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This is bad, real bad….I’m seriously in deep shit.

Even though I have not advanced deep inside the forest, it is without a doubt that there are various monsters living inside this forest.

What’s more, there is a possibility that an unknown monster is residing here as well.


My right arm and leg doesn’t want to move freely.

As half of my body has become a hindrance, it was extremely difficult to balance myself whilst walking.

And that bastard Chunsuke has flew away.

Right now, if I were to encounter a monster….I might not be able to flee.


Damn it, damn it, damn it, god fucking damnit! ! !

What the fuck! What the fuck did I do to deserve this ! ! ! !

And that piece of shit of a knight! Even though he knew I was in this sort of state, he just went and left me here! ! !

Once I get back to the capital, he’ll get it! ! I’ll definitely exact my revenge on him!


Still, I’m still under a dangerous situation.

The only thing that can keep me alive…is only my 【Tame】 skill.


As long as I can find a monster and tame, I will continue to live.

Be it that rare dark spirit that Tales has, or that wolf like monster that Myne owns…..Either way, I have to tame a strong monster.


…..However, will I be able to tame such a being?

Even Chunsuke was tamed by chance.

After taming Chunsuke, no matter how many times I tried using 【Tame】 on other monsters, it just doesn’t work…..I wonder I could tame a monster under this life and death situation.


No, what kinda weak shit am I thinking? There’s no choice but to do it!

If I don’t, I’ll die for sure.

Plus, if I’m able to tame a strong one….maybe that unknown monster, I wonder? Maybe that Cecil would look at me at a different light, and punish that shit stain of a knight that left me here.


「Heh, Hehehehe…..If ya wanna come then come at me, I won’t run away from ya! ! 」


I screamed at the top of my lunges inside the forest where there seemingly has no one.

As I was nervous, I let out my voice in order to calm myself down.


Damn it, I’m not scared, I’m not scared at all! I’ll successfully 【Tame】 a monster.

I’ll definitely be a tamer like Tales that even the country recognizes, and live my life luxuriously.

Then, have a good woman cooking for me, drinking with her….Wait for me!


! ! ! !


Just now, I could hear the grass rustling…..!?

What’s that? A monster? Is it a monster!?


I immediately drew out the sword that was on my left waist.

It is a one-handed scimitar, a rather rare sword.

After threatening the weapons shop, he gave me a decent price to purchase.

The moment I see that monster, I’ll stab it and use 【Tame】 to catch it.


「…..Is someone there?」


Because I was nervous, I unknowingly let out my voice.

If it really was a monster, then it was a foolish move to let the monster know of my location.

However, I can’t stop myself.

If I stay silent, my nervousness might make me collapse.


I wonder if it’ll respond to me.

Then, from within the tall grass, a small mass flew out.




It’s a rabbit called the Forest・Rabbit, said to be the weakest of the monsters.

Even young adults could easily defeat such a being.


Fuu, that scared me….no matter how many of this shit comes, I won’t be defeated.

I sheathe my sword, then used 【Tame】 on that rabbit.


….I can’t, the skill isn’t responding to me.

Tsk, what the fuck man! Why can’t my 【Tame】 work?

Again! …..Failed. Again….Again….AGAIN! !


I tried using 【Tame】 multiple times.

…..However, not once did it succeeded.


After trying so many times, I decided to give up.

Useless, it doesn’t have a good compatibility with me.

That’s the only thing I could think of as to why it didn’t work.


As I’ve never used the scimitar before, it’s time for me to use that rabbit as practice huh.

It’s not like taming the rabbit would help, it’s gonna die to an even stronger monster anyways.

Even though that useless Chunsuke is weak, but at least he could fly and deal damage that way…..

Thinking as such, maybe my next tamed monster should be a flying type as well.




This bloody rabbit wants to attack me.

Huh, wanna be sliced by my scimitar?


….However, my body isn’t moving like how I wanted it to be.

When I tried to swing the sword….my left feet didn’t have enough strength which made me tip over and fell to the ground.




I swung the scimitar crudely.

I managed to get out with a small injury, it only tore my left shoulder.


This is bad….

I can’t believe I’m gonna lose to this shit because I can’t move my dominant hand….


But, now’s my chance to kill that rabbit.


I dragged my right leg, and approached the rabbit step by step while holding back the pain on my left shoulder.

You bastard rabbit, making me lose my fighting intention by injuring my shoulder.

Damn it! If that’s the case, then don’t come out to begin with! !

Tearing my shoulders like that, give it back to me! !


Being inflamed with anger, I stopped and swung my scimitar again….!

The bushes behind the rabbit rustled and swayed….then a monster that had never been soon popped out, and ate the rabbit.


「….What, is that….」


It was a monster that I’ve never seen before.

It has the body of an orc….But, it has an outer layer shell-like armor that covers its entire body.

Right….it’s like a huge “ant” in a shape of a human?


Don’t tell me!? This is that monster that Captain Cecil mentioned!?


Does it know that I’m shaking in fear right now?

My mouth? Has been chattering like mad, as it slowly walked in front of me.

Is it smiling at me? This bastard is laughing at me?

I was angry for a second, but I came back to reality.

That an ant type monster is walking towards me.


Aah, am I….gonna die here?

Those thoughts entered my mind for a split second….Then that monster spits out a clear liquid from its mouth.

The strong acidic smell spreaded out from it.

Without needing to think, I turned my face away, as the liquid landed all over my body.




My body was burning like mad.

No, is it really burning? But I can see my skin making these sizzling noise as white smoke comes out.


While I was suffering such intense pain, the ant like monster…..ripped my left arm off.


「Guoooooooooooooooo! ! ! ! !」


I instinctively get on my knees due to this extreme pain.

This bastard….he ate my fucking left arm! ! !


As if eating it like how we eat sausage, this bastard is chewing it! ! !


In my heart, anger was swelling up. Don’t fuck with me! ! !

However, reality is heartless. I do not have the fighting power to keep this up.

The intense pain is not allowing me to use 【Tame】 as well.


And the rest of my future….is being eaten up by this thing…


「Da… it…..」


After eating my left arm, this time it ripped my right arm.

It was at a point where I could no longer let out any screams.




The word that came out of my mouth….was the name of my tamed monster.


The moment my consciousness ceased, I heard something noisy.

I didn’t know what that noise was, as I lost consciousness.




「I found him! Call the captain!」

「Oi, someone’s being attacked! !」


We finally found it! But what is that thing! ! It is certain that I’ve never seen that monster before.

No wait, since it has a humanoid form, is it the same as those orc race?


As per the first knights division’s request, we began engaging combat.


「Everyone, are you alright?」


I could hear the captain’s voice.

What a troublesome monster. Because of its hard outer-shell, normal swords can’t pierce through that.

And it has that cliche clear liquid coming out from its mouth.


However we were able to defeat it…..


「Everyone is fine!….However, there was an adventurer that is seriously injured. Initially, normal treatment was done, so he might still be alive…..」


I looked at the adventurer which was laying on the stretcher in front of me.

Both its arms are gone, and its entire body bathed in the liquid. Its skin was burned to the point where I couldn’t even tell who it was anymore. It can be said that it was a miracle that its still alive.


「Alright, retrieve the carcasses and lets head back to the capital.」


Listening to the captain’s order, we followed suit and head back to the capital.


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