the crowds, as it would slow us down.


Hence why, I was using 【Perception InterferenceMid】 while we ran.

…..Since Waffle was small enough, he didn’t need to use the skill and continued running.


『Myne, over there!』


Looking at where Waffle was heading…..They’re indeed there! But, it looks worse than expected.

It looks like he doesn’t have the strength to flap its wings anymore!!! If he continues, he might die from the impact.

…..Ah?! This is bad! ! He’s starting to fall! !….I think he has lost consciousness.


『Waffle ! !』


I ordered Waffle to immediately catch the falling Chunsuke.


While he was doing that, I immediately 【Cut】 out 【Regeneration】 from the pebble.

Then 【Paste】 it on Chunsuke who was falling down.


Hm? Wait a second? There’s another sparrow behind his back?

That sparrow looks heavily injured as well! !…..I see, so this was what Waffle said! In a hurry, I pasted another 【Regeneration】 on that sparrow.


Waffle hurriedly ran and jumped from the spot, then using 【Air Float】, he ran midair…..And he successfully caught both Chunsuke and the other sparrow with his mouth.


『Nice catch, Waffle!』 These words were unconsciously let out from my mouth.


White smokes started sipping out from the two sparrows from Waffle’s mouth, indicating the skill of 【Regeneration】 activating.


Name: Chunsuke

LV: 19

Race: Sparrow

Gender: ♂️

Status: Unconscious



Body Strengthening・Mid




【Race Skill】

Sparrow Attack


Name: Chunbi

LV: 13

Race: Sparrow

Gender: ♀️

Status: Unconscious



Perception Interference・Small




【Race Skill】

Sparrow Attack


Heh, so her name’s Chunbi?

……Arere? Eh? What is this. After looking at chunsuke’s status, I noticed something peculiar.

Chunsuke is Kappore’s tamer….right?

So then why is the status not shown as 『Tamed (Kappore』?


Does that mean…..he’s not being tamed anymore?

And another intriguing thing is, I didn’t even tame Waffle, but for some reason the word 【Tame】 is written on his status…..So it’s a reverse pattern for Chunsuke’s case?


For now, let’s wait for Chunsuke to wake up and have him explain the situation?




Where….is this? Is this….heaven chun?


『You finally awake, Chunsuke?』


Huh? Why can I hear Waffle’s voice when I’m in heaven? Don’t tell me, Waffle’s dead as well?


『Wafu! What, are you still dreaming? Hurry up and wake up!』


Waffle kept poking my body.

Poke poke poke. It sort of feels good chun.


…..That’s right! ! How is Chunbi-chan!? What happened to her!?


I immediately jumped up from my slumber…..Eh? But why?

I should have no strength left, but why am I full of energy now chun?


Putting that aside….Is Chunbi-chan alright?


『Waffle, where’s Chunbi-chan? You have to save her!』


While panicking, I hurriedly asked Waffle, and he didn’t answer but smiled and pointed at a direction for me to look. And lo and behold, it was Chunbi-chan whose wounds from her wings have been healed and was currently asleep.


『I’m glad chun…..Chunbi-chan didn’t die…..』


I unconsciously let out a sigh of relief, followed by tears rolling down from my cheeks.

It’s at that time…..


『It’s all gonna fine.』


Chun!? I can hear someone’s voice!?


『Nice to meet you…..wait, that’s not right. Hello, my name’s Myne.』


Th-this voice, isn’t it Waffle’s master!?

Why is he able to talk to me!? Even my former master wasn’t able to talk to me!?

Forgetting all about my tears, I looked at Waffle’s master….which is called Myne.




Phew, with that, the two of them are saved.

Chunsuke suffered from extreme fatigue, and Chunbi had an extremely severe injury, but using 【Regeneration】, it worked hard to heal them both.


…..However, I didn’t know 【Regeneration】 could heal your fatigue as well….

Is it like recovering your stamina? If that was the case, then this skill is even more useful than it already is.

We can travel for long distance, or work for long hours without feeling tired at all.

Maybe I can test out various things in the future with this!


Well then, there are some things I would like to ask Chunsuke about.

About Kappore, and this sparrow Chunbi, and why was he under such extreme fatigue…..


With all that in mind, I used the trick that we used on Pillows-san the other day.

I used 【Cut】 on the pebbles to take out 【Telepathy】, then pasted it on Chunsuke while he’s asleep.


…..Hmm, his body is moving around, seems like he’s about to be awake.

I feel like he’ll be shocked to suddenly hear my voice, so I guess I should let Waffle talk to him first?


『Waffle, I’ve just pasted 【Telepathy】 onto Chunsuke, so can you try talking to him first?』


『Wafu! Leave it to me!』


While looking at the two sparrows sleeping, Chunsuke looked like he was about to wake up, when he suddenly brought himself up.


Waffle started poking at the dazed Chunsuke.

Wait Waffle…..I don’t think you should do that to someone who’s just awaken.


We then come back to the scene where I introduced myself to Chunsuke.


『It’s all gonna be fine.』


With that I talked to Chunsuke telepathically.

Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading


TLN Note:

I cut short the last part of the scene because it is literally a repeat of Chunsuke’s point of view, and honestly I don’t think anyone wants to read that all over again, so I decided to change it and this is what it was. Hope you don’t mind.

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